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Hey again. I finally got around to finishing this other page with more information about the world and lore (and assorted groups/races) from my assorted works! Below are some quick links to major sections; and as before this all may be added to and/or edited later. I hope those who read it, like it. 😀

Lithorca Information

Slavery Rules/Trends

The Human Kingdom

The Elven Kingdom

The Dwarven Kingdom

The Nubiric Kingdom

The Beastmen Tribes

The Orcish Tribes

The Dark Elven Empire

The Demonic Realm


Lithorca Information:

Lithorca is the western-most city of the Human Kingdom; and lies on the sea on the opposite side of the Nubiric Kingdom, which is far to the west. It was once the second largest and wealthiest city in the Human Kingdom… and much greater than it currently is, and the primary reason for things going so far downhill is that the Nubiric Kingdom had banned all sea trade and travel – leaving Lithorca without it’s primary trading partner. Around a quarter of the city is now abandoned – primarily because less than a quarter of the original docks district is still in use and/or safe for most people.

The poorest parts of the city are the abandoned areas – generally called the “Far Docks” since that is how they were usually abandoned; the farther out from the main street the docks were, the earlier they usually were left to rot. This area is effectively lawless – with bandits and pirates constantly fighting over what scraps remain; with the occasional beastman and/or goblin attack at night. There are also countless abandoned half-elf slaves that wander the less dangerous areas of the Far Docks, looking for food and sex to sustain them. This are is exceedingly dangerous – especially for women; and rape and kidnappings are very common… an attractive woman that cannot defend herself and/or doesn’t have an escort will almost certainly be preyed upon within an hour – and likely never seen again. These trespassers (and sometimes the more attractive half-elves) are usually taken by the local gangs to use as breeding slaves; (to help keep their numbers up) and also to be used as fuck toys by their soldiers when they have nothing better to do – which is most of the time. Unless the woman is particularly valuable or well liked, any rescue is highly unlikely; though they may be captured/stolen by a rival gang, there is no real hope of escape once captured.

The middle area of town is the Merchant District, where all the shops and trading goes on. This is also where most of the guild-houses and important civic buildings are located; including the city library, the courthouse, and the primary auction house for slaves. (The Adventurer’s Guildhouse is also located here.) This is where almost all of the money that changes hands in the city goes through; for one reason or another. The large assortment of trade goods and craftsmen in the city has remained fairly steady, despite the decline in sea trade; and so Lithorca is still getting by. Almost anything you could want is available here for the right price; from furniture to high quality steel swords – and even things as rare as a beautiful virgin elf. The small number of functioning docks are also counted as a part of this district now; since the old docks district is about 3/4 abandoned at this point. This also includes some of the older and more well known brothels in the city, such as the famous Pink Butterfly; which has some of the most beautiful and sensual girls in the whole city… and isn’t even that expensive, considering.

The largest remaining area of the city is the Hearth District; where the majority of the people in the city live. There are also many smaller shops in this area; both official and… unofficial. This district has also shrunk since it was originally built; with around a fifth of it’s original area now abandoned and/or claimed by the gangs in the Far Docks. (The parts of this district that are closest to the far docks are the abandoned/occupied areas.) As there are still many unoccupied residences in the district, nobody particularly cares that some areas near the dangerous part of the city have been claimed by the bandits; as nobody wanted to live there anyway due to the obvious danger. (Most of the bunkhouses/lodgings that the homeless half-elves use are also in this reclaimed area.)

In the center of the Hearth District is the Temple of the Goddess; which was built here to keep it away from the ‘corruption’ of the Merchant District… and it is easily the busiest part of the district. There is a constant stream of people coming and going at all hours of the day; including worshipers, priestesses, workers, soldiers, and even pregnant half-elves that come here to give birth. This is because this is also where the largest orphanage in town is – the “Goddess’ Mercy”; is located right on the side of the temple. This orphanage was once almost unused when Lithorca was at it’s peak… but since the decline of the city, it is has had to expand several times now just to keep up with all the unwanted/abandoned children; most of which are from the half-elves that live on the edge of the district. The temples provides them with food on occasion; just enough to keep them alive – but the half-elves have to wander the Far Docks to find normal sustenance… and generally have a lot of sex each day – either willing or not. This leads the female half-elves to be in a near-constant state of pregnancy; and once they give birth, they obviously cannot care or provide for the children that survive – and so they have to give them to the orphanage. Many of these orphans are at least fully human – and so they can look forward to a better life than the one their mothers had – by getting some actual job; but some of them grow up to live just like their mothers… and occasionally live right alongside them, unknowingly. It is far more common than you would think for several of the pregnant half-elves living in the old bunkhouses to be siblings, mother and daughter, or perhaps even lovers; and have no idea that they are related.

