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RTL chapter two complete! Previews posted here.

Hey. I finished chapter two of the Road to Lithorca small story arc, titled “Elven Relations”; and I will send it to the proper patrons after payment clears at the start of each month until I release it free here. (I am still undecided on this, but this will have at least three months exclusivity on Patreon.) This set is the largest yet, with thirty-seven images in each folder. (Both clean and story versions of each.)

A word of warning first; this is my first real attempt with Octane for a full set and while most of it is great, some images have minor focus problems. Octane really does not like it when you shove the camera really close to something, but I tried to do it a few times anyway and I think it mostly worked out.  I will try and figure out ways to fix this or get around it later but for now this is the best I can do. The one poll is closed, and it seems people prefer both clean and story previews, so there are some of each. I will go over the other poll and post new ones in the coming days, but I am just drained right now.

The set itself features two separate scenes; the first is a threesome between the elven slave sisters and James. The second scenario features Tabitha finding an overly friendly tentacle plant-monster. There are SIX preview images below; three for each scenario and one story image for each. A new permanent character is also introduced at the end of the second scenario, and a preview of him has been on Patreon for a while. (I am leaving him out of the tags right now on purpose, but I plan to fix those later.) There are a lot of tags for this set, and I do plan to recheck and add to the tag system here in the near future to better catalog my sets. I think this is easily my best set yet, and not just because of Octane (but it sure helps). In any case, comments and constructive feedback are welcome and check my Patreon page to support my work and get the set early! (


RTL chapter two by the end of the month.

So this is taking longer than I thought it would, no surprise there. However it is looking great and I probably should have made two separate, large sets out of this but oh well. I have finished final renders on part one, and some of part two. I actually will have a fair bit of time tomorrow and I hope to finish it then but I can’t say for sure after how today went. (Part one was the far more intensive bit to render with three figures which I realistically cannot do. I kept fixing/improving things when I probably shouldn’t have, which all contributes to why it took so long.) This will almost certainly be my largest and best set yet, and I don’t want to rush it too much. I will say for sure that it will be done by the end of the month, so it will be done late on Tuesday at the absolute outside.

EDIT 3/30: Final renders are done, clean versions of all images and postwork is done, but I still have to finish composition. I rarely do much actual postwork, but I actually had to do a fair bit this time due to various Octane related reasons. Composition is putting the text/story in each image, and that should get done tomorrow. I might get it done tonight but I really doubt it. I would post the set previews now, but I am not sure if I will keep all the images I have set right now, I may change one or two depending on how the composition goes. (I plan to post the clean versions with maybe one or two story images since clean images is beating story images in the poll two to one.)

Also a reminder; my new sets will be Patreon exclusive for at least three months, so if you want to get access to them early and support my work, my Patreon is here: I now plan to email newer Patreon rewards to each Patron accordingly after payment clears at the start of each month, so keep that in mind as well.

Slight problem with my original plan for chapter two.

So I made the basic scene that I was planning for the other part of this new set, and luckily I though to test it in Octane before doing much work on it. The models and environment that I planned to use go a fair way over the limits that I have to work with inside Octane, and can’t be used with the hardware I currently have. This means that I now have to come up with some alternate plan for the second part of this set, which I may not be able to work out before the end of the month.

The first part is done as far as construction/writing goes, (the first part was supposed to be about 2/3 of the set’s total images, similar to the last one) and it alone could/would cover the 20 images I usually shoot for in a large set; so worst case scenario I may need to delay this second part into next month and make it the next chapter or part of it. I will do the best that I can to fit this in this month, but this kind of screws my original plan and I now have to rethink/rewrite a bunch of crap. (At the very least I didn’t do all the work only to find out that it wouldn’t render.)

In other news, the current polls end at the end of the month, so vote in those before they close. Also for those that actually read these messages and/or this far down in them, I plan to do some kind of special poll next month for the next main set; though I am not sure which kind to run yet. So watch for that a bit later.

