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September mini-set preview posted!

Hey once more. I am back with the public preview for the new mini-set from September… which is actually a scenario that I have been meaning to try/do for over two years now. Somehow, this always just kept getting pushed back for one reason or another; but now I finally found a spot for it – so I present to you all: the first mini-set (sort of) featuring the elf druid Xan! In this mini-set, he teaches a slutty bandit queen a lesson… mostly as punishment for her assorted (and mostly depraved) crimes against the male elven slaves her band had captured. As per usual, he won’t actually be doing the sexy stuff personally – but that is what summoning magic is for. 😀 [UPDATE: Second preview added!] As noted above, I have been meaning to work him into a mini-set for ages and ages, but some other idea always won out… but I think this is a good mini-set debut. I think you will all enjoy it as much as she will. 😀

The setup for this is a bit long, so I have put it after the ‘Continue reading…” tag below – click that to see the preview/setup story! 🙂

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Patreon rewards sent, starting on new mini-set.

Hi again. I am apparently running late once again – which means the new side renders are getting pushed back into early October…but I doubt anyone is surprised. (I did have a few commissions to do this month – but those are private, so I can’t share them; but I would say it has been a very good month due to that.) I did finish my prior mini-set, the modern cosplay one with Helenya/Tabitha/Salune – which ended up at 38 images, and I sent that out to appropriate patrons of mine a short while ago. All my Patrons also get the second preview of that early – for anyone interested. I had fun doing this one – though I kind of wanted to do more; but as per usual, I was forced to cut things off due to lack of time… though I tend to go overboard regardless, even when I was supposed to be trying to keep the total down. Anyway – I also posted the second public preview for the mini-set before that one; the one with James/Tabitha/Delfina – and it is down in the original post for that below, as well as up on the mini-set master catalog page. I hope those who read this, and/or check for that enjoy it… and I will be back before the end of the month with the preview for the next mini-set; the new one for September rewards.

In other news – the polls here are doing at least slightly better; but the special poll has only one vote… so more cotes/interest/feedback for either of those would be appreciated. We will just have to see what happens in the next month or so, regarding other content; things have just been so busy, and I have had a fair few migraines due to the weird weather. Anyway, I will do the best I can – and we will see how things work out; but I should be back soon with an update and/or preview.

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Status update: 9/19 – Bonus Patron stuff posted, other stuff soon.

Hey again. Sorry this is quite late – but I have had a ton of crap to do over the past two weeks; and every day this week I was hoping to get something finished/situated, and so I waited to post any updates until that happened. Long story short – I am somehow halfway done with the new side renders and the mini-set renders… so hopefully one of those will get done/posted soon.

But – I also did just post a bonus render for my Patreon patrons – as a little extra for my sixth anniversary! There are also three alternates for it as well – one slightly different pose, and then one nude alternate of each. 😀 (Those images star Helenya, and are available to all tiered patrons.)

One other thing I wanted to mention, is that there are currently no votes in the special poll… which is both quite depressing and somewhat surprising. I realize that people vastly prefer the non-human characters, (which is why I only let each main character win once until all girls get a turn – to give the others a chance) but I would imagine that it would still be worth voting for someone here… especially if it means you guys get free content. As I said before – I will scale the size of the anniversary mini-set based on the votes in that poll… and if there are no votes at all, I am not sure why I should even bother making anything if you all care so little about it. So, preferably vote in both polls a bit more; those will be up until the end of the month.

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New anniversary poll posted, old poll results.

Hi again everyone. I am here with the new special poll to decide the subject of the sixth anniversary mini-set; which only has two options right now, since there are only two main female characters that have not yet been chosen… but that might change before the next poll comes around. Either way – you can choose between Tabitha or Karen this time around; and as before, the total votes will also influence how many images the mini-set ends up being! (The previous anniversary mini-sets are still available to everyone, by the way.) The other ‘new’ poll is a revisit of a very old poll – asking about your preference for breast size… so do let me know about that as well. 🙂

As for the old polls – one asked how much dialogue you prefer in/with your adult scenes; and apparently everyone prefers a decent amount, so that is good to know. The other poll asked about the most important aspects of an adult scene – and most people seem to think the fetishes/actions involved is the most important – with one vote for most of the other options, except audio and narration.

Anyways… I will see what I can do in the days to come, and hopefully I can finally start to get things back on track this month – if all the assorted factors finally start behaving. As always, we will just have to see what happens – I do the best I can. I have the side renders, and a bunch of other stuff to work on, besides finishing this mini-set… so there is a lot to do and look forward to.

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