The richest part of Lithorca is the Noble Quarter (there used to be four main areas before the dock quarter was abandoned) – which is obviously where most all the nobles in and around the city reside. The duchess who governs the city also lives here; in a lavish and secretive estate in the center of the district – that few non-noble people have ever been inside of. (Other than her servants, of course.) Though it is called the Noble Quarter, less than a hundred of the people living here are actual nobles – the overwhelming majority of the residents are slaves and/or servants of the nobles; who do everything from cooking and cleaning to assorted night services. For a normal noble family of four or five, is is not unusual for them to have over a dozen servants; possibly more depending on the family.

Unknown to most people, there are also extensive ruins and catacombs under most of the city; belonging to a much older city that once sat there. Some beastmen, goblins, and even other creatures have taken up secretive residences down here… and there has also been a recent new arrival that plans to take much of these catacombs for herself. The ruins have assorted exits all over the city; both intentional and unintentional – and whoever controls much of that would in fact have a significant asset on their side… so long as they did not draw too much attention.

One other thing of note is that the city guard is rather biased in favor of the nobles, and effectively corrupt. It is common to see city guards simply walk by a commoner being robbed and/or assaulted simply because a noble is paying them to accompany them on a shopping trip; and of course most nobles could care less about the poorer folk. Due to much of this, one of the major crimes in the city is thievery; and stealing from a noble house could easily get you in major trouble… if you got caught – and if you couldn’t bribe the guards. (Also a very common occurrence.) Another major concern for the city guard is whenever someone assaults or steals a slave; especially if they steal them from a noble household. (Or if they run away.) The guards don’t go around harassing most people or anything quite so bad; they just don’t care enough to bother with them in most cases.

Effectively the only way to get the city guard to help average people is to either pay them or make such a fuss that they basically have no choice but to deal with whatever the problem is. Despite this, they do keep the main parts of the city relatively safe; and the danger/fighting usually stays in the Far Docks and/or outside the city walls. The city guard have their priorities: the nobles and their property come first, then the temple and it’s priestesses, then the major merchants and their assorted businesses, and finally – the good brothels… and the beautiful girls who work there; although they tend to to focus on the first and last items in that list most of the time – for obvious reasons. This leads most people to hire the Adventurer’s guild or something similar to deal with lesser problems that are not enough to garner the attention of the city guards… which leads to a lot of jobs for the guilds.

Slavery Rules/Trends:

Slavery is fairly common in all remaining realms, except the kingdom of the forest elves. As one would expect, slaves are generally used for sexual service; with manual labor a fairly distant second. Different races of slaves are used for different tasks; for example, elven slaves are used almost exclusively for sexual service – whereas human slaves are generally used for manual labor. The rarer and more expensive the slave, the better they are usually treated; with half-elves being lowest on the ranking – as they are generally not considered to even be worth the food they would eat. (You could just go to a brothel for the cost of the food, and get far better service… and no children.)

Slaves come from various sources depending on their race; human slaves are generally captured bandits or poor people sold/claimed to cover debts, elven slaves are either captured elves from the last war or simply the children of existing elven slaves (usually from slave breeders), and half-elves are usually the result of the constant breeding between elven slaves and their human owners. This explains why there are so many half-elf slaves around that nobody wants… and that most slave houses won’t even bother keeping. Nobody wants to bother buying a half-elf when you can do better for not much more and they usually have no special skills… the best case scenario is someone buying them for a few copper coins, fucking them senseless for a couple weeks, and then throwing them out on the streets when they get bored of them and/or once they get pregnant.

