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January Patreon mini-set finished!

Hi again. Here is the public preview for this month’s Patreon mini-set for the applicable tiers. The mini-set is currently six images and it is a bit different than usual as it features these two random hot elven girls getting fucked by a bunch of magical tentacles (although I may add an image or two to that total like last month, no guarantees though). In other news, I sort of figured out at least one part of the lighting problem with RTL 8, but after “fixing” the issue I found, I realized that the way it was is much better in a lot of ways; so I feel much better about how RTL 8 turned out now despite still being very confused. It seems like there is/was just some issue with the scene I used for it that I cannot discern. Anyway, I will post again in a few days with the old poll results discussion, new polls, and my plans for next month. In the mean time, if you like this preview image and want to get access to these Patreon mini-sets, and/or early access to my regular main story sets, maybe even other assorted bonuses, or perhaps you just want to support my work and help me make more and/or better content, check out my Patreon page! Anything and/or everything helps.


RTL chapter eight, “Summoning Magic” done!

Hey. Long story short, it’s been a pretty crappy past few days for a variety of reasons, and my street is still covered in 2-3 feet of snow as it still hasn’t been cleared. (EDIT: Ironically, an hour after I posted this the trucks came to clear the snow; I would have written this days ago if I had known that would happen.) I still have been getting headaches as well; both from the weather and from all sorts of shit in RTL 8 not working right. I haven’t had this many issues rendering a main set in a while, but for some reason the lighting in RTL 8 just was not behaving at all. My best guess is that transferring the scene from one machine to another completely messed with it somehow; I don’t know what else could cause two days worth of issues. I literally spent 3-4 hours earlier just trying to fix the lighting. The current lighting is still not what I was hoping for, but it will have to do since it’s the best I can get in this scene for some reason. I would have just made another scene had I known it would have this many issues at render time.

Even now, when the set is basically done, I still need to fix a few small issues in the last scene that I apparently missed on the previous renders, (I noticed the problems during postwork phase) as well as a few other minor things mostly related to the lighting. (I could leave it, but there is no reason not to fix it right now.) However, it has been long enough already so I am posting the previews now; I was not going to use any images from that late in the set for the previews anyway. I cannot give an exact image count of the set yet, (since the last scene needs to be redone a bit) but it is likely going to be 30-something images. [EDIT: Final count is 42 images, each with both clean and story versions.] It features Helenya the succubus “fighting” a magical summoned dire wolf. Below are two story and two clean preview images, I may make minor changes to one of them but I think these images are clear of the issues in the future scenes. I should have a preview of this month’s mini-set posted later this week.


Serious weather issues.

Hey. I am posting this as a small status update and heads up if I don’t post anything over the coming weekend. Today was my last day of physical therapy so hopefully that whole thing is done with; and for the most part I feel better most of the time so I think it probably is. (I hope.) However, this whole past week the weather has been shifting 30 degrees up and down between day and night temperatures, which trigger the weather/pressure related migraines that I have been getting all my life. I haven’t been able to work on this stuff realistically for more than a couple hours each day this week since staring at a screen just makes my head/eyes hurt even worse.  (I have been planning through/writing some other things ahead though.) To top all this crap off, now we are expecting a blizzard of possibly record-breaking and/or historical proportions tomorrow and the next day on the US east coast; and I live right in the middle of where it is going to be worst. There have been all sorts of warnings and such about this; but the main one that concerns me is the possibility of losing power due to two feet of snow/wind/ice.

I mainly get the headaches when the weather comes and goes, but while it’s here I am generally fine; so I was hoping to get RTL 8 actually finished over the coming weekend. However, if the power goes out, I obviously have no way to do that. There is also the possibility that I get RTL 8 done but my internet goes out and I have no way to post the previews; essentially anything can happen here and there is no way for me to know until it happens, during which I may have no way of saying anything until after it is fixed. Long story short, I will do the best that I can, (without hurting myself further) as I always try to do; but my one issue has been traded for two others this week, and there is nothing I can do about this. In other news, more votes in the polls would be appreciated so that I have a better idea of what people want from this point forward; since as it stands people seem to just want story sets with some other kind of content on the side. That is totally fine and the poll is rather definitive in terms of votes right now as far as you all seeming to want the above, but there are aren’t that many votes in either poll; so things could still change. Thanks to all who voted though, I do keep the results from the polls in mind when making/planning future stuff.

