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RTL 8 delayed until January; Happy preemptive New Year!

Hi again. As the title says, I have had to delay RTL 8 until next month due to too much lost time this month due to both making my new computer earlier in the month and now having physical therapy twice a week. (The holidays didn’t help either.) It is also nearing the end of the effectiveness time for the shot in my back which may leave me in crippling physical pain again; so there is no way to know when RTL 8 will get done, but sometime in January for sure I would think. Naturally this will push back everything else that I had planned next month, such as the images for the winning contest entries and another thing; but that can’t really be helped at this point. We will just have to see when I can get this done and how it all ends up working out; but theoretically people wanted monsters, so this should be worth the wait. Hopefully all this physical therapy and stuff will pay off in the long term and help me get over this annoying pain in my back and be able to work on things properly again. In other news, Happy late Holidays and Happy early New Year!

RTL 8 public early preview!

Hi again, happy holidays and a happy new year to all of you! Here is an updated early public preview of RTL 8. It should be fairly obvious what is likely to happen based on the image here, but as mentioned a while back; the working title for this chapter is “Summoning Magic”. The set features Xan, Helenya, and at least one of Xan’s many magic summons. I also did not give away too much in the tags for this post this time to keep some things a surprise for when the set is done. As mentioned in the last post, I am still not totally sure when that will be; I am still hoping for the end of the month, but that is seeming less and less likely. (I have been busy with the holidays and physical therapy twice a week among other things.)

I will do the best that I can as I always try to, but I do not want to compromise the quality of the set just to get it done faster/on time and/or hurt myself in the process. As I mentioned to my Patrons, I likely should have delayed this month’s main set due to the massive technical upgrade that I went through earlier this month; and I may still have to do that if this doesn’t make a lot of progress in the next few days. I do have a fair bit of spare time in the coming days though, so anything is still possible. As I think I mentioned here before, all of these assorted delays should pay off in the long run; either by getting me back in shape to work on things more or by getting used to me newer machine to make better/fancier stuff. It will obviously take a few sets for me to get used to/the hang of the new machine and it;s enhanced capabilities. Anyway, I will post again next week with news regarding RTL 8, and whether or not it will be done this month or next.


December Patreon mini-set done!

Hey. The December mini-set for my $15 and up patrons on Patreon is done and as decided in the vote that they had earlier this month, the set features James and Tabitha. The early Patreon preview image for RTL 8 has been posted as well; it will likely get posted here later this week sometime. I am still hoping to get RTL 8 done before the end of the month, but I have had a ton of crap to deal with this month between assorted health issues, more physical therapy and assembling/preparing my new rendering machine, so anything could still happen. However I think the time taken to work on/get the new machine was more than worth it as my rendering abilities have essentially doubled and the likelihood of things like animations and other content is now much higher than before. (Further testing is needed here to know for sure.) I can also make much more dense/populated images now, like the preview below thanks to the newer machine. If you want to get access to these Patreon mini-sets, early access to my regular sets, assorted other bonuses, or you just want to support my work and help me make more and/or better content, check out my Patreon page!


Status update: 12/15

Hey. So I am a bit behind schedule due to a rough past two weeks in terms of physical health and other real life issues, but my new machine is now assembled and almost ready to use on renders. I just need to copy over all my files and transfer some other things and it should be ready. I plan to try and use it for the mini-set and/or RTL 8 preview that I hope to have done by the end of the week. I know there has been a bit of a lack of content recently, but if this works as it should it will more than make up for the delays since I won’t have nearly as many problems rendering anymore. (The general slowness of content recently is still almost entirely due to me not being able to sit for very long [if at all] most of the time which limits what I can do; and there still really isn’t anything more I can do about this.) The polls could use some more votes incidentally, so check those out if you haven’t.

EDIT 12/17: New machine is up and running; with only a few small issues related to porting over all my content that need fixing, it shouldn’t take that long. I am not sure if I will change what I was planning for RTL 8 or not; is is still early enough in the process that I could change it with minimal problems. (I waited to do much of it for this very reason; I was hoping that it would be ready a bit sooner.) However, this would likely push the set into next month a bit; but even that is not certain. I have been working with what little time I had this whole week getting this new computer all set up and working in the hopes that I could use it on this month’s content; but I am not sure I have the time left to do all that this month. The mini-set will have it and will definitely get done this month; the main set it will mainly depend on if I change my original plan or not, as well as my general available time due to my continued back issues. I am still hoping to get preview(s) of something up this weekend, I will do the best that I can to get that done; but I am doing somewhat better recently in terms of health and I do not under any circumstances want to mess up my back again now that it is doing slightly better. I am also trying to go to physical therapy twice a week now which leaves me in too much pain to work usually both the day of and the day after.