As elven slaves are so prized, and because most slaves are used for sex; slave trainers and breeders are a big business and very lucrative in most areas. These trainers and breeders used all sorts of methods and tactics to conduct their business… ranging from compassionate to simply cruel. The best breeders let their elves live at an inn that they were not allowed to leave; letting them have their own rooms and breed at their own pace and one their own terms… so long as the women stayed pregnant, that was all they really cared about. Middle quality slave breeders effectively had their girls work as unpaid prostitutes – after making sure they were pregnant with an elven child, they let anyone nearby fuck them quite cheaply to help make money; and the girls never saw any of it as they were the property of the owner… as were any children they had. The lowest quality slave breeders treated their girls like livestock; forcing them to live naked and chained up in barns… and be constantly fucked by whoever wanted them – until they eventually gave birth on a pile of hay. Slave trainers were a similar scenario; good slave trainers would be methodical and careful in sexually training their slaves – but a bad slave trainer would just have them raped until they broke, and sell them as a cheap breeding whore. The majority of slave breeders/trainers focused on elves – as humans and half-elves were usually not really worth the time or effort, and anything rarer than a regular elf was very hard to even get one of; let alone enough to start a breeding operation.

There are of course those throughout the land that oppose slavery in any form – and have dedicated themselves to fighting it… usually in secret; as it is legal everywhere except within the Forest Elf Kingdom. These people do their best to free slaves that are being abused and find homes for slaves that have already escaped. Somewhat ironically, and despite them having good intentions – these individuals are considered to be some of the worst outlaws in the human kingdom; for stealing lawful property and interfering with legitimate business.

The Human Kingdom:

The Human Kingdom is one of the larger realms in existence; at least in terms of surface dwellers. The Kingdom itself once had several different names; as it was renamed for each king it had centuries ago – however, everyone simply kept referring to it as “The Human Kingdom”… and so the older names were abandoned in favor of the one everyone used anyway. The Human Kingdom is mostly made up of large, flat expanses of grassy fields and small wooded areas that are broken up by the occasional hill or small mountain. As the largest Kingdom in the eastern realm, there are around a hundred small towns and a dozen or so large cities that make up the majority of the Kingdom. The capitol is located effectively in the center – with Lithorca on the coast far to the west and Eternawood Forest to the east. To the north are the Wild Plains of the Orcs and Beastmen, and to the south are the Frozen wastes… which house the Dark Elves somewhere deep underneath it’s seemingly empty expanses. To the northeast lie the Iron Mountains – former home of the Humans’ longtime dwarven allies.

Things in the Human Kingdom have remained relatively stable throughout the current King’s 45 year reign… and despite him not appearing much in public for the past fifteen years or so. His queen died back around that time – and the King appeared rather depressed about this for quite a long time. His wife bore him two sons and a daughter; and his sons do what they can to rule the kingdom in their father’s effective absence – but they are not technically in charge yet. The princess, on the other hand – has never freely been able to leave the castle without a large escort; and longs to see the rest of the world that she is told about by her servants… and experience the things that she reads about in her books.

While the King technically rules the Human Kingdom, the barons and baronesses that rule over the individual cities and outlying areas wield a great deal of power over their respective land. Especially in the far off cities, like Lithorca – the ruling nobles can effectively do whatever they want so long as no royal officials are known to be visiting. This of course leads to all sorts of local problems with the nobility… but these things usually work themselves out – one way or another. In the smaller towns, the people are pretty much left to handle things themselves; electing mayors and such to deal with small problems where no noble cares to step in. This also leads to many gangs of bandits and the like in the outer areas of the kingdom – where there is less of a royal or military prescience.

Within human society, there are assorted issues that persist; such as the remaining racial hatred of the elves for the two Elven Wars decades earlier. This is the main reason elven slaves are so numerous in the kingdom – and why most humans view elves as lesser than them. (Ironically, dwarves on the other hand are now met with a sort of reverence and respect; as they have been longtime allies of the Humans and there are so few left.) Several major human noble families trace bits of elven blood in their lineage, generally making them very attractive – which until the wars was a source of great pride; is now a huge problem for them and an immense shame. There is nothing they can do about this of course – but it does not stop the other ‘pure’ nobles from looking down on them. There are even rumors of a few half-elf or even full elf nobles that exist somewhere in the kingdom… though no one can cite any examples. Despite them not being fully human, there was technically nothing wrong with a noble belonging to another race; it was only really a problem when dealing with others… and it almost always was due to lingering bad blood between the Humans and the Forest Elves.

