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April Patreon Mini-set finished, preview here.

Hey again. I was waiting to post this in hopes that I could finish the final renders for the contest entries, but I keep going back to fix little things so it is taking longer than I thought. So since I was not sure I could finish those by tomorrow, I decided to do the mini-set quick today since that actually needs to be done before the end of the month. So hopefully I can get the final contest renders done in the next few days, I only have the final tweaks/renders on the first place entry left to work out; but there is a lot to adjust in it. I have put way more effort than I planned into these, but it should all be worth it once I can stop fixing things and post them. All this is for the best though, as this only makes it look better.

Anyway, as voted by my $15+ patrons, here is the preview for this month’s Patreon mini-set: it features the elven slave girl from my latest animation and Salune getting punished by their mistress for getting caught having sex without her permission. It is currently five images of Zayla punishing the brown elf with assorted bondage and toys while poor Salune is forced to watch from a rusty cage and prevented from cumming due to restraints and a magic ring around her cock. I think both this and the contest renders so far have turned out very nicely, likely due to me spending far too much time fixing things and going back to add stuff. (Originally this set did not have Salune in it; the vote option was just random elf bondage with Zayla, I threw Salune in when I decided to use the same elf from the animation as it links the two things together and makes it more fun.) All my patrons also voted on the main subject of the next RTL chapter and I think you will all enjoy it.

As usual, this mini-set (and ALL previous ones currently) will be sent out to applicable patrons on my Patreon ( once payments clear. If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon, sharing my site(s) with others, or leaving comments. Anything and everything helps; I currently give my main sets away free after a while and do not sell my sets anywhere so this is all I get and it helps a lot. (Comments and spreading the word about my site(s) are both free so there is plenty you can do to help me out even if you either can’t or don’t want to support me monetarily.) So for the six of you who read this far down, there will be a free release of RTL 7 early next month and hopefully the contest renders will get finished and posted in the next couple of days, plus there is the incoming discussion of the big poll and some new polls. Regardless, here is the preview and I hope you all like it.

EDIT 5/3: Correct preview render uploaded, my bad.


Five new DA images up now!

Hey. As the title says, there are FIVE new renders up on my DA page; two new previews from RTL 9 and three totally new renders! I think they are all very nice and you guys should really like them. Next, I plan to try and finish the contest renders, and then do this month’s Patreon mini-set late next week; so check back for one or two new posts sometime next week!

EDIT: I forgot to mention the big poll here; given that it has gotten a good number of votes, I will probably close it at the end of the month. So get your votes in now if you have been holding back for some reason. Also, rather than going through every option as I did before, I will likely just focus on the top/bottom things in the results; and probably anything that stands out to me in terms of popularity or lack thereof. The results so far are rather interesting honestly; they are almost the opposite of what they were a year-ish ago, so it is very good that I made this poll as apparently tastes have changed.

Third octane animation (futa/anal) done!

Hey. This took longer than I’d hoped, due to both tons of real life crap that came up, and some issues that I had to keep fixing in the animation. I made this animation of futa/anal sex as voted in last month’s basically special poll, and it features Salune fucking another (really hot) elven slave from behind. I think it came out really well and looks good. I had a different idea of what I wanted to do here initially, but it presented too many problems early on (and was rather similar to one of my old animations) so I had to move to plan B. I think this looks way better than I had initially thought it would though, so it all worked out for the best. As usual, the preview gif is below and the FULL SIZE (1920×1080) MP4 file with reduced watermarks goes out to my $15+ patrons starting at the beginning of next month. I am not totally sure what I am going to do next, either the DA images or the contest entries; so I will post another update sometime next week with one of those.


Patreon stuff sent, status update.

Hi. Sorry for the late post, but this week has been crappy. Long story short, RTL 9 ended up being FIFTY images; (I really need to stop adding so much) the old post now reflects this. The mini-set for last month also got an additional two images, making eight. I just sent out the patreon rewards for last month and the assorted polls for this month, so hopefully next week I will know the results of those. Speaking of polls, this one here is coming along very nicely; but as always more votes is better, so keep voting and spread the word.

As for what I plan to do this month, I need to make some stuff for DA, finish the contest winner renders, do the mini-set and of course the animation I mentioned in last month’s poll. I will see what gets done first, but it will not be the mini-set. I hope to post sometime early next week with something; but don’t be surprised if it is later than that.

EDIT 4/15: I had a lot of real life crap to do the last few days and I am currently trying to get all the parts of this animation to work right. This usually happens, but this animation is my first two character animation attempt in a long time, so that and the environment makes this take longer. It may be done sometime tomorrow at the earliest, it should be well worth the wait though.

April HUGE poll posted, old poll winners.

Hi. I have gone ahead and posted the single poll for this month; it is a massive poll including every fetish that I can come up with that I can/would do. Apparently I haven’t done one of these since my old blog, so it is time to put one of these up here. Since the poll is so massive, you can pick SEVEN (7) things that are your favorite! This poll will be up for the entire month, maybe more depending. These polls are important as they let me know what people like/don’t really like; so make sure to vote for your favorites if you ever want to see it and/or see more of it. I take big polls like this under advisement when I plan future sets, so votes here are very important. It’s probably a terrible idea to make one huge poll but we will see how it goes. I did break it in half last time, but that just seemed to mess up the results so I made it one poll this time around.

In regard to the previous polls, most people seem to love bad ends in adult games; which I kind of figured would be the case. I personally don’t care much for them, and as a creator of games, it makes things awkward as you are giving people an incentive to fail; (usually in almost every possible way) which is generally not what you aim to do in most games. Anyway, whenever I can get the time to make a tiny test VN, I will likely include a bad end or two because of this if nothing else. (I have too much other crap to do this month with the animation and contest renders so I don’t see that happening this month.) The other poll asked what you all wanted to see in a tiny animation, and no surprise that futa won, with anal in second and vaginal, lesbian, and tentacles after that. So whenever I get to that animation this month, I will try to make some sort of futa animation involving anal sex. (I can’t foresee any major issues with that combination, it should be fine.)

In other news, there is a shiny new tab up top linking to all my previously free released image set downloads/previews. I thought it was easy enough to find them before, but I made that tab up there just to make it even easier. There are over ten full image sets up there available FREE; so check all those out if you haven’t already for some reason. Sometime this month I also plan to have some new images to post on DA, for those of you that use that. I also am currently doing the postwork/composition for the extra scene for the latest RTL chapter; but I may not update that post until around Monday as I will be out of town for two days or so as of a few hours. The patreon polls for this month will get posted when I send out this month’s patreon rewards, sometime after I get back.