Situation update, 8/17 -Edited 8/21

Hey. So… fun story. I got to go to the emergency room last night at 1 AM due to crippling and incredibly painful muscle spasms in my leg. Long story short, I have a rather bad case of sciatica; which in short currently prevents me from sitting for more than a minute at a time. I got some painkillers to help in the short term, but they do not fix the problem and I cannot risk this getting worse in any way. Working on anything like this (if I even can) will make it take five times longer then it should and cause me a lot of pain, so there isn’t anything I can really do like this.

I am going to stop giving time updates as for when RTL chapter six will be finished just in case I am jinxing this by doing so and because this shit just keeps happening. Just know that it, the mini-set for the month, and the one scene preview for my patrons will be done by the end of this month somehow. (If there is any way at all that I can do it, I will; I am hoping that this gets at least a bit better in two weeks…) I am doing everything I can to work this out, but it really isn’t up to me that much. The DA images for this month may or may not happen depending on how long this lasts. I may update this post or just make a new one sometime at the end of this week with another update. Sorry for all the non-content updates, but I think it’s best to keep people updated on what is going on rather than me going MIA for over a month without saying anything (like some other people on the internet do) and making you all wonder wtf happened. In the mean time keep voting in the polls and spreading the word about my work, the polls, and the stuff I plan to do next month.

EDIT 8/21: So I went to two different doctors yesterday and got some pretty crazy medicine for this… and as of right now it seems to be helping. If all goes well I should be able to really work on things over the coming weekend and next week for the first time in weeks. I will see how it goes…. hoping for the best.

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    1. redleatherart Post author

      Thanks; it keeps shifting between mild and really bad right now. I’m doing everything I have been told that I can do for it.


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