The Forest Elf Kingdom:

The Forest Elf Kingdom is rarely seen by anyone other than the Forest Elves anymore – as it now resides entirely within the magical Eternawood Forest east of the Human Kingdom. The forest seems to go on as far as the eye can see; and repels most non-elves that enter by leading them in circles until they turn and return home. The actual Kingdom is mostly one large city – the capitol,  Munoria; there are a few other small cities around the forest – but 80% of the elves in the forest live in the capitol. Munoria is enormous, larger than the Human, Nubiric, and Dwarven capitols combined; it stretches for miles and has multiple levels – both above and below  ground. Magic is abundant, as is all sorts of natural machinery; such as windmills and waterwheels – but no ‘black’ machinery (coal furnaces, etc.) is generally allowed. Slavery is also forbidden; people who do not know this and enter the Kingdom with slaves usually have them stripped upon their initial arrival.

Until a few decades ago, some forest elves lived outside of Eternawood Forest – both right outside and even a little ways out; but they soon came into conflict with the human settlements in the area. This minor conflict over natural resources led to small fights and eventually evolved into the two “Elven Wars”… though the second was never officially conducted or endorsed by the Elven Kingdom. The first war was a full on fight over the areas surrounding Eternawood Forest; and while the Humans and Elves were evenly matched at first, the Dwarves came to the aid of the Humans and their combined might ended up winning. The Elven King was killed in the fighting, and his Queen surrendered herself to the Human King in exchange for sparing the rest of her people; and the lands outside Eternawood were now considered to be human property. Many elves were also taken prisoner and/or sold as slaves – both captured villagers and soldiers; these elves spawned most of the elven slaves that exist all over the Human Kingdom to this very day… and many of the original elves are still alive – and some are still having children.

Her oldest daughter then became the Queen, and she did her best to rebuild after the war; but many elves in the kingdom felt that she was far too forgiving dismissive of what happened – and they took it upon themselves to try and regain their honor. Several elven generals and their soldiers rebelled; leaving Eternawood Forest and attacking several nearby human towns – killing hundreds and destroying several towns entirely. The Human Kingdom responded in force, striking back hard and pushed the rebellious elves back into a pass near the Iron Mountains, where their Dwarven allies were waiting – eventually trapping and killing most of them; and capturing the rest. It was only months after this triumph that the great tragedy befell the Dwarven Kingdom… and some suspect the two events might even be related.

The Dwarven Kingdom:

Easily the most tragic story of all the recent kingdoms – the Dwarven kingdom is thought to have realistically ended about thirty years ago; when something under the largest of the three Iron Mountains exploded a few months after the end of the Second Elven War- and caused all the known entrances to the Dwarven kingdom to collapse. The human king immediately set out to try and assist them as soon as the news reached him, but after circling the mountains for two weeks there was still no sign that anyone other than a few of the perimeter guards and some passers-by had survived. An excavation and/or rescue was deemed too dangerous; as it was thought that if any dwarves had survived, any attempt to reach them by the humans might get them killed by causing further cave-ins. The human king had hoped that the dwarves would dig their way out in the months to come, and left several scouts around the Iron Mountains for a full year; but no sign of life ever came from within. The Iron Mountains now lie dormant, between the Human Kingdom, Wild Plains where the Beastmen and the Orcs live, and the great Eternawood Forest – a great monument to what is presumed to be an effectively lost people. No one knows exactly what happened to the Dwarven Kingdom – but many scholars suspect that the elven rebels that were beaten only a few months earlier (and right nearby) are likely somehow responsible – assuming that it was not just some tragic accident.

Of course, several hundred dwarves were elsewhere when this catastrophe happened – and so there are still some dwarves left; but not organized or grouped enough to call them a ‘kingdom’ anymore. As such, dwarven smiths and equipment is extremely sought after and rare these days; one could buy several dozen very high quality elven whores for the price of one mediocre dwarven smith. The dwarves were (and still are) considered the masters of metalworking; and only the best human smiths can rival their crafting skills with iron and steel. The high end dwarf smiths can effectively ask for anything in exchange for their services; as their skills are generally unrivaled and very, very limited now. Interestingly, dwarven women are also highly prized and valuable these days; if only because of their rarity and desirability among dwarven smiths… as even the orcs and beastmen tended to not take dwarven women back when given the chance.