RLA first anniversary short story contest winners!

Hey! So it’s that time where I announce the winners of my first short story contest. First, I want to thank everyone who submitted an entry, and remind everyone to not take it personally if you did not win. I enter dozens of contests on DA and the like, and I have only won once. So if you did not win, please do not feel bad; there are always other contests. Also remember that all contest judging is subjective; everyone has likes and dislikes, but I tried to be as fair and objective as I could be here. Just to debunk a quick myth/common misconception here: I did not do this contest to get ideas for my image sets, I was doing it as a fun anniversary idea that required participation. I seriously have enough story arcs/sets lined up to keep my stuff going for years; this contest was just meant to be a fun chance for some of you to put your ideas forward.

Anyway, there were three entries that stood above the rest to me, using the criteria that I laid out on the contest page. So here are the top three with a short explanation of why I chose these entries. Just a reminder, first place gets ten-ish images, second place gets five-ish images and third place gets one (maybe two). Quick note here, when I posted the .rtf files, I did edit the entries to remove the non-story bits and put in the titles and authors names, so if I made a mistake somewhere please let me know and I will fix it as soon as I can.

First place: The Knight and the Naiad
by Derren Grathy;

The Knight and the Naiad

I chose this entry for first place chiefly because I felt it was the best written entry of those submitted. The overall story idea isn’t too original, but the characters and story are very well done and it should appeal to fantasy and couples fans, as well as fans of pregnancy stuff. Though the end of the main sex scene is a bit vague, but he did this on purpose to leave me a lot of creative/artistic room to do essentially whatever I wanted with this should it have won. (Which was nice of him.) So I will see what I can do with this whenever I can find the time to do the images for these entries.

Second place: Surrendering Her Body
by andi guinness;

Surrendering Her Body

This entry got second place because it was a very well composed entry overall. Like the first place entry, this story idea wasn’t all that original either, however the entry did everything that I asked, and it got a lot of points for that. What got this entry second place was the fact that it was well balanced and well composed overall; which was the best thing to do to get as many points as possible according to the contest rules that I posted. It didn’t place first because I felt the first place entry was a better written story and I was a little weirded out by the possession thing, and there are some cheesy bits in the dialogue here and there. I am also not a huge futa fan, but I did not hold that against this entry; I mention this only to explain that this was not a bonus to me. The sex scene bits are well done though and cover the standard bases, and it will be interesting to see what I can make out of the things he wrote in here. As previously noted, this was well done overall. This entry should please futa fans.

Third place: Ambrosia of Fertility
by ammon17

Ambrosia of Fertility

The third place entry got a lot of points from originality. This was the only solo entry that I received, so it got a bunch of originality points for having the guts to even try that. I only referenced this option in one line in the contest rules, so it is nice to see that some people read though it all. This is essentially a solo/masturbation story and though there is no actual hardcore sex in it, it is well written and original. Bit of a surprise at the end of this one as well, so check it out.

So there you have it! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to everyone who submitted entries. As mentioned previously, the images for these entries likely won’t get done until next month or so as my back is currently acting up again, I have a lot of stuff to do this month, and I have to assemble my new machine later this week as soon as the RMA gets here. I have also sent out Patreon rewards for last month and hope to get a Patreon RTL 8 preview up something this weekend.

November polls review, new polls posted.

Hi again. So two new polls are up now, one asks which type of VN-like game idea you prefer most, and the other asks about possibilities for future animations. Keep in mind that the more complicated the item, the longer/less likely it is to happen overall. The animation I just posted was fairly easy to do because it is one character over a black background; there wasn’t much to complicate the render/animation process. Similarly, the more complex the VN idea, the longer it would take; much like my first game idea which would take a couple months of solid work, which is why I had to shelve it for the moment. (My new hardware may help this, but I don’t know yet; regardless, some sort of VN will almost certainly come first.) Previous polls discussion after the break.

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