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October mini-set preview is here, and Happy Halloween!

Hey again! Sorry for the delay on this, I was going to post it all last night but I saw something in the mini-set preview that I had to fix – and decided to delay posting this to do so. (I did post the new Halloween image to my Slushe and DA pages last night though.) Happy Halloween everybody! (EDIT – 12/13: There are now TWO previews below!)

Anyways… I am sure you are all eager to see/hear what the new mini-set for the month contains; and I decided to go ahead and stick with the Halloween (ish) theme for the month and do one of the many things on my list of cool ideas to do mini-sets of. There is still one thing I wanted to fix in the preview, but I had to just post this now as I am basically out of time and I am also at the point where I am doing more harm than good by continuing to mess with it. I am quite pleased overall with how this came out though. I can’t quite recall if this is my darkest image set (mini or otherwise) to date or not – (in terms of content) but I think it must be pretty close if not. (In other words, this is kind of dark, and you were warned; though allegedly people preferred this type of stuff.) Not actually a huge fan of stuff this dark myself… but it’s Halloween, so I figured – fuck it.

This mini-set is a semi-spooky/horror themed one, featuring one of many new monstergirls that I have wanted to try out (people allegedly wanted these fairly bad) – a drider! The sexy drider in the preview below has brought a freshly captured female elf to her dark lair and is very eager to pump her full of eggs. πŸ™‚ She bites her prey and injects the elf with her special venom, which dramatically weakens muscles and dulls pain… but also greatly increases sensation – in order to let her feel every inch of the drider’s huge ovipositor as it fucks her mercilessly and fills the elf’s pussy and ass full of thick green goo and round eggs. The poor elf has both her holes fucked harder and stretched wider than she has ever felt before; so much so that she nearly loses her mind to the pleasure she experiences… mostly due to the pleasure-enhancing venom. Her prey is positively stuffed with eggs by the end of the night; at which point she is permanently webbed up and put aside as the lusty drider goes out to find more victims – and waits for her current batch of eggs to hatch.

I have no idea how many images this mini-set will end up being in total – there is still much left to do on it; but I will do the best I can, as always. (I am rather drained at the moment though… and I have the anniversary mini-set to do as well.) Whatever this ends up being in total, it will go out to appropriate patrons of mine sometime mid-next month. (I plan to try and get the anniversary mini-set done early next week and then come back and finish this.) As for the other previews, I will post those over the next few days, along with the new polls. I plan to take tomorrow off, as I am just fried at the moment – so I will likely be back in a day or two.

So… as usual – if anyone out there would like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; (like the new slave training game I have posted previews over the past few months) and/or perhaps even get access to several of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the other finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made. (The micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page, I am doing what I can on the new game with whatever time I can spare, but I have been quite busy this month from all kinds of stuff.) But anyways, check out my Patreon page!:

Status update: 10/23 – Mini-set renders done, new stuff soon.

Hi again. Sorry for the slight delay in posting this, but I am just so out of it after this past week. Long story semi-short, I finished the mini-set renders last night and finally sent that out – it came out to 27 renders total; and my patrons also get early access to a second preview from that. (It features the titjob bit, in case you couldn’t guess from what I said last post.) There are also one or two POV renders I threw in there just because… but I did manage to get all that I set out to do done in that mini-set; even if it wasn’t all that I perhaps had hoped to do at first. (Fairly standard.) It has a few less alternate angles than I have been including recently, mostly due to how long some of these renders took – but I still like how it came out despite the complications. However, I am just so drained and need a couple days before getting back to making stuff. (Again, I have had bad headaches literally every day for a week – and using most all my spare time to get these renders sorted just took whatever I had left.) I did post the new bit on my “Characters” page for Belle though, so check that out if that interests you.

My current plan is to push the fourth anniversary mini-set back a bit (likely early/mid next month) in hopes of getting the Halloween stuff done in/on time… but we will see how that plan even goes. (I wanted to try and get one render done today for the slushe Halloween contest, but I just don’t have enough creative juice left to do it at the moment.)Β  So expect the new DA/slushe stuff as well as the public preview for this month’s new mini-set sometime in the next week… probably over the weekend or later. There will also likely be one/two new previews posted here a bit after that… such as that second preview from the mini-set I just sent out that I mentioned above, and the new event preview from my new game that I posted to Patrons last month.