The Nubiric Kingdom:

The Nubiric Kingdom has been cut off from the rest of the known world for almost 20 years now; as the queen banned all trade and transport across the sea. The capital of the Nubiric kingdom, Nubira – lies on the opposite end of the sea as Lithorca – and was it’s primary trading partner before the trade and travel ban. The Nubiric Kingdom itself is a fascinating place, where brown-skinned humans and elves live side by side; not paying nearly as much attention to race as they do across the sea, in either the Human or Elven Kingdoms. It is a mostly desert region comprised of a few smaller cities around the rather large capital, with pockets of green around; the largest of which is within in the capital itself – which was created by the queen using magic. Nubira itself is the second largest city known to still exist – second only to Munoria, the Forest Elf capitol. The current queen has ruled for almost fifty years now… and done a great deal to make her Kingdom self-sufficient and more powerful.

This is not to say that the queen is a caring or thoughtful person; she only did these things as a public show of her power and/or to consolidate her rule. Unlike the eastern kingdoms, there are effectively no nobles or anything of the sort; everyone lives under the queen and is considered to be significantly beneath her – she is effectively a living goddess. She has gone to great lengths to see that her beauty and power are unequaled in her realm; most even think she has gone (way) too far – but could never say so openly. On occasion, the queen is known to have women she considered ‘too beautiful publicly raped and beaten; both as a show of her power and to ensure that none could rival her godly beauty. Despite being nearly seventy years old, the queen could easily be mistaken for a (particularly good looking) woman in her mid thirties – though none are quite sure how she has accomplished this… and of course, none dare ask her directly – as they would surely be executed. (Likely not even by the royal guards, as the Queen herself is a strong mage that can light people on fire just by waving her hand.)

Behind closed doors, it is said that the queen is (and always has been) a complete and total whore; spending nearly all her time having lavish orgies and parties – it is even alleged that she fucks her entire royal guard (over two hundred men – just in her palace alone) every single day. Despite her constant daily couplings, the queen only ever had one child; and no one has seen the princess for decades now… the public fears for her safety – and yet the queen has refused to even speak of her since her disappearance. There have been hundreds other disappearances since long before then (as well as after) – but none nearly as significant or noticeable. The queen is still fairly active in public despite her theoretical age… and takes part in many major city events such as important festivals, parades, and/or the occasional feast. Some residents of Nubira say that the queen also travels her city some evenings… looking for handsome men to bring back to her palace to fuck; and given her supreme position in their society, none could ever refuse her if she wanted them – stranger still, many allege that these men never return to their old lives. Many of them immediately join the royal guard… and others take up lesser jobs in the palace – seemingly to be closer to the queen; but some simply vanish without a trace.

Unfortunately, there are no groups or individuals left that would or could look into the various disappearances; let alone consider demanding assistance/interest in it from the Palace. The queen banned all combat-oriented guilds and large organizations back near the start of her reign; the only exceptions being simple trade guilds, slaver guilds, and prostitution rings. So no groups like the Adventurer’s Guild or even the Mage Guild exist in the Nubiric Kingdom… only groups of traders, slavery rings, and brothel chains. Despite the problems, the Nubiric Kingdom has thrived under the current queen; though none are quite sure how or why anymore – especially given the near total lack of trade for almost 20 years now. Occasionally, small delegations are sent out to acquire rare items for the queen; or to refill dwindling stocks of certain supplies… but these groups are usually comprised almost entirely of extremely loyal royal soldiers and officials – who rarely give attention to anything other than their given assignment. Other than the rare Nubiric person who simply left home before the travel ban, this is the most that people usually see of the Nubiric Kingdom in the eastern realm nowadays.

The Beastmen Tribes:

Much like the Orcs, the Beastmen Tribes are a shadow of their former selves; where there were once tens of thousands of them – there are now barely a few thousand if you count all types. Their numbers thinned hundreds of years back in assorted wars – both with the Orcs and then with the Human/Dwarven alliance. The most famous tribe left is of course the Catgirl Tribe – so called due to the obscene rarity of males; and much like the Wolfmen, they rely on outsiders to repopulate. With the possible exception of catgirls, the beastmen are still widely hated and are usually attacked on sight by humans or elves – and so they tend to live in secluded/secret areas and go out only at night when they can.