RE-EDIT – 3/28: So I figured out another plan for part two, and am halfway done with it. I should be able to finish the set construction today, and do the composition/postwork bit tomorrow if all goes well. Ok so set construction is done, minus a few small fixes and tweaks. I should only have one problem to deal with as far as rendering goes, but I think I may have a way around it. (I will know tomorrow.) I am going to try to finish the composition/postwork tomorrow, but the set seems like it may be larger than I intended; part two is as big as part one. So I may or may not cut some things, but Octane at least makes renders much faster than poser so I may be able to use most of it. Note: there is a lot of composition work to do on this, this might run into Monday; it depends on how much I can manage to do tomorrow.

3/20/15 – Slow going, new poll up

Hey. I have been rather busy with real life stuff these past few days and haven’t had time to get much done yet. I should have time to work on this set over the coming weekend, I will see how that goes. (I am still trying to do my original plan for this part, with both side stories together in one set, similar to part 1; so it (hopefully) will be basically two sets in one again.)

I still could use votes in the poll(s) on the right, as it stands people seem to prefer the clean limbs version of Salune (with two votes) with four people saying either is fine. One new poll is also up now, asking if people would prefer the story versions of some images when I post the previews once the set is done. I usually do the clean versions, but I may do story ones if people are interested, we shall see.

EDIT 3/23: Almost done with part one of this set as far as construction/writing goes; (still need to do final renders and composition/postwork, but I save that until everything is done) I should be able to finish it today. I plan to start on part two tomorrow if I get the time.

Patreon mini-set for this month done.

So I finished the mini-set for this month, it’s four images of Lucia the catgirl and a playful beast. The first of the four images is below as a preview. I also did redo the mini-set for last month in Octane as I said I would. Both of those will be sent to the appropriate patrons in the first week of next month (once payments clear); so if you are interested and want to help support my work, check out my Patreon page – I will resume work on the next part of the story set soon, I am just very tired at the moment; making the new site and various other real-life issues have drained me recently. I also could still use votes in the current poll, as it stands most people seem to be fine either way which doesn’t really help me decide what to use.


Tattoo problems mostly fixed, feedback needed so new poll up

Hey. So I fixed the old tattoo problems I was having for the most part. I got most of Salune’s old tattoos working except the arm ones. (Way too complex for me to bother trying, they didn’t look that great anyway.) So the question now is; do I keep her with clean limbs or do I put tattoos on her arms/legs too? (I can edit her bio to reflect the changes later if need be; I also would like to change her hair as the one she has now looks nice but is so annoying to work with on my end.) Also, having to do all this crap manually has actually been quite useful for me, as now I can work in custom tattoos and stuff like that for future projects.

Below are two basic preview images of Salune in Octane. The left image shows her with clean limbs, the right image shows one attempt I made to give her arms and legs some tattoos also. (I wanted to give her leg tattoos before but I didn’t have any good ones that worked automatically. It’s the same one on each arm/leg, just legs show better from the side/back.) The right image is by no means final, it is just something I made to show one possibility of limbs tattoos. There is a poll on the right, asking which you prefer. Votes there and/or comments here would be appreciated.

Results from the previous two polls indicate that people seem to be fine with me using speech bubbles, so I will do that. The other poll results are a bit odd. the vote on this site had anal sex win by one vote, the one on my old blog had vaginal sex win by one vote; so I will call that a tie. I will now work on the Patreon mini-set for this month and hope to get that done in the next few days. (I also want to redo the last Patreon mini-set in Octane because why not.)

saltattest1 saltattest2

Old blog restored, plans for this week, Patreon info reminder

My old blog was restored last night, (as there was no real problem, it was just automatically banned for no reason whatsoever) though I just want it for redirect purposes at this point. All the old game previews and Patreon mini-set previews are still over there though so I’d prefer to leave it up. Given all this crap with blogger, I am more or less totally moved over to the new blog and only plan to post 1-2 more posts to the old one, give or take. I am going to try and fix the various model skins that I need to fix this week; (the Octane tattoo problem) and maybe get the new Patreon set done. I also would like to update the character page’s images with Octane renders and the new site’s logo on them, but I will see what I have time for. Side note: I have no idea what Octane means for animations and the game idea yet, I haven’t tried it. (It should be great though.) Also, more votes in the polls would be great.

