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RTL chapter five, “Tentacle Testing” complete!

Hey! I finished RTL chapter five in time; though just barely. Below are four preview images, two clean ones and two story ones. This set was a complete mess to make but overall I think it came out great. If the previous polls were accurate, most of you will love this new set. It features Zayla testing a new, magically boosted tentacle beast out on a poor pale elf that she recently acquired. The pale elf has average-sized breasts, (the smallest I have used I think?) which allegedly most of you want. Needless to say, the set mainly features tentacles, which the vast majority of you seemed to really want as well. It also features my first attempt at dual penetration and triple penetration; as seen in that one preview image down there.

The set is thirty images of tentacle fun, and will be sent out to appropriate patrons on Patreon each month until it’s exclusivity expires. As I have previously mentioned, there will be a special poll posted here sometime later this week, which will decide the contents of the next RTL image set as well as a Patreon poll to decide a part of next month’s mini-set. There will also be the free release of RTL chapter two in a few days as well. So definitely check back soon for those. On the note of polls, there was an odd last minute surge in votes in the current polls; which is great if it is legitimate, which it maybe seems to be?

Anyway, if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me and get early access to my normal image sets as well as all sorts of other goodies! Any and all support is appreciated and helps me afford new hardware/software to make my art better and faster! This means more and better scenes, which would be great for everyone.


RTL chapter five status update

Hi. I just thought I’d stop by and leave a quick update regarding my progress in the latest set. There were a bunch of weird weather problems here yesterday and multiple brown-outs prevented me from making much progress. I got much more done today, but final construction still has a day or so of work to do. The set looks like it will be finished sometime over the weekend, if I don’t go overboard again somehow.

Votes in the polls are still rather low which is weird, it would be nice if those could get some more votes before the start of next month. The poll results usually have at least some direct effect on future sets; so if you want to see more of something, votes really help that happen.

EDIT 6/26: I ended up putting more into these scenes than I initially intended again, it may be done over the weekend but will likely run into Monday/Tuesday. So after I wrote that, something went horribly wrong with the poser scene file and most of the scene got fucked up. I had to spend an hour or so trying to fix everything, and there is just no way anything else is getting done today. I would think this will definitely go into Monday now at least due to lost progress and having to fix everything.

UPDATE 6/28: Main scene construction is done, I just have to do the final renders/postwork now. I have made some extra time to make sure it gets done by the end of the month if at all possible, so it likely will be posted sometime Tuesday. This isn’t typical, but I had some awful real life issues on Fri/Sat to deal with and could make little progress, plus I lost much of the work I already did when all the figures in the scene got fucked up on Friday. Blame all the rigged tentacle figures that have hundreds of dials that can easily fuck up everything if just one gets auto-tweaked wrong. (Almost all of them had this happen on Friday.)

RTL chapter five early public preview!

Hi again. Here is the public preview for the upcoming RLA chapter five. This is the last setup chapter before all sorts of “battles” start happening in the next few chapters between the various main characters. The set takes place at Zayla’s underground lair/slave training farm near the inn that the last two sets took place at. As you can see in the preview below, Zayla is having fun playing with one of her newest acquisitions. The main scene in the set features an unlucky elf and a bunch of tentacles, which allegedly the vast majority of all of you really want to see. This set will likely get done late next week when more previews will be posted here. The set will then be sent to appropriate patrons on Patreon at the start of each month until the exclusivity wears out. I am still debating if I will extend this set to another scene or not; it will likely depend on when I get the main scene done. As always, nothing in the image here is final, but the general content is.

In other news keep voting in the polls, there is a fair way to go before these two catch up to the last two sets in votes. Check back for possible updates in this post on my progress or next week sometime for the final previews.


RTL chapter five base scene construction done.

Hey again. A quick status update; as the title indicates, today I finished the scene construction for RTL chapter five and tomorrow I will start making the actual images. I had a different plan in mind for this chapter, but decided to go with one thing that did very well in a recent poll and possibly another thing for the same reason if I have time.

On the topic of polls, nobody has really voted in the new polls that have been up for a few days now; and I have no idea why. There were close to 100 votes in the last two sets of polls, and the results help me know what people want to see, so votes would really be nice. If nobody votes, I just have to guess what people prefer and why. If you like my work and want to see it contain more of what you like, votes help do that. As I mentioned earlier, this upcoming set in particular was changed due to one or possibly two recent poll results, so it can make a direct difference. The special poll on my DA page also has very low votes if anyone wants to vote in that one too.

Anyway, the Patreon early set preview will be up in the next few days, the public early preview will likely be up over the weekend. The set itself will likely be done late next week depending on whether or not I stick to the primary plan for the set or work in the secondary plan.

EDIT 6/18: Patreon early preview posted, it will get posted here in a few days or so. According to a previous poll, most people really wanted to see this; so hopefully that is true.