Status update: 1/11

Hey. Just checking in quickly to note that I am still here and working on everything. My patrons know what to expect from this month’s mini-set and I am still working on RTL 8. Strangely my weekends recently have been busy though, so I haven’t had as much time to work on everything as I’d like. So I am still not totally sure when RTL 8 will get done, but I think I should have a fair bit of time in the next couple of days so we will see how much I can do. However, so far so good as far as my health goes, so things are as good as can be expected right now. (My previous shot wore off around a week ago and I can still move so I am definitely doing better.)

I also spent a few hours looking over the assorted VN-making/game-making stuff I was doing way back whenever; as mentioned in the last post. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first time, these polls are probably among the most important that there have been/will be for quite a while; as it lets me know what people want to see. (Or at least what the people who can read english and/or care enough to vote want, which is what matters.) I also updated my main Patreon page, as apparently the update that I thought I did last month didn’t save somehow.

Anyway, while looking though my old game stuff, I did manage to figure out one thing that had eluded me for weeks way back when I was trying to get a cg gallery working for my original game idea; which is something that I would also want any game I make to have. What I have coded here doesn’t make much sense to me, but it works somehow and that is really all that matters. Long story short, once I get over all this health crap (and get through all the other stuff in my backlog here, such as the short story contest winner renders, making some more stuff for DA, and posting commission info) things are looking good for me do to any and/or most of the things in the one poll. However, I need to know what people want most in order to know what to work on; right now it seems most people prefer my story sets and yet most people also want me to do the two-month plan for additional types of content and less story sets; which doesn’t make much sense. Yes, I realize that I haven’t actually made any full games yet; but given all my released story sets, it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that in an interactive format. I also realize that people may just currently prefer my story sets but want to see something else as well, but the current results still seem strange. Total votes right now are also rather low, given the high importance of the poll; so check out the polls on the right if you haven’t already.

EDIT 1/15: I got a bit done, but this week was the last one for my twice a week sessions for physical therapy; so after this is when it gets interesting. So far so good, but I do not want to jinx anything; this weekend should be clearer than the previous ones so I will see how the next few days go.

New year, new polls, new plans?

Hey again. Happy new year and all that, if it is a bit late. I had a horrible weekend or I would have posted sooner. Anyway, two new polls are up now which relate to two of the things in the title of this post, but more on that in a bit. Before that, let me review the old polls. One poll asked what type of VN people preferred and most people definitely wanted the standard VN and/or a choose-your-own adventure style VN over the other choices. This is fine, as those were my top two choices/options anyway and will likely happen whenever I can get to that. The other poll was less productive; it asked what type of animation people wanted to see. Votes were low in both polls, but unfortunately this poll was one vote away from a complete three-way tie. So unfortunately I have no real direction in the animation department; but I will likely do at least one more basic walking animation before trying anything more complex. (No guarantees though.)

So all of this leads me to the next main point, and that is the idea I have been considering recently; about keeping my current two-month per main set schedule even once I get over all this health related crap just to give myself time to make other types of content. Since I can do more complex things now, and/or just make animations at all, I could use the offset month to make animations and/or some type of VN/game content. As I have mentioned before, making any type of game or even just working on a game would take time and effort that I used to not give myself back before this whole health fiasco started. I used to try and get out one story set per month back when I could actually work more; but that left no time for anything else.

As things have gone recently, I have needed two months to make a set just due to my physical limitations, which I am desperately hoping are soon coming to an end. So that hopefully being the case, I now have to consider whether or not to try and resume my old schedule in a couple months, or if I should keep things as they are and do other things as well. So the two polls up now are your way of possibly helping me decide this. One poll asks what your favorite type of content is, and the other asks whether or not you agree with my two-month per main set plan. (I.E. One month for making animations, working on games or whatever else, and the second month for the main set; then repeat.) Votes in these polls are rather important and would be greatly appreciated; though unless there is some strange outpouring against it, I currently plan to do the two month thing.

In regard to RTL 8, I am still working on it; but I have a terrible habit of going back to add/fix things which makes it take longer. (And as noted earlier, the past few days have been horrific and totally unproductive.) Also this is the first of what will surely be a few awkward transition sets in terms of me getting used to my new hardware. So just know that this set will not necessarily look like that much of an improvement compared to previous sets, as the main scene was made on my old computer and it seemed too good to throw out by the time the new one was ready. I have used this limited, old machine to make renders for almost nine months now and this new computer will take some getting used to, as many of my old limitations are now substantially higher than before; so I have to get back into my old mindset of actually creating larger scenes and more complex images, which I had been unable to do previously in Octane.