Remember: I am giving Patreon content rewards via messages after payment is processed now so that I am sure new Patrons are actually going to pay. (At least until Patreon implements a new system they are planning that will do this for me.) So if you want to get Patreon rewards for next month, you need to sign up before the end of the month. (Payments are processed in the first few days of each month.) I have no idea how long my new sets will be exclusive to Patreon now, probably three months or so. (This is the current estimate, this is not definite yet. There will still be previews and such for everything here.) So if you want to see the whole new sets as soon as possible, it’s only $5.

$15 gets you the mini-sets as well as some other goodies too. Mini-sets are planned to be some kind of sex scene now; they usually have been but now are officially planned to be. Given that I am trying to focus on the main story arc in the main sets right now, the mini-sets are the only other bit of content that I get to do currently; and the only way for certain characters/content types to show up for a fair while. (I also plan for there to be Patreon votes on these on what or who to include fairly regularly once a few people sign up for the tier.) You also get to support my work and help me keep making renders as well as make them better. (If I can get a better/another graphics card, my limitations on what I can include in a scene will be raised; I can do more than two/three figures again [in Octane now].)

Status Update: 3/7/15 – New site done I think/hope

Hey all. So I think that new site is all set now, minor edits on some things notwithstanding. I am in the process of contacting the various artists I have exchanged banners with on my old blog in an attempt to get my links updated with the new site/new banners. For those of you that haven’t seen the two new Zayla renders on my deviantart page yet, here is one of them. (It’s up there.)

EDIT:3/8/2015 – So apparently my old blog just got deleted by blogger by some automatic shit for OTHER_ABUSE. (It doesn’t even give a real reason, pathetic.) I put in an “appeal” to fix it, as I know at least one other site that this happened to (there was no reason for it, just some automatic error that can ban blogs for whatever reason). But if I was even remotely unsure about using this new site, I am not anymore.

The current situation: 3/3/15

Hi. So I have ported over all my old content and posted the one new set here on the new site. There is still a bunch of crap I need to do/figure out, but this should be good enough for now. (It is taking longer than I thought it would.) I am still working on the images and new banners, so please excuse the few blank pages of this site for the time being. The votes from the old blog have been copied over here, so please vote again to the five people who actually voted in the polls. More votes would be appreciated as well, votes are on the right of this page as before. Some new octane pics on deviantart for those that haven’t seen those yet.

I have also redone the Patreon page again to reflect the new situation; hopefully now that I have Octane people will actually want to support my work. I am also now giving out Patreon rewards via email, so that people don’t just leech my content. It’s just depressing when I give out all this stuff for free and some people still steal what little I hold back for my supporters. Support would help a lot if you enjoy my work, especially since I now have to pay to host all this.

Since I still have all this crap to work out, my old schedule still stands; I hope to finish set two of the small story arc by the end of the month. Here is the preview image for those who missed it before.


Set eight, RTL chapter one – “Taking a Break” free release!

Hey again. So here is the first chapter of my first short (in theory) story arc. Road to Lithorca chapter one; Taking a Break. It features new persistent human characters James and Tabitha, as well as two hot elf sisters and an orc in a 32 image set. Preview images below. This was the pinnacle of what i could do with Poser; but now that I have Octane, I have to do things differently.  Comments welcome, but keep it constructive please.

Password: redleatherart!S0111AhY!CdvL-k0vx2wDH51v9Dzd6e8F680Z0hTNTKwJ1hS5wxQ