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Status update: 8/28

I am doing my best to finish RTL 6 by the end of this month, (the patreon scene preview will likely get bumped again; sorry but it will almost surely be all I can manage to finish RTL 6 this month, if I even can) but unfortunately I am basically back to where I started physically. The medicine only helped as long as it lasted and apparently I can’t use it again and the specialist I saw either can’t or won’t do anything more until I get a scan done. The problem is he didn’t tell me that the first time and now I can’t get any appointments for scans and such for over a week and then I still need another doctors appointment after that sometime to get the results and hopefully some kind of treatment… I may be able to get a scan done later today but that is depending on a great many factors and it will surely cause me a great deal of pain.

Long story short, I hope to finish final renders today and maybe start the postwork if I can hold out long enough. I do not think I can manage another main image set next month if this continues… especially with all the other crap I want to do. I can only hope that something comes up to fix this… it is really starting to wear me down; both physically and spiritually. I am so sick of being in pain almost all the time and stuck in bed and I really want to do other things and work on all this so badly but I just can’t without being in more pain. RTL 6 so far is really nice I think, hopefully you all will think so as well whenever it gets done. It will almost certainly be over 30 images.

EDIT 8/29: Got an MRI done yesterday, tons of pain. Bad enough to get different pain meds again; I will see if these actually help. Scan being done means I may be able to get some actual treatment next week… maybe? RTL 6 final renders are sort of done; I could stop here but I want to add four more images. I will do the best I can to finish the postwork before the end of the month.

RE EDIT: Previously mentioned meds didn’t help again; so I had to go to ER again, got better pain meds, they seem to work this time. Should let me work tomorrow/day after if all goes well. Initial impressions of my scan aren’t great per se; PA said it is a long term issue but it could be treated, so I will see this coming Wednesday.

EDIT 8/30: Couldn’t help myself again, even in horrible pain I added almost eight images instead of the four I planned… Final renders are done, early postwork done, clean versions of each image is done… story versions sort of in progress. i haven’t slept in three days and I am kind of falling apart, even with the pain under control right now. Doing the best I can; set ended up with I think 38 images and one alternate ending image for patreon unless I miscounted. Note: there is going to be a post/content bomb here in the next few days whether this gets finished in time or not. RTL four gets a free release, old polls get reviewed and a special poll will go up; and finally a very special thing will get started early next month. (Patrons know what I mean.)

EDIT 8/31: I just can’t do it today; I’m in so much pain today I can’t sit at all. RTL 6 will have to go into next month again. I’ll get everything situated later this week whenever I can.

August Patreon mini-set done, preview here.

Hey. I started small and did the mini-set for the month, here is a public preview; the rest of the images stay on Patreon. It is five images of Helenya playing with an elven slave boy and it will get sent out at the start of next month to appropriate processed patrons. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon to get early access to most of my work and even bonuses like these mini-sets; Everything put forward helps support me and make my work better! There are also the various special events that I plan to do next month (as long as my health permits). I have already posted to my Patrons about everything that I plan to do next month; so if you are deathly curious there is that too. Some things will be public, some things will be Patron only.

I hope to finish chapter six in the coming days but this is still really rough to work on right now. I have a week left; I should be fine to finish it.

EDIT 8/25: Final renders for RTL 6 are halfway done… I may be able to get more done today, I will see. Having some memory issues with rendering stuff from the second scene… have to cut back a bit to fix it.

EDIT 8/26: Final renders for RTL 6 are at least 2/3 done, probably more but I can’t say until I see the final count. I fixed the memory issues and the rest of the renders should be smooth sailing whenever I can get well enough (in less pain) to finish them.


Situation update, 8/17 -Edited 8/21

Hey. So… fun story. I got to go to the emergency room last night at 1 AM due to crippling and incredibly painful muscle spasms in my leg. Long story short, I have a rather bad case of sciatica; which in short currently prevents me from sitting for more than a minute at a time. I got some painkillers to help in the short term, but they do not fix the problem and I cannot risk this getting worse in any way. Working on anything like this (if I even can) will make it take five times longer then it should and cause me a lot of pain, so there isn’t anything I can really do like this.

I am going to stop giving time updates as for when RTL chapter six will be finished just in case I am jinxing this by doing so and because this shit just keeps happening. Just know that it, the mini-set for the month, and the one scene preview for my patrons will be done by the end of this month somehow. (If there is any way at all that I can do it, I will; I am hoping that this gets at least a bit better in two weeks…) I am doing everything I can to work this out, but it really isn’t up to me that much. The DA images for this month may or may not happen depending on how long this lasts. I may update this post or just make a new one sometime at the end of this week with another update. Sorry for all the non-content updates, but I think it’s best to keep people updated on what is going on rather than me going MIA for over a month without saying anything (like some other people on the internet do) and making you all wonder wtf happened. In the mean time keep voting in the polls and spreading the word about my work, the polls, and the stuff I plan to do next month.

EDIT 8/21: So I went to two different doctors yesterday and got some pretty crazy medicine for this… and as of right now it seems to be helping. If all goes well I should be able to really work on things over the coming weekend and next week for the first time in weeks. I will see how it goes…. hoping for the best.

