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Definite short story contest extension – UPDATED 10/3

In other news, I am definitely extending the short story contest; firstly due to me getting yet another error mail from my server again yesterday, indicating that there are still some issues, and second due to the currently low number of actual acceptable entries. I was then undecided as to how long I should extend it, so I just decided to go another month. The contest now ends on November 7th. If you can write even half-decently and want to possibly get what is essentially a free 10 image commission (of sorts) and/or some free publicity; you now have another month to come up with something. There aren’t really a lot of limits as to what you can write about here; I thought there would be more interest (and effort) in this contest than there seems to be.

I have updated the contest page with the new end date and hope that there will be more (and complete) entries. Please remember that there are only three parts per entry that I ask for in the contest; two of which shouldn’t be more than a couple of paragraphs each. If you don’t include all three things and then don’t fix it, your chances of winning and/or even being a qualified entry aren’t great. So please include the character info part and the sex scenario summary in your entry; it doesn’t take long to write and greatly helps me understand what I am getting into and looking for before getting into the story proper.

Please note that there are also definite prizes for second and third place now; a mini set for second place and a single image for third. Be aware that I plan to include the winning submission(s) with the image and/or set that I make from it; for additional context if nothing else.

Patreon story-mini-set basically done, public preview here.

Hey. I am still putting a few finishing touches on the last few story images in the story-mini-set, but it is mostly done. It took this long because I got distracted last weekend and made stuff for DA; after that I decided that I didn’t like the old environment in the set and redid the whole scene in the last few days. This is good for those that get it though; as they now get more than the ten images I planned and the images look better.

The set ended up being 13 images, each with a clean and story version as always. Below is a story preview of the set that my $15 patrons and above got to vote on and choose the subject of and also get once Patreon payments clear. If the below preview interests you, and you want to get future access to these mini-sets or you just want to help support my work here, check out my Patreon page:

Also, as mentioned previously, the next RTL chapter will likely be next month’s main set. I had a lot of extra stuff to do this month, plus I am still recovering from my various health issues; so I simply did not have time to finish it. I also don’t see it being finished in the next week or so for assorted reasons. I will also likely make an important post tomorrow about a few things; so definitely check back for that and some important new polls that go along with it.RLAPM13Preview



RTL 7 public early preview, some new stuff on DA, and probable contest extension.

Hey. Below is the early public preview image of RTL chapter seven, working title: “Caught in a Corner”. As you can see it will feature Zayla getting caught in a rather compromising position by one of the intruders in her lair. (The tags on this post hint at what I plan to include in it, but are not necessarily final.) It will almost assuredly definitely run well into next month as I am still recovering from my various health issues and am absolutely not going to push it and risk anything getting messed up again. As the post title also suggests, I have also posted two new, if plain preview images from RTL 6 on DA (due to DA rules/most group standards) as well as two three totally new images!

Important side note here: I may extend the short story contest, I am still undecided on this; but I think it is very likely to happen to some degree. I personally had horrible issues accessing my own site much of the time for a few weeks back there until the people who host it fixed it for me on their end using methods that will not help other people having issues accessing my site. I am assuming/hoping that the connection problems are the reason for the various drastic drops in visitors some days over the last two weeks; one day in particular around two weeks ago was the worst day for visits here since the week I started hosting this new site. So there is a week and a half left on the contest at the minimum; but likely there will be more time, so get an entry together if you haven’t already! It doesn’t have to be five pages, that is just the maximum. (It also only refers to and/or counts the story itself, not the other parts.)

Also, the polls are still very low; I can only assume nobody really cares about the file format I use and/or better written descriptions of my sets. Anyway, I should have the story-mini-set for my higher end Patrons on Patreon done in the next couple days and a preview posted here. (I got distracted and made the RTL 7 preview/ DA stuff instead the last few days.)


RLA first anniversary image and other news.

Hi. So I posted the two character previews and the Patreon anniversary image to Patreon over the last few days and I hope to post the game scene preview and this month’s special story-mini-set there as well in the next few days. The next main image set will likely run into next month a bit again at the minimum, but hopefully it will be done in the first week or so; before Patreon finishes processing payments, as it was last time. As for the short story contest; only about two weeks remain; so if you are going to enter, you best do it now so that you have time to fix any issues that may exist with your entry. (I am currently trying to tell people if they are missing important things in their entries unless I suddenly get a truckload and can’t possibly keep up.) As of right now there are only a few entries, and I was honestly expecting both more entries and more… diversity; especially considering that so many people allegedly wanted futa content and so far not a single entry has any. So if that interests you, or if there is anything else in particular you would like to see me do, check out the contest page up top for all the details! There is still plenty of time to put an entry together.

