Status Update: 8/11

Hi. Quick update, the last few days have been really rough; yesterday especially. However I did manage to finish the scene construction on RTL chapter six. Hopefully I can finish the final renders and do the postwork in the next few days. I also do think that this will have to be this month’s main image set; there is just no way I could do another one this month with all the other crap I have to do. (As well as the significant pain that I am still in.) These things happen when horrific real life problems occur, it just can’t be helped. Anyway, keep voting in the polls and check back toward the end of this week when I will post previews for RTL chapter six if all goes semi-well at least.

EDIT 8/14: So things have been fairly bad the last two days, but are going better today. Unfortunately I need basically an entire day to finish the final renders, (not to mention do the postwork, which takes some additional hours)  which I still can’t do quite yet. If things continue to improve, I may be able to do it over this coming weekend, we will see. The hard part is done, I just have the time consuming parts left to do which is unfortunately very hard on me right now. In other news, the polls are still going, one is rather definitive so far, but the other is actually very close right now; so make sure to vote in the second poll over there.

As far as the general schedule goes after I finish chapter six, I will then do the Patreon mini-set for the month as well as finish that Patreon scene preview for the game that I am working on. I also hope to do some small images for DA, but I will see how that goes when/if I have time. I also will post more info on what I plan to do next month on Patreon sometime this month as well, I will probably not post anything publicly here until next month. Things have been an absolute nightmare for me this last month or so, but the main problem has cleared up; (I hope) and I am just dealing with some smaller side issues that the main problem caused right now.

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