First two June polls discussion, two new polls up now!

Hello again. As I said yesterday, the old polls are closed and two new polls are up now; one asks how you like my characters page, and the other asks your favorite type of sex scenario. These will be up until July first, so get voting on those. I am putting a break here since this post is larger than I thought it would be. If you want to see the previous poll results and my overview of them, click the read more tag below.

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First Salune Patreon mini-set finished!

Hey. Sorry this took so long but I have a new mini-set that will be sent out to appropriate patrons at the start of next month and it is TEN images. I made it over double the three to four images that I usually shoot for each month, and I think it’s real nice too. The mini-set features Salune (in her first mini-set) and one of Zayla’s numerous elven slave girls. Salune hasn’t seen this particular girl in almost six months, and something is a little different about her; but Salune is very excited to get to play with her again. The slave elf is really horny from the pregnancy and is reluctantly looking forward to the attention. (Not like she has any choice in the matter.) So if you want to see some futa elf x pregnant elf action, check out my Patreon page; Everything put forward helps me continue doing what I do and make more/better content.

According to the current poll, people really want to see futa stuff, so here you go. One preview image below, the rest stays on Patreon. I will change the polls tomorrow and go over the current poll results, so get in those last few votes!


6/9: Quick Status Update

Hey. Just a quick update, I have had various real life things to take care of, but tomorrow I plan to construct the Patreon mini-set for this month. I hope to have that done by the weekend (or over the weekend) so I can start construction of the main set of the month next week. In case anyone missed it the first time, I plan to have a special poll here next month; as well as a Patreon poll to decide the focus of next month’s mini-set. I am still deciding between a few options for this month’s main set, I will see which direction I end up going with it. Side note, the polls are going great so let’s keep that going. Always nice to see diversity.

Slave training game scene preview!

Hi again, big post here but I am going to leave it without a break because it has images. Quick notes first; I did some minor edits to the character page and ran through the site tags, I did a better job with the tags than I thought so I think they are good for now. (Don’t want to overdo it.) Also, the votes in the current polls are great so keep that up!

So here is an update a fair number of you have likely been looking forward to. I have yet to post anything solid here on the new site regarding the game that I am currently working on so here is an updated preview. The old previews are still on my old blog, but this is more up to date and features a more practical preview and octane renders. Below are two preview images for one scene in the game, nothing in the images is final; but it should give you all a better idea of what my plan is, along with the explanation. Some people have been doing searches on the new site for game related stuff and I really should have something here for that, so here it is!


The left image is the last dialogue line in the actual training scene, the right image is the results screen for the end of that training time slot. As you can see, training Salune in masturbation improves her shame and perversion skills right now. The amounts given to stats for each training is semi-random but adheres to a formula that is dependent on the training type and Salune’s skill levels relating to it. Higher stats usually means better training and better training raises stats faster.

In case you didn’t read my old preview or are a newcomer here, this is a little slave training game and the point of the game is to get all of Salune’s stats as high as possible within a set time limit. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though; some stats are harder to raise than others and certain trainings are very intense and will also lower some of Salune’s stats in addition to raising others. You have to try different things and figure out what will give you what you the most benefits. (Or you could just ignore the objective and do whatever you want to Salune. 0_0) There are also variations for each training which are shown depending on certain factors; this may be her personal stats, the number of times she has done a particular activity, your choice as the player, or even a random chance of something happening.

I want to put all kinds of cool stuff and options in the game but the more that goes into it, the longer it will take. Also as noted on the old blog, this is definitively a side project right now; my normal image sets and mini-sets take priority over working on this. As it stands, I just don’t have the time to do everything each month, especially when I keep making huge images sets when I shouldn’t; but if you want to support me on my Patreon page, ( that can change. More support there means that I have less other things that I need to do and more time to focus on everything related to this site. There will be another scene preview for the game up on Patreon in a month or two depending. Most of my patrons will get early access to the game whenever it is done; it will be released on Patreon a while before it is posted here. (Probably longer than a normal image set.) Also some patrons will have beta access to an early build of the game whenever I have enough done for that. I have no idea if/when the next preview for the game will be here, there is just no way to tell. At least now there is something on the new site in relation to the game, which is what I wanted. Hopefully you all like it; questions and comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.

Big monster poll discussion, new polls up now!

Alright, first of all this post will be huge so I am using a break here. Before that though, new polls are up now so vote in those too! One vote asks which porn situation you prefer to see and the other asks what your gender is, so I can have a better idea of who my work appeals to. These two polls will be up for two weeks. Votes in the last poll were the best so far by a lot and it would be great to keep that going. I will likely post again later this week with some kind of update, so check back for that also.

Two other things to note; first, next month (July) starts the free releases again, starting with RTL chapter 2 and going from there each month. Second, I have a plan for an extra special poll next month, so watch for that also. For now though, the big poll discussion is after the break here.

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