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First Octane animation done!

Hey. So I have completed my first Octane animation attempt and overall things went far better than I was expecting. This is just an animation of Zayla walking but it is easily my best animation so far and I like it a lot. I am posting a half-size gif with watermarks here. The full size version will be sent out to appropriate patrons after payments clear at the start of next month. If you want to help me make more animations like this and/or get access to the full size versions, check out my Patreon page and support me!

I hope to get the contest entries done sometime early next week, but that may get pushed back by new machine assembly/setup/testing.


Status update: 11/24

Hey. So I am still working on the animation and setting up for RTL 8, (I have been fiddling with RTL 8 concepts too much) as well as looking over the contest entries but I wanted to post a small but hopefully important update. I have been rather busy for the last 24 hours since most of the online black friday/cyber monday deals are live, and as such I bought parts for what I hope to be a great dedicated render machine. If everything works out, it will be far superior to this one for rendering; (I currently only have a basic rendering card shoved into my normal computer, which is far from ideal) but I will withhold details until I get the parts, assemble them, and am certain of this. If this works, my abilities will be greatly enhanced due to having a separate machine to render things and much higher graphical memory; which is my chief limitation right now due to Octane being very restrictive with this.

Also, the polls are doing well and the results for the genre one are actually somewhat surprising; but I will wait to discuss that until the end of this month. I am doing the best that I can to get the animation attempt, an RTL 8 Patreon preview, and the contest entries/winners sorted out by the end of the month; but fair bet something will slip to next month just due to time constraints if nothing else. I am likely going to lose at least two days setting up/testing this new computer when the parts get here, but that is for the greater good by far. Side note, I did not forget that I was going to try opening for commissions; I have just been so busy and will likely be too busy for at least a month so I figured there was no point in posting all that info if I can’t actually take commissions right now. Also a lot of things may change if this new machine works out; so next month could be very interesting.

UPDATE 11/27: Still working on the animation attempt; I keep having real life distractions, as well as assorted problems and/or things to fix. I also think that I will hold off on the RTL 8 preview since it looks like all the parts for my new machine should come early next week and a lot will change if that works out. So I am trying to focus on the animation attempt and finishing going over the contest entries right now. Hopefully either or both of those will get finished this weekend.

New DA stuff posted, tumblr, status update

Hey. So I posted five images to DA just now and submitted them to as many groups as possible. So check those out; there are three totally new images and two new preview images for RTL 7 as well. Also I have a tumblr page, I just keep forgetting to post a link here and/or mention it, so there is a link to it on the right now. Currently, it is mostly just some of the same preview images from here reposted over there; but if you like my work, please help spread the word about it and recirculate these images/posts on tumblr.

In other news, I will try to work on the animation over the weekend but just doing the renders alone is going to take probably over a solid 24 hours or more depending; and that is assuming that I can even get it to work. (Never tried an animation in Octane before, so totally unknown area.) I am still going through the contest entries and hope to have the winners posted around the end of this month. However, given all the assorted things that I am working on right now, (and plan to do in the next month or so) I am not sure I will make the end of the year date I mentioned earlier for the winning entries’ images. I will do the best that I can, but it will likely go into January at least. Anyway I hope to have an animation of some sort ready sometime next week and possibly a preview of the next RTL chapter, but that depends on everything else.

November Patreon mini-set done, new DA stuff soon.

Hey again. The patreon mini-set for the month is done and it is eight images this time! The set features a restrained Salune being used by Zayla’s pet minotaur. The tags should give a fair idea of what is in the images of this mini-set and one preview image is below. It will go out to appropriate patrons next month after payments clear. I had some real issues rendering this one for some reason, but I finally got it done. The DA stuff I am still working on, and that will likely take another day or two. My first octane animation attempt will come after that. The polls are going better than usual, so keep that going.RLAPM15Pre

EDIT 11/19: So I made two or three images for DA, but only one of them rendered without problems. I have no idea why things are having issues all of a sudden; (the mini-set had issues as well) since there should not be enough stuff in these scenes to cause memory problems as far as I can tell, but right now it just doesn’t want to work right (at any acceptable speed and/or without memory problems) for some reason. I left the final renders undone until this morning because I didn’t think getting these to render would be such a problem; (I was hoping the mini-set issue was just something in the scene) I thought that I could just render them, do quick postwork and then post them but apparently not. This might take into tomorrow if I can’t get this working in the next hour or so.

RE-EDIT: Over two hours later, I finally got the other two images for DA working. I just do not have the energy to take the additional hour to post them to DA and then into all the assorted groups I use on DA; I will post it all tomorrow. I also plan to post one or two softcore but new preview image(s) for RTL 7 on DA tomorrow as well.


Status update: 11/13

Hi, quick update. So I haven’t gotten much done past basic planning/setup for some things due to assorted distractions this past week; including but not limited to Fallout 4. (Totally forgot that was coming out now; it’s really nice.) Anyway, I hope to get the DA stuff and/or the month’s mini-set done over the weekend/early next week. I have a few ideas for both items, although I am still undecided on what else to try this month; but I am leaning towards an animation attempt with Octane, just to see if I can even do that with the hardware I currently have. The problem there is that I am really hoping to get some new hardware later this month, which would make an attempt now somewhat pointless; but whatever, i will likely try it now anyway.

Contest is now closed, and this month’s plans.

Hey again.

The contest is now closed so I have taken the old contest page down and I will go over the entries that were submitted and select the winners over the next few weeks. I have no idea when the images for the winning entries will be done, but I am aiming for before the end of December. I also had some assorted back issues last weekend/earlier this week due to me overdoing it the previous week finishing up RTL 7 among with things. I had little choice but to get another shot in my spine and hopefully I will not need another, but I need to be more careful regardless.

In other news, I currently am planning to try and either make a small VN this month or a small animation; I am not sure which yet. The next main image set will almost certainly be pushed back into next month as I am feeling particularly drained right now. On that note, more votes in the polls this month would be great; though it likely won’t be in time for a VN made this month, (if that happens) it would be useful to know for future projects. I plan to try and make a few images for DA over the coming week as well since I have been putting that off for almost two weeks now due to assorted problems that keep coming up.

October polls review, new polls up now, and current plans.

Hey. So the polls for October drew less votes than I was hoping, but the results were still somewhat clear. In the game poll, the majority of people seem to want me to stick with my current game idea. The other poll asked if I should stop giving out free stuff; obviously most people said no but a surprising number of people voted to just wait longer, which is actually a possibility. (This poll was mostly posted just to see if anyone actually read the polls or cared what they said, as votes in the polls have been dropping for whatever reason.) Two new polls are up now as well; one asks what kind of player character you prefer to play as in VNs, and the other asks if you prefer sci-fi, fantasy, or modern settings for adult stories/image sets/games. If you are interested in my current/future plans, I explain it after the break here.

Quick side note first: there is less than one week left in the contest, so get your entries in/fixed if you haven’t already!

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