It would also be nice to get more than two votes in the polls, so… more votes maybe? There really isn’t much point to me having polls if nobody votes in them. Anyway, I hope to post either a preview of the story-mini-set for patrons or RTL chapter seven later this week, possibly both but I doubt it. Remember, if you want to help motivate me, support my work, and early access to my normal sets and possibly other cool stuff, check out my Patreon: Anything donated helps. Comments, votes, views, and shares are also helpful and motivating; so doing any and/or all of those things helps too! Also, if anyone else has been having weird issues accessing my site, please let me know.

Oh and here is the RLA first anniversary image featuring Zayla, as voted in the last special poll. I am hoping that you all will like it, I think that you will.

RLAannivEDIT 9/25: RTL 7 preview and game scene preview up on patreon, still working on the story-mini-set right now.

The fog clears, poll updates!

Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and so far things have actually been good. I can seriously feel the overall pain and the general depression from it going far away now. I am in no way joking when I say that two months of my life back there was and/or is just a foggy, vague memory of horrific pain and bed. I think it is definitely for the best that I don’t remember it clearly; (which is actually rather odd as I generally have a hard time forgetting things; especially things that I want to) although somehow RTL 6 was made during this time and I think it came out nicely.

Though in reality the pain could return at any time; at this moment I am effectively back to normal. If everything stays good, I am hoping that I will be able to do a main image set this month after all, and I have already started construction on the scene; and almost finished base scene construction really. (Patrons who have seen the full RTL 6 should know and/or be able to guess what it is going to be.) However, this whole week is really going to be devoted to Patreon stuff. (If you want to support me and my work and get in on future stuff like this, check out my Patreon page,

The polls there have ended and the special mini-story-set that won the poll was the Helenya and two imps option; so I will work on that, as well as the various Patreon previews that I need to post and the two anniversary images that I need to make; one for the site and one for Patreon. The site one will feature Zayla, and the Patreon one will feature Helenya; as voted in each poll. Preferably once all this crap gets done, I will see about RTL 7.

In other news, my short story contest is still going; (Check the tab up top!) if you want to see anything in particular from me, this is your chance. Allegedly a lot of you want to see futa/futa stuff; if that is the case I would expect at least a few entries focusing on that. The stories submitted can be no longer than five pages; but can be as short as one. (As in the actual story part can be one page, I still need/want the other two pages about the characters/sex scenario.) It is the general sexiness of the submissions that is what matters; not the length. Details can help, but they can also make something that is already bad much worse; so be careful and don’t overdo it. Submissions are accepted until 12:00 AM on October 7, 2015, EST, check the contest page up there for details. 

Also, two new polls are up; one actually is asking about the format I use for my image archives (.7z, the 7-zip base format), which I recently realized/was told may be an issue for some people(?) so I wanted to check that. The other poll asks if you would prefer more or less textual details about my sets in the initial preview posts. So votes in those would be appreciated, and watch for various Patreon content this week and hopefully the anniversary image for the site later this week as well. Finally, I put all these social media buttons everywhere because apparently WordPress can do this and I had it enabled before but I forgot to put in the actual buttons. So if you like my work, an image, one of my posts, or even the contest page; please share it so people can find out about my work. (I think I did the buttons right, please let me know if I didn’t.)

RTL chapter four: “Caught by a Succubus” Free Release!

Hey. As promised, here is the free release of RTL 4. I have re-posted the original preview images below for convenience. As for me, I am actually doing much better after getting a procedure done a few days ago; the question is whether or not it will stay good long enough for it to heal, which only time will tell. I may be able to do a main image set this month after all if I am still good, we shall see. I still have a bunch of stuff to post on patreon before I look into the main set. I have posted the patreon polls to the appropriate tiers; though as usual everywhere with polls votes are slim to none. No idea why people don’t like polls… oh well. Both those polls and the poll here one the site have a few days left to go on them, so vote now, before time runs out!

If you like my work and want to help it improve, please consider supporting my work and get access to all sorts of different goodies! Any and all support is appreciated and helps me afford new hardware/software to make my art better and faster! As it stands, I can only do two detailed figures in a scene with Octane; hence the limits on my renders/the contest.