The Catgirl Tribe are the only type of ‘beastmen’ that other ‘normal’ races tend to accept; mostly because of their cute and cuddly nature… and the fact that they don’t go around raping and murdering people like the male beastmen tend to. For whatever reason, the Catgirl Tribe has been cursed with very low fertility for many generations now; to the point where their numbers are only a few hundred. No one is certain of the cause of the catgirl’s infertility; and many ceremonies and sacrifices have been conducted over the centuries – none appearing to have any real effect. The Tribe is technically ruled by the High Priestess and her council of elders… but they rarely have much to do; as the tribe is generally left alone by outside groups and other beastmen tribes – and the catgirls left at home that are not taking care of the children generally spend their time napping, playing, or fucking. The children are raised at home until they are considered fully trained adults, and sent out into the world as gather/breeders for the tribe; to bring back materials, money, rare items, and/or children. Any children that a young catgirl has are brought back home to the tribe and given over to be raised communally; it is very rare for a catgirl to be raised by, or even really know her mother. (Catgirls can generally only give birth to more catgirls – regardless of the father; unless they have the one-in-a-million catboy.)

Very rarely, a catgirl is born that has ‘normal’ fertility; (this is thoroughly tested for in their ‘trials’ before any leave home) and these catgirls are treated as living deities among their people. They are expected (and forced) to live their entire lives never leaving home; having constant sex and living in a near constant state of pregnancy – just to try and keep the Tribe’s numbers up. An average catgirl may have one or two children in their life if they are lucky; but a fertile one might have over a hundred. (Multiple children per birth used to be very common among catgirls.) These fertile catgirls are fiercely protected and prized; and they can basically ask for whatever they want within reason for their continued… ‘service’. (This usually includes fancy foods and exotic males to mate with.) This life/role is considered to be an immense and important honor; although the catgirls who have this life generally tire of it very quickly.

Since the Catgirl Tribe is effectively solely female, catgirls tend to almost always be bisexual; even though a very strong importance is placed on mating and having children. (Most catgirls never even see a man until their ‘trials’ right before they leave the Tribe as an adult – as a gatherer/breeder… and so they really only know how to love and please other women until that point.) Once they get to the point where they can no longer realistically function as a gatherer/breeder – usually around 45 or so; they return home to help raise the tribe’s children and take care of simpler matters at home. The catgirls who bring home particularly valuable items or have many children are also put on the council of elders… and may even be chosen as the next High Priestess – if there are no fertile catgirls to take on the role.

There are other scattered Beastmen Tribes around, such as the Lizardmen and the Wolfmen… and even the Minotaurs far to the north; (as well as many lesser ones) but they are rarely seen outside certain areas that they are known to inhabit – and generally forgotten about by anyone that does not live nearby. One would also pity any woman caught by these beastmen; as they require outside females to perpetuate their species – and so they constantly search for new women to take as breeding slaves. The other Beastmen Tribes are effectively the opposite of the Catgirl Tribe; they are mostly male and send out warriors to find new women to bring home and fuck – as females of their species are very rare. Much like the Catgirls, any pregnancy resulting from a coupling involving a beastman – will always result in a corresponding beastman child; regardless of the mother’s race.. with a few very rare exceptions.

For some reason, being captured by the Wolfmen is considered to be one of the worse fates a woman can face; it is though of as even worse than being taken by the orcs or goblins. This is probably because the Wolfmen are just as sexual as the Catgirls are – and breeding slaves are not particularly numerous and very thoroughly used… they live a life of constant sex and pregnancy – they are fucked and having pups so much of the time that they are often unable to sleep. Most breeding slaves the Wolfmen have are used several hundred times each day – regardless of their pregnancy status. These beastmen are of course fought by the locals when they attack to steal and/or kidnap women – which causes their numbers to drop, and make them try even harder to get new females… and the cycle just goes on.

