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RTL chapter four: “Caught by a Succubus” complete!

Hi again! I finally finished RTL chapter four, and I think it turned out great. The set features Helenya the succubus and one of the elf sisters as voted by my Patrons. The set was 32 images, each with a clean and story version and there are four previews below; with two clean and two story images. Any feedback/comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. This set will be sent out to appropriate Patrons on my Patreon once payments clear at the start of each month for as long as it is exclusive to Patreon. Please consider supporting my work and get access to all sorts of different goodies! Any and all support is appreciated and helps me afford new hardware/software to make my art better and faster! As it stands, I can only do two detailed figures in a scene with Octane and I have no advanced software.

I am going to try and update the site tags, make an image or two for deviantart, as well as some other clerical things that I need to do over the coming week and a half. I will also review the current big poll next week once it ends and discuss the results, as well as post I think two new polls for next month! So check back for all that in about a week. I will be busy this weekend at certain conventions, but will be back Monday to discuss the big poll results.


RTL chapter four hopefully done tomorrow.

Hey. Quick status update, I ended up adding and redoing a bunch of crap that I shouldn’t have again. The set is about 30 images now, and I don’t think i will be able to finish all the composition/postwork today. I really like the set and don’t want to rush it out, so I am going to take an extra day or two to make it (hopefully) really nice. The final renders are all done; it’s just composition, postwork, and a bit of extra writing left to do at this point.

In other news, the current poll ends at the end of the month, so get in any last votes that may have been held back for whatever reason. The results for the poll are rather interesting, but I will discuss that early next month.

RTL chapter four public preview!

Hi again. Progress is good on the next image set, and here is the public preview image. The set features Helenya and one of the elf sisters, as voted for by my patrons. I am hoping to get it done this weekend but fair bet it will go into next week. (It is actually looking very possible for this weekend though, overall set construction is about 75% done right now and I already ironed most of the issues ahead of time.) This preview is semi-final with a few changes possible. Remember to check out my Patreon page to help support my work and get early access to these main sets, get in on future Patreon polls, and possibly other cool stuff too!

RLARTL4PreEDIT 5/24: Construction on the set is done, I am going to try and get the final renders done today and maybe some of the composition as well. I hope to have it ready in the next day or two,

RE-EDIT: I added in an image or two which left me unable to finish all the final renders tonight, I will finish those up tomorrow and see how much time I have for composition. I really like this set so far, hopefully you all will like it as well.

RTL chapter four previews coming soon.

Hey again, just a quick update. I have finished base construction of the scene for part four of RTL. I have tested and run through everything in advance this time, so I am hoping there will be no horrific render issues later (0_0). The Patreon preview of the set will likely be up tomorrow (maybe today but I doubt it) and the public preview will be up here a few days after that. So check back here later this week for the preview of this upcoming set!

Update 5/19: Patreon early preview posted.

May Patreon mini-set finally done!

Hi again. I managed to finally get most of the mini-set finished and it ended up being five images. The set features Zayla and her captive minotaur as Zayla comes by to get some “milk”. I spent way longer on this than I planned to, but I think it is nicer than I was expecting given all the weird issues I had making this. I plan to start construction on the main image set for the month once the weekend starts; in the mean time here is a preview of this latest mini-set.

If you want access to these mini-sets, early access to the main image sets, access to the Patreon polls like those that occurred earlier this month, and/or other things I end up making, check out my Patreon page; Any and all support helps motivate me and allows me to continue making this stuff. Rewards are sent out to the appropriate tiers after payments clear at the start of each month.


May Patreon mini-set hopefully done tomorrow…

Hey again, quick update. I had some things to do last weekend but managed to kind of finish the mini-set yesterday. The problem was that when I tried to render it earlier today, no end of problems began to surface. I had used a new environment/props for the mini-set and apparently it just did not want to work with octane at all. I have spent almost four hours today trying to fix this, but I gave up fixing the old scene after two hours and just redid the entire environment for the mini-set. However then this new scene had memory problems due to my single, limited card, so a few of the images I planned to make simply won’t work. I will still have 4-5 images for the mini-set which is what it is supposed to have, but I had wanted to do more; however it just isn’t going to happen with my limited equipment. (Maybe I can revisit this in a later mini-set later on once I get better equipment.)

I just can’t finish the last few renders/postwork tonight, I hope to finish it tomorrow. I have everything fixed so there shouldn’t be any other freaky problems/further delays unless I find some way to get the other images working. So hopefully there will be a preview of this posted sometime tomorrow. Side note, the poll is looking really nice with some rather surprising results; but there is still plenty of time for things to change.

May Patreon poll results!

Hey again. So I ended the Patreon polls for the month a day early as one was done and the other hadn’t gotten any other votes in a few days. (I also think I have time to work on some of this stuff today so I am ending it to be certain of what to do.) There were two Patreon polls this month, one for the mini-set and one for the month’s story set. The story set scenario that was chosen was “Helenya and one of the elf sisters” so that is what I will do for the main sex scene in this month’s image set. (I plan to only do one this time, with some other plot images too.) The mini-set poll was technically a tie between Zayla and Helenya so I am going with Zayla since Helenya won the other poll already. I plan to work on the mini-set over the next few days and hopefully can get that finished. If you want to get in on future patreon polls, get early access to my image sets, get access to the mini-sets and other goodies, and/or help support my work, my Patreon page is

In regard to the game work I did the past few days, I wrote the variations for one scene and worked in some music; I think it’s nice. I will see what else I have time for once the story set for the month is done.

April poll review, status update, and new big poll up!

Hey. I sent out the patreon rewards yesterday, if there are any problems there please email me and let me know. In regards to last months poll, some people seem fairly interested in a VN idea, which is nice as I was planning to try that once I get the current game idea finished. (Nobody voted for the low interest options so I can only assume nobody is against the idea.) Speaking of polls, a new big poll is up now and it will be up for the rest of May!

It has been a while since I have done a big poll but now seems like a good time, now that the new site is all situated. The big monster poll asks what is/are your favorite monster types? I tried to cover most things, but fair bet I missed a few; if there’s something you want to see in the poll, leave a comment! (I CAN edit polls in progress with the poll widget on this site!) As for what I am doing now, I plan to try and finish a scene or two for the current game idea this week while the patreon polls finish up. If they finish early, then I can start working on either the main set or the mini-set for the month.

The majority of work left on the game is just raw content at this point. I want to let each activity a few variations depending on various factors to keep things different. This means each individual activity in the game is it’s own mini-set, with additional writing and coding. So just the basic stuff I want to do for the game is about three full size image sets, plus additional work to implement it; so about three months of work if I wasn’t doing anything else. (This is also not counting the problems I am sure to come across with Octane and larger scenes…) I really want to get a beta of the game situated in the next couple of months, but it really just depends on how much time I can find to work on it. (Interest and/or support helps too!)

EDIT 5/6: Added beastmen, cerberi, automatons to the poll choices.

RE-EDIT: So I am going to assume that me changing the poll choices somehow reset the votes… otherwise votes just doubled in less than 12 hours which is rather impressive. Also about half of the new votes were for the new choices, which is nice.