Anyway, here is the download for RTL 4, the password is: redleatherart!G0EmBJ4Y!SC4wHJEFtQ3OyfLmzxbmAPZ3nneJmHWFWOTkhSRotfA


Oh snap! There’s a contest!

Hi again. So the main big thing this month is that I’m going to hold a contest, the details of which are up on that page up there that says CONTEST!. Instead of repeating everything over there on here for no reason, I will summarize; you guys can submit a short story and if it is the best entry, I will make a ten image set about it! Isn’t that cool? You all should check it out, especially other artists/writers which I am going to try and notify via email as well in case they don’t check my site regularly. The contest will be up for a month starting today and is the perfect chance for all of you to get me to make whatever you want within reason. You want elf on elf lesbian action? You want futa on futa fun? How about pregnancy related stuff? Want me to try and make a sci-fi scene? Or do you just want more tentacles? Whatever the case, if you want it bad enough you’ll read the rules and enter the contest, and if you do a good enough job then maybe you can get whatever you want! Spread the word about the poll, the contest, my site, everything.

One things to keep in mind regarding the contest; I will do my best to be fair and unbiased towards different entries, but I have my weaknesses. These things include but are not limited to; elves, dark skin, big tits (within reason; ridiculously huge tits are just silly/tasteless), succubi, catgirls, creampies, and other things you tend to see a lot of in my work. So you may want to take those things into account when writing your entry.

I am still in considerable pain and have no idea if I will be able to do a main image set this month; much of it depends on how my injection goes tomorrow, which with luck will greatly help with the pain. I am also trying to figure out wtf to do regarding much of the Patreon crap I wanted to do, as a few patrons dropped and that leaves patron only votes rather pointless as there are only a few to vote; even if the patrons that are still processing clear. There are also a bunch of new things I wanted to try out and test on patrons which is rather difficult when there are so few… I will see what happens. Also RTL 4 gets a free release sometime this week; exactly when is a surprise.

RTL chapter six – “Lust and Greed” finally COMPLETE!

Hi. I know what we’re all thinking; that I wasn’t gonna make it today again. Funny story though, I actually managed to. A LOT of pain went into making every part of this set but I think it’s good considering that I probably shouldn’t have been able to make it at all during this time. I had to make some cuts in the second scene due to my hardware limitations, but I think it still turned out good. I really did get this done before Patreon finished processing the other payments… I’m happily surprised. The set is 38 images with one alternate ending image for the unused stuff category on Patreon. The set itself will be sent out to patrons whenever payments finish processing… along with the Patreon polls for the month. There are four previews below, two story and two clean images. I am going to have to wait and post the other big thing tomorrow; I am too tired to type it today. If you want access to this new set and others before a few months from now, check out my Patreon page and support me! support means better content and also that I can stop having to cut things that I want to put in because my hardware can’t do it.

The set entails Tabitha running into Salune while sort of looking for the missing elves and the two of them make a deal, which doesn’t quite work out as planned…


August poll review, new special poll up now.

Hi. This will be quick; there were two polls all last month mostly due to me being injured. One asked about story arc length and the other asked about the sex/story balance in a comic. The sex/story balance landed squarely in the mostly sex area, which is fine as it is what I currently do anyway. The story arc one seemed to prefer longer story arcs; which I will take into consideration later on.

Anyway, here is one of the special things I wanted to do this month; a little special poll asking who you all want to see in a special anniversary image. (Maybe a mini-set if I magically get better mid month.) It will be up for two weeks so vote now and watch for more posts in the coming days about other cool stuff happening.

EDIT 9/3: After yesterday, I will say there is hope. Got dbl old strength meds, doing somewhat ok now for 2nd day in a row in two months, at least so far. RTL 6 story version is 1/4 done, if I stay good I may be able to finish it before patreon even finishes processing payments for last month. To those patrons that stayed, I appreciate your faith/support through this awful time. To those patrons that dropped; I can hardly blame you but it is still quite disappointing, especially considering all that you knew I was planning to do this month for patrons. I hope to post again tomorrow or the day after with something; either RTL 6 previews or the big thing for September.

EDIT 9/5: I am still doing mostly ok physically. RTL 6 story is over halfway done, the other big thing is basically entirely ready. I will try to get RTL 6 finished today if I can, tomorrow if not.
EDIT 9/6: RTL 6 is 80% done… I’m trying to finish it but my leg is acting up atm.