Status Update: 8/11

Hi. Quick update, the last few days have been really rough; yesterday especially. However I did manage to finish the scene construction on RTL chapter six. Hopefully I can finish the final renders and do the postwork in the next few days. I also do think that this will have to be this month’s main image set; there is just no way I could do another one this month with all the other crap I have to do. (As well as the significant pain that I am still in.) These things happen when horrific real life problems occur, it just can’t be helped. Anyway, keep voting in the polls and check back toward the end of this week when I will post previews for RTL chapter six if all goes semi-well at least.

EDIT 8/14: So things have been fairly bad the last two days, but are going better today. Unfortunately I need basically an entire day to finish the final renders, (not to mention do the postwork, which takes some additional hours)  which I still can’t do quite yet. If things continue to improve, I may be able to do it over this coming weekend, we will see. The hard part is done, I just have the time consuming parts left to do which is unfortunately very hard on me right now. In other news, the polls are still going, one is rather definitive so far, but the other is actually very close right now; so make sure to vote in the second poll over there.

As far as the general schedule goes after I finish chapter six, I will then do the Patreon mini-set for the month as well as finish that Patreon scene preview for the game that I am working on. I also hope to do some small images for DA, but I will see how that goes when/if I have time. I also will post more info on what I plan to do next month on Patreon sometime this month as well, I will probably not post anything publicly here until next month. Things have been an absolute nightmare for me this last month or so, but the main problem has cleared up; (I hope) and I am just dealing with some smaller side issues that the main problem caused right now.

RTL chapter three, “Uninvited Guests” free release!

Hey again. Quick note first; unless something horrible happens in the next few days I should be done with the next RTL chapter (six) early next week. Here is the free release of RTL chapter three. The set features a wide variety of content, as shown by the huge tag list. The set mainly featured futa and lesbian content as that was voted at the time in a special poll. It has two main scenes, one with Zayla and another with Salune; both “playing” with an unfortunate innkeeper. I have reposted the six original preview images below for convenience.

If you like my image sets and want to support me in making future ones, check out my Patreon page to support my work and get early access to new sets and other various goodies! ( I would really like to afford better hardware to make these renders with; I could make better, more complex renders with better equipment to work with.

In other news, the polls are going to be up until September, and are going well so far though one poll has double the votes of the other for some reason again. Anyway, more votes would be appreciated; I don’t know what people want unless you tell me somehow. In any case, here is the download link for RTL chapter three:

Mega link:!Pkt3CJLB!uEY13zkEy735bGfzcsI11dA8AyxSfsk94gVCU08etns

Password: redleatherart


July polls review, new polls are up!

Hey. I put up two new polls, both relating to story this time. One asks how much sex and story you prefer in your adult comics, and the other asks how long you would prefer my story arcs be. For some context; the current story arc, Road to Lithorca, was planned to be around ten sets or so. It was also planned to be half story, half sex but it tipped into mostly sex with a bit of story after the first two chapters. (I thought that more exposition just wasn’t necessary after that.) So for the poll, think about how many non-sex pages (dialogue, story) you would want in a set and also how many sets total per arc.

As for the old polls; people seem to prefer huge adult VNs/games but there were also a good number of votes for average length and even small. Good to know, but huge games are just out of my league for now, small and normal are more reasonable/likely. in the other poll, people seemed to prefer Zayla’s bio which I figured would happen. Second place went to Karen, Third place was Lucia, and Fourth place was Helenya, and Fifth place was a tie between Salune and James. I am not at all surprised that Xan got no votes as his bio is small and vague for story reasons, plus he hasn’t really appeared in a major scene yet; I just put him in for completeness. I was fairly surprised that James got a vote; I figured that nobody would ever vote for one of the guys no matter how good the bio was, but it was nice to see that someone liked it. Considering that almost everyone else got a vote, it was surprising that Tabitha didn’t get any this time; but considering the other options it makes sense. Karen getting second place was also somewhat surprising for me; I had guessed Lucia or Helenya. I don’t have whys for any of these votes, so any attempts to explain who placed where would just be speculation. (If anyone wants to explain the reason for their vote in a comment, that would be great.) Regardless, it is really nice to know that the bios are read and appreciated.

Anyway, please vote in the new polls and I hope to post again in a few days with the free release of RTL chapter three; for now, I have a lot to work on.

EDIT 8/4: I had a good day today for the first time in quite a while; I managed to get the first half of the scene construction done. So things are looking better so far.

Status Report, 8/1

Hi again. I am doing somewhat better, but still unable to sit/focus for long enough to make major progress on this next chapter. (I am making minor progress.) I hope to get it done in the next week or two, but that just depends on how long this lasts. Whenever I do get it done, I will send it out to the appropriate, processed Patreon patrons then instead of waiting until the end/start of the month. (Only because of this whole weird situation; this will not be a normal thing.) There is also the free release of RTL chapter three next week, so check back for that.

On the somewhat positive side, all this time stuck doing nothing has given me plenty of time to think over general plans for this project, (I have the next few sets planned out in fair detail already…) as well as a great many things that I plan to do next month. (September, not August.) As for why I plan to do things next month; technically speaking it will have been a year since I started working on this project then, so I was thinking that some sort of celebratory thing will be in order. I have a few things planned, some small and some large; one of which will involve the Patreon only set for that month (I consider this a large thing), the rest I won’t spoil now. I will likely share most of my plans with my patrons sometime this month in a small post on Patreon. So if you want to get in on everything and help support my work, check out my Patreon page: ( Some things will be public though, so don’t worry.

Also, I will likely update the polls sometime in the next few days after all, so please vote now if you still haven’t for some reason.