Also worth noting, is that there is about a week left in my assorted limited time offers/promotions; which is to say, the one my Patreon page as well as the commission sale – so definitely check those out if you think you may be interested in supporting me/my work! [] I am also considering what to do with the trivia/scavenger hunt contest; I may just take it down and end it early next month, since nobody really seems interested… which I am still fairly surprised at. (Half the answers are on one page, it would take like… 30 minutes to complete if you actually tried.)

Status update: 10/17

Hey. Things have been going rather slow with the mini-set… mostly due to the fancy lighting I was using – some of these images have been among (if not the) slowest I have ever let render. I am doing all that I can at this point… but since I only have the one render machine, there really isn’t much else to be done. Combine that with this weather bomb crap that is currently going on in the Northeastern US, and I am just not doing great at the moment. (I get bad migraines from weather spikes like this… and I can’t do much right now; nothing I can do about this.) I hope to get all the remaining renders done by early next week now – but there is no way to know whether or not that will work out. I may just take longer to finish it, as I do really like what I have so far – and I hate to compromise the set due to time constraints… we will just have to see what happens over the weekend. (EDIT 10/20: It will be at least another day… I have had migraines for almost a week straight now from the weather – which has really limited what work I can do… and I just cannot finish this today; I hope to get it done tomorrow or maybe even Tuesday – we will see. I also plan to post a second public preview of this a bit later… and for what it is worth, I think this is the best titjob scene I have done so far. :D)

So… taking all that into account, I did take a couple hours off from rendering the mini-set to render another image that I had prepared earlier this month – and posted it on my slushe page. You should definitely check that out… it features Zayla and Salune. I hope to have the other new side images for the month ready in time for Halloween… but I might have to bump the anniversary mini-set back behind those in order to make that happen. (Which I think will work out fine – there is no time limit on that; but I do want/need the Halloween images ready in time.)

Otherwise, check out the commission sale, the contest, my patreon page, my other social media pages – such as my new twitter page… and the polls on the right really could use more votes. I will be back as soon as I can be next week; and hopefully I will have the mini-set done by then.

It is done… Mini-set master catalog now available!

Hi again. I just came by to let you all know that I went ahead and finished the mini-set master catalog! It is here: [] This page currently has all 60 of my current finished mini-sets on it – with a concise description, image count, major content tags, any previews, as well as links to the original post and the applicable gumroad page(s)! (I wanted this page to be short and to the point… but I may add/adjust things later if need be.)

It was actually very shocking and/or awkward to go through all of these… and see how much things have changed over the years; and it also made me even more aware of my recent skill/quality increase. (This is to be expected I guess… but still; your recent work really looks so much better after going through everything you have ever done.) I admit some of the content tagging on the old mini-sets could be a bit better… either due to missing tags or just things I didn’t think would be enough of a thing to tag back at the time. (There may also be a few minor errors in there somewhere… as the page is brand new and I am too tired to check though all of it again; but I will double check it in a week or two.) This was very draining to do, but it really needed to be done… and I am actually quite happy with how it turned out; so hopefully this helps you all easily browse/navigate my many mini-sets! πŸ˜€

Anyway… if anyone wants to check out the catalog and/or possibly throw some support my way by buying something, that would be great; all the links redirect to gumroad, [] so it is all secure and whatnot. (I can’t afford an SSL certificate for this site, and my hosting does not support the free SSL stuff… I checked.) The more recent mini-sets are still available via my Patreon page, so those are listed on there but not yet available for individual purchase. (I also give out coupons for my gumroad shop to Patreon patrons – of varying discounts.) My most recent mini-set is not on there yet as it is not finished. Obligatory Patreon link: []

I will be back with an update of some sort next week sometime… in the mean time, please check out my new catalog, the polls on the right, and/or my other pages in the meantime!

New mini-sets added to gumroad, twitter page!

