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RTL chapter three, “Uninvited Guests” complete!

Hi again. I finally finished RTL chapter three, and it ended up being 37 images, each with a clean and story version. There are again SIX preview images below, three clean and three with the story version. The set features a ton of stuff, notably futa and lesbian content as voted by the special poll. It also features Zayla and Salune, as well as an unlucky elven innkeeper. There are a ton of tags for this set, and I still need to go over the tags in general at some point… so there may even be more later. As I mentioned earlier, I did manage to work in most things that were on the special poll at least a little bit, so check the tags. I also worked in something for the only commenter I have on the new site so far.

I think the set is really nice, and it will go out to appropriate patrons on Patreon after payment for the month clears. (There will be an additional preview image on Patreon.) I never did figure out how long to wait before I release these sets here, I suppose it will depend on how much support I can get in the coming months. Anyway I am out for now, I will post again next week with some more info on the coming patreon polls and other stuff. I have a set plan next time to keep the set at one scene, twenty-ish images.


4/25 Update: RTL chapter three construction done, working on the rest.

I have just finished the construction portion of making the new set, and it looks great. However, I see this potentially going into at least tomorrow and possibly into Tuesday; (I will be busy on Monday, very low chance of time to work on this) not just because of the various real life crap I have had to deal with all week, but also because of me again failing to keep the set at the target twenty images. Part two as it currently stands is around 18 images, and Part one is around 16. I am almost certainly going to have to cut some things… but overall the set will likely be at least 30 images if I can keep it that low. I may get more time later today and be able to work on final renders, but I think this is unlikely. It is possible that I can finish it tomorrow but I think there is at least two days of work left to do; which is mostly due to the set being larger than it should be once again. (The real life crap didn’t help either.) Long story short, bigger sets take longer; this ended up being bigger than planned again. Oh and I did manage to work in a lot of the things from the last special poll in some capacity.

EDIT 4/26: Real life still not cooperating; so Tuesday or Wednesday.

EDIT 4/29: Final renders and clean versions of each image done; I just can’t finish the rest today. Should be able to get it done tomorrow. Set ended up being 35-ish images, (instead of 20) and they are also higher quality than I originally intended. (I figured out some new stuff in Octane to fix some things… after I had done much of it already the old way.) It all looks really nice and unless something horrible happens I plan to finish the composition/story part tomorrow. Sorry for the multiple delays, but again the set is twice as large as i had initially planned; also hopefully it looks better now than it did with these changes.

4/21 – RTL chapter 3 probably pushed back to the weekend.

Hey again. I have had all sorts of real life things to deal with the past few days, leaving me little time to work on this set. I will get it done as soon as I can, but it seems unlikely to happen before the coming weekend now. It may still get done before the weekend, but don’t expect it to be. More votes in the current poll would be great too.

RTL chapter 3 early public preview!

Hi again. Here is the early public preview for RTL chapter 3. (Mostly final but may be subject to change.) This is from the second half of what I have planned for the chapter, and it features Salune and an unfortunate elven innkeeper. As far as actual progress goes, I have part two of the set about 70% done and then I will start construction on part one. The set is looking nice and will likely get to the upper 20s as far as total images. I am still hoping to get it done by mid next week, I should have a fair bit of time over the weekend to work on it, so hopefully that will work out. Comments and feedback are welcome.

EDIT 4/19: i didn’t get as much time so far this weekend as I had hoped, (still may get some more today but it seems unlikely) but I think I can still manage to finish this set by Wednesday or Thursday. Side note: there will be two Patreon polls at the start of next month, one deciding some part of next month’s story set and another one regarding who should be featured in next month’s mini-set. (The mini-set one will be only for the mini-set tier and up, however the other one I plan to let all Patrons vote this time.) So check out my Patreon page if you want to get in on either/both of those and help support my work.


RTL chapter 3 early preview on Patreon, coming here soon.