The Orcish Tribes:

Easily the dumbest of all the ‘kingdoms’ – the decline of the Orcish Horde was essentially their own doing. At one point, several hundred years ago – the Orcs were poised to take over most all the eastern kingdom; and the Humans and Dwarves were forced to ally with the Forest Elves to fight them back. This of course was not at all expected by the Orc chieftain at the time, and the two pronged attack caused catastrophic casualties among the Orcs… nearly two thirds of the men were killed, including the chieftain.

This was only the start of their troubles though, as a power struggle began as soon as the old chieftain died; as many wanted to replace him. Within a year, what was left of the Orcish horde was fighting itself, split into a handful of candidates and small armies – fighting to rule over what was left; while at the same time dramatically weakening it and making everything much worse – all while the allied forces of the humans, dwarves, and elves were fighting them. After three months of chaos in the Orcish ranks, the allied forces decided to pull back and just let the orcs finish themselves off; as the Orcish lands had nothing of note that anyone wanted in them, and any further effort on their part was basically a waste. In the end, one of the hopeful chieftains did win and take over; but he was challenged and killed within a month. The Orcish Tribes have been in a general state of turmoil since; with assorted temporary chieftains popping up and being killed usually within the year. This was the fate of the Orcs, at least until the most recent chieftain came along – a female who assumed power by literally ripping the cock off of her predecessor… and then chopping his head off.

Under her leadership, the Orcish Tribes have had the longest and most comfortable period of stability that they have had in centuries. (Seven years and counting.) Other than a few minor leadership/structure changes, such as her having a dozen of elite males to guard and please her – no major changes are noticeable to any but the most cultured and traditional of Orcs; things are as close to how they once were as they have been in years. There are still occasional Orcish raiding parties that attack small settlements near their lands – that sometimes kidnap women to breed; but these attacks are never significant or substantial enough to warrant any serious response from the major cities nearby. It is also not unheard of to see the occasional orc outside of the Orcish lands – in rare cases even in the employ of a human; as some Orcs turned away from their traditions and people when things got really bad decades ago.

The Dark Elven Empire:

The Dark Elven Empire is mostly underground, with a few settlements in strange magical areas accessed by portals – and even one on the surface. They were once as numerous as the Forest Elves – though they now have less then half their numbers. The Dark Elves are a very strictly Matriarchal society; where men are quite literally though of as second class citizens compared to women – and all live under the absolute rule of the Empress. (Disregarding family ties, a random Dark Elf male is considered to be only slightly more valuable than a much loved female slave – regardless of her race or ancestry; and slaves of other races are treated as basically expendable.) Most Dark elves consider their livestock to be more valuable to them than most of their slaves; which is perhaps why slaves in Dark Elven lands face some of the worst conditions known. (As a small side note, it is rather frowned upon to take other Dark Elves as slaves within the Empire… either male or female – for many reasons.)  It is fairly common for newly acquired slaves to be killed by their mistresses if they fail to please them and/or show too much resistance to their new owners.

There are around thirty major Dark Elven families that control Dark Elven society beyond the Empress’s direct rule – the hierarchy of which is decided strictly by their wealth and raw power. Everything in a family is passed from mother to the eldest living daughter – with exceedingly rare exceptions. A mature Dark Elven Woman (400+ years) with no daughters is considered to be a total societal failure and endangering their family line – such things are of course very rare… but are usually the cause of inheritances being transferred to another sister by the Empress. Most Dark Elven women have several children before they turn 300 just to be safe… and usually try to have at least three daughters; if only to do what is expected of them to keep their race’s numbers up. Due to the extreme amount of sex most Dark Elf females have every single day… having enough children usually proves to be no real issue; though female children are obviously far more favored than males.

For assorted reasons, the Dark Elves are a very sexual people; and their skills at all sorts of erotic activities are legendary – rivaled only by the demons. The High Priestess of the Dark Elves is the second most important member of their society; at least in terms of acting leadership – and is also usually their most powerful magic user. Her job is effectively centered around fucking strange and ancient magical creatures… for one of many possible reasons. There are many immensely powerful demons, spirits, monsters, and even old gods that threaten the Dark Elven Empire on a nearly constant basis – and it is the job of the High Priestess to find out what they want and/or placate them… usually through intense sexual service. Though an outsider would look upon this job as a filthy whore for monsters, beasts, and demons – the Dark Elves themselves have perhaps more reverence for the High Priestess than they do for the Empress… if only because of the intense ‘work’ and personal sacrifice involved. There are a dozen or so lesser priestesses that work under the High Priestess… to assist her with less important tasks (cooking food) and on rare occasions help her with ‘assignments’ that prove to be too much for one woman; but they are only thought of as assistants at best – and not really anywhere near as respected as the High Priestess herself.