Hey again. As the title mentions, I just posted a couple new mini-sets onto my gumroad page, here: []. So that should be all caught up now, in terms of mini-sets that will not be available this month; it now includes everything up to the sci-fi/fantasy combo mini-set. (Sorry for the slight delay on posting those, I kind of forgot; as I have been real busy all around – I did also make a couple small fixes to a couple of the listings.) Oh, and I have no idea why gumroad seems to have issues sorting the items on my store page – I have tried to fix it multiple times, but gumroad just wants my stuff in a random order… so that is how it will be. (I do still plan to make the mini-set catalog here as soon as I can, but I think I have a full docket this month as it is… we will see.)

Also, I now have a twitter page! Here: [] For anyone who uses that, please like/follow/retweet if you can – anything would be helpful. πŸ™‚ I will try to post on that as close as I can to once a day… and do a retweet or two now and then – but who knows how that will work out. (It won’t all be art, there will likely be some random updates or something… we will see how it goes; I am very new to this.) My pixiv page is also coming along nicely – so hopefully more people will see my work!

As for other things – I have several new images for the month planned out already, (New DA/Slushe images are scheduled to be done this month… and I really want to be on time for once due to Halloween.) and I am working on the plan for the anniversary mini-set with Lucia. (I am currently conflicted between two major ideas for it.) However, I am still midway through the renders for the mini-set with Belle and James – and that will likely be another week just to finish that, knowing how these things tend to go with redos and whatever. I did send out the rewards to my $8 patrons already though… as those will not change, and there was at least one new patron that I did not want to make wait for something that did not even apply to them,

All in all, this month should be quite interesting… so please vote in the polls on the right and check back soon!

Fifth anniversary poll results – and new polls are up.

Hi there. I am back once again with the results from the polls from last month, including the fifth anniversary poll. The anniversary mini-set poll got five votes in total – with a near three way tie; but Tabitha and Lucia both got two votes, and Karen got one. As it was a tie, I have to break it myself – so I will pick Lucia. (I have a weakness/fondness for catgirls.) πŸ˜€ As for the size of the mini-set, it will at least be a little more than last years… but we will have to see how it ends up. Thanks to everyone who voted in that. I will get to that when I can a bit later this month; I have to finish the new mini-set renders first. Whenever the new anniversary mini-set does get done, I will post it here for everyone as always. As for the other poll last month; the only votes cast either said the new cum look from the mini-set 60 preview was ok, or that they loved it – which confirms that I am basically sticking with this new cum look unless something else is called for in… unusual circumstances. (I thought it was an improvement.)

As for the new polls, there are three this time around! The first poll asks how your real life preferences stack up against your porn preferences, the second poll asks if you still view content that does not feature your favorite character/fetish, and the last poll asks what your gender is. (The last two are returning old polls, just to see how things have changed.) Please vote in these polls and let me know how things are out there – it all helps me understand my audience. πŸ˜€

In other news, I did post a new early preview from one of the other events in my new game for my Patreon patrons. I really like this new one, and I have no idea when it will get posted publicly – but maybe next month or December sometime. However, you can see that and far more right now on my Patreon page if you want to help support me and my assorted work! Otherwise, I will be back in a week or so with some sort of update… I want to make new DA stuff on time this month – for Halloween. (I have apparently been fairly good about making Halloween/Xmas renders for the past few years.)

In regard to the new game, I still have a ton of coding/writing to do… which is very draining – and I don’t have much time at the moment to work on it too much, with all the anniversary stuff going on – but I will continue to do what I can. (I keep having weird major issues pop up every couple of months somehow, just to take up more of my spare time.) We will just have to see what happens this month… there may even be some other surprise in store a bit later on – maybe soon, maybe a ways off; I am not even certain yet, but I am seriously considering one or two other special things for October. (It will mostly depend on my time/morale.) I do also want to make that mini-set catalog page for the site here sometime soon… but I have to see when I can work that in; that will be a fair bit of work, depending on how far I go with it. So… please check out my other pages, vote in those polls, and check out the assorted freely released content up top if you haven’t already – I will be back soon. πŸ™‚