July polls review, new polls are up!

Hey. I put up two new polls, both relating to story this time. One asks how much sex and story you prefer in your adult comics, and the other asks how long you would prefer my story arcs be. For some context; the current story arc, Road to Lithorca, was planned to be around ten sets or so. It was also planned to be half story, half sex but it tipped into mostly sex with a bit of story after the first two chapters. (I thought that more exposition just wasn’t necessary after that.) So for the poll, think about how many non-sex pages (dialogue, story) you would want in a set and also how many sets total per arc.

As for the old polls; people seem to prefer huge adult VNs/games but there were also a good number of votes for average length and even small. Good to know, but huge games are just out of my league for now, small and normal are more reasonable/likely. in the other poll, people seemed to prefer Zayla’s bio which I figured would happen. Second place went to Karen, Third place was Lucia, and Fourth place was Helenya, and Fifth place was a tie between Salune and James. I am not at all surprised that Xan got no votes as his bio is small and vague for story reasons, plus he hasn’t really appeared in a major scene yet; I just put him in for completeness. I was fairly surprised that James got a vote; I figured that nobody would ever vote for one of the guys no matter how good the bio was, but it was nice to see that someone liked it. Considering that almost everyone else got a vote, it was surprising that Tabitha didn’t get any this time; but considering the other options it makes sense. Karen getting second place was also somewhat surprising for me; I had guessed Lucia or Helenya. I don’t have whys for any of these votes, so any attempts to explain who placed where would just be speculation. (If anyone wants to explain the reason for their vote in a comment, that would be great.) Regardless, it is really nice to know that the bios are read and appreciated.

Anyway, please vote in the new polls and I hope to post again in a few days with the free release of RTL chapter three; for now, I have a lot to work on.

EDIT 8/4: I had a good day today for the first time in quite a while; I managed to get the first half of the scene construction done. So things are looking better so far.

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