It is also very common for the High Priestess (and sometimes her subordinate priestesses) to give birth to monstrous and/or demonic children… despite using the most powerful contraceptive potions available – as the seed of the creatures they mate with is usually magical and/or easily able to overpower any contraceptive and conquer any womb it chooses. The constant rough sex with assorted monsters (and the usually fairly constant pregnancies and births) generally means that Dark Elven High Priestesses rarely live past 500… which is less than half of most Elves. Due the the size and quantity of the cocks involved, the holes of a Dark Elf High Priestess are often stretched to the point where normal males could never satisfy them within only a few years of service… and they have to turn to other means to pleasure themselves when not working. This explains the lore behind the ancestral staff that the High Priestess wields – said to be passed down from the very first Dark Elven High Priestess. It is said to be a powerful magic amplifier… as well as a very high quality dildo; one that has allegedly tasted the pussy of each and every High Priestess since the first.

Interestingly, and perhaps because of their society being so centered around women, almost all Dark Elf females are bisexual – and in the rare exceptions, they are usually attracted to women over men. In Dark Elf society, men are seen as only necessary for re-population and some physical tasks – as well as pleasure of course; but women are seen as capable of so much more… and immensely beautiful on top of that. Somewhat ironically, Dark Elf women prefer to fuck men of other races over their own; if only for the novelty and/or thrill of the interracial mating. This leads to many Dark Elf males leaving the Empire and finding a partner elsewhere… willing or not. There are also many instances of younger daughters of some Dark Elven families leaving the Empire to make a life for themselves elsewhere – as they would inherit nothing at home and have nothing of value to look forward to otherwise.

Outside of Dark Elf lands, Dark Elves are considered to be among the most valuable and desired sex slaves; placed only after attractive lust demons, futa elves, and other exceedingly rare and beautiful creatures. Although, the feisty and insubordinate nature of Dark Elven women make taming them a rather large problem… one that usually proves to be insurmountable to most. Many men would be more than willing to give up most if not all of the money they have for a single night of intense passion with a Dark Elven woman… but very, very few ever have this chance – regardless of the reasons behind it.

The Demonic Realm:

None are quite sure exactly where the Demonic Realm is – as all known entryways are magical; but it is a chaotic place, with no one set of rules. There is a King of the Demonic Realm; but there are small pockets in the realm that even he does not claim – such places are owned and protected by ancient and incredibly powerful demons, who often want nothing more than to be left alone. The basic laws of each major area of the Demonic Realm change with the local leadership; and in the rare cases that any conflict arise, they either fight over it… either physically or sexually – or ask the king to arbitrate their dispute.

Most demons follow the King’s orders… as few and infrequent as they are; since the demons are so strong and sheltered from danger that they have no real need for change or major action as a race. However, the even the Demon King is not powerful enough (nor does he care enough) to actively enforce one set of laws across his Realm; he intentionally allows locally powerful demons to administrate most areas outside of his immediate reach/influence. The current King is the latest in a very long line; easily the longest unbroken royal line known to still exist – helped along by the demons’ naturally long lifespans and the relative peace of the Demonic Realm. Nothing has ever seriously threatened the Demonic Realm, so they spend their days seeking pleasure in whatever form they desire.

As such, it is generally thought that younger demons are now significantly weaker than older ones; due to many never leaving the Demonic Realm and spending their days doing little more than having lavish orgies – which is precisely why Cecilia Xelonica (one of the more powerful mages known to still exist, Demon or otherwise) sent her daughter out to go experience the rest of the world first hand. Many other demonic parents have since followed her example; and as such it is not entirely unusual to see the odd demon visiting humans at night… and fucking them senseless. There are few humans or elves that could stand up to a demon… and fewer still that would even bother refusing advances from such alluring creatures.