Hey. I have posted a very early preview of the next set to Patreon for all Patron tiers. I have gotten the second half of what I wanted in the set working but am having some small memory issues getting the first part working. (It really is hilarious how Octane has completely inverted my workflow/situation…) I will almost certainly figure something out, so no worries probably. A more finished preview will be posted here in the next few days, as I am trying hard to have this set done by mid next week at the absolute outside. The set is looking good so far. I could use more votes in the current poll about VN interest as well.

April special poll results, some game info, new poll up.

Hey again. So the special poll is over, and it seems that futa and lesbian sex won with 15 and 13 votes respectively. Pregnancy and anal came in third and fourth with nine and seven votes; and toys came fifth with five. If what you wanted did not win, don’t worry there will be other polls; some of which will be Patreon only. This time however I will work in futa and lesbian sex into this next story set, possibly some of the other top voted things as well; but again no guarantees there. My plan for this set is to hopefully finish it early this time and have some time to work on the game I am still trying to make. Before that though, there is a new poll up; it asks how interested would you be in an adult VN if I made one, with various levels of interest. (This is my next planned project; it should be a lot easier than what I am doing now.) More info after the break, this post is huge.

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New Patreon mini-set done, preview available!

Hi all. I finished the Patreon mini-set for this month; it features Karen and her beastman lover from the fourth Patreon set that I made in December last year. That set was full size and had a story version to it, and is still available on Patreon for those interested. This new set was a basic re-imagining of that situation (in six images) with the skills/tools that I now possess. It’s amazing what four months of skill improvement and octane can do. Just for comparison’s sake, the image on the left is from this new set, the one on the right is one of the old previews for the old set. (The other previews for the old set are on my old blog if you want to see those.)

If you want to support my work, get early access to my regular image sets or maybe even receive cool extra content like this, my Patreon is here:


Anyway, the poll is going great; and I was thinking of ways to implement the various things listed there and I may be able to work in more than just the top two, no promises though. The top two will definitely get put in, and this time I am going to try really hard to keep the set limited to 20 ish images for a large set like I am supposed to. (It was almost double that last time.) MY next post will probably on Sunday when the poll ends with the results.

Patreon working again, (I hope) and new Salune preview!

Hi all. Patreon let me log in today so I sent out rewards as applicable. I plan to finish the Patreon mini-set for this month in the next few days, as well as fixing the tags on this site and doing a few other clerical things such as updating the characters page/pictures. The poll is going great; a lot of votes this time as compared to usual. There is a tie for second place currently, which may or may not be a problem; but more votes may fix it as there are still a few days left (it ends on the 12th; I didn’t notice that it doesn’t publicly say when it ends).

In other news, I have finished redoing Salune for now I hope. I would like to get the color of her cock to match her skin a bit better but at the moment this is basically the best I can do. So unless I can figure that out or unless her new hairstyle causes the same problems her old one did, this should be her final new look. Her hair is very similar to her old one but this one controls a lot better and has less extra bits to mess things up. (Long purple hair with a braid on the back.) I also did change the model I use for her cock as I never liked the old one but at the time I made her originally that was all I really had. I could really use feedback/comments on this, but I do plan on sticking with the new cock model regardless. (It handles much better, looks better, etc.) Otherwise watch for a preview of the new Patreon mini-set later this week and keep voting!


4/1/15 – New special poll up!

Hey. I have just posted the special poll I mentioned a while ago. This poll gives a few different options for content focus in the next story image set, and you can choose your two favorites! The top two choices will be used, and the poll ends in less than two weeks so get voting now and spread the word! If by some chance there is a tie between more than two things, I will see which ones they are and decide how to handle it. Also, I will use the clean limbs version of Salune as people seem to prefer it. I hope to have a preview of the updated Salune soon, and maybe another vote with it; we will see.

Note to Patrons: Patreon is having all sorts of freaky issues right now, and it has been for the past 24 hours. I am unable to log in currently, and their support people have yet to get back to me; I will send rewards as soon as I am able, but there is nothing more that I can do about this.

Update 4/3: I still can’t get into Patreon yet; their support people said they are working on it and hope to have it working asap.

Update 4/4: Still cannot log in to Patreon, i don’t think they are there this weekend; hopefully they will fix this Monday… if not I will submit another support ticket.