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New DA stuff posted.

Hey. So this one will be short; the new DA stuff is up, though there may be one more added to that. I have had a very busy and rough week for many reasons and I hadn’t been able to get all this situated until today. I may just focus on expanding the actual mechanics/written part of the game this month, as I haven’t had time to start any new renders for that yet. (That does need doing at some point and there should be at least one new scene; I do still have time but I am  behind where I hoped to be, but life happens.) I hope to have a more detailed update next week, but I can’t be sure.

RTL chapter eleven, “Humans and Demons” free release!

Hey. I was hoping to get the new DA images done by today but for assorted reasons that doesn’t look likely, so instead here is the free release of RTL chapter 11. I consider this chapter to be the climax of the arc; and as I think I said previously, the final chapter is more of an epilogue; a remnant of the story plan from back when I made story sets double issues. It was left in to wrap things up, give some closure for the non-permanent characters, and lead into the next arc. As mentioned before, this is the second to last free release for a fairly long while; assuming that there even will be any more after RTL ends. I need to finish the game before starting the city story arc, which will take a few months still and once those start to get done, free releases will be a year later at the minimum as things stand; I am still debating even doing free releases at all past this. I currently have over twenty full image/story sets available for free; and I think that is more than enough of a preview. If I had any real interest and/or support for all this, I would just give things out for free as I made them; unfortunately, for whatever reason neither of those has happened. So I have little choice but to change things around and see if that improves anything.

If you like my work and want to help me make more of it, please check out my Patreon page; more support means I can spend more time on my work for this project; and any interest, comments, votes, and/or support all help motivate me.

So check back later this week for the new DA content, and with luck an update on the state of the game. Below are the original RTL 11 previews re-posted for convenience. Anyway, here is the download link for RTL 11, the password is still redleatherart.!71dERD6Z!6jXXe8Gwb-PXWQOUzbfmsx6eKQZPCwYNv1OqHwvnim8


February Patreon mini-set preview!

Hey again. As the title suggests, below is the public preview of this month’s Patreon mini-set. The mini-set poll this month ended in a tie, so I had to decide between the two winning entries. Long story short, I went with the sci-fi themed futa/parasite option; as referenced a few posts back. So the below preview is from this five image mini-set (six really, but one is the old establishing shot/preview that I changed, so one is an unused render of sorts). It features two lab assistants testing out the sexual characteristics of a strange new parasite in a special test chamber; when one gets a little more than she planned for. I think this came out much better than I though it would, and I quite like it; though I did go back and fix a bunch of little things. Side note here, I do feel bad that I went with this option of the two, (since much of my recent work has been game content which is mostly futa, and I usually try to diversify… so I probably should have done the other one; but I wanted to do some sci-fi stuff to here it is) so long story short, I may revisit the one other option that got passed up this time in a few months. If you want to support me and maybe even get access to these mini-sets and/or future polls (or lots of other rewards), check out my Patreon page:

In other news, votes in the two polls over on the right are rather low, more would be appreciated. I hope to be back mid-next week with some new DA stuff and the free release of RTL 12 sometime next week as well.

Status update: 2/11

Hey. So I sent out Patreon rewards last night, and the new beta of the game that got sent out now features a pet play scene set of sorts; unfortunately that was the only new scene set I had time to work in this time around, what with re-rendering all the old scenes and everything. The new scene set also features one image that contains one fetish I don’t normally do, (water sports) but for assorted reasons I worked it in here.

So I am taking the next couple days to recover from last week, which was rough due assorted things. In the mean time, do check out the polls here and some spiffy new commissions I had done that are linked on my DA page and/or tumblr! I should be back sometime next week with something new to post here; the Patreon mini-set poll will end mid next week and it may be the preview of that, or maybe some new DA stuff.

Updated game beta previews!

Hey again, sorry for the semi-late post here but something came up yesterday and I got back too late to get all this together. Regardless, I finally finished re-rendering all of the scene images in the game so far and here are the four updated visual previews for the game so far; I did replace the one original scene option preview with the later lesbian scene preview, since there was no visual there to update. I think the new model looks far better and has done a lot to improve things. I also look forward to seeing what this will do for my renders in the long term, as I do plan to use this for most all normal-ish cocks in renders from this point on. Tests have been very positive so far and I forsee no real issues, though I do need to redo all current cocks I have saved in the new model; and I greatly look forward to future expansions to this model. I also did get one new scene in the game in addition to all the re-renders, and I hope to maybe add one more before rewards go out in a few days; though that may or may not happen. This means the main content scenes are basically halfway done, although I am considering adding assorted extra visuals, and that does not include the endings and other special images that need doing.

As for this month, there are two shiny polls up that could use more votes, and the free release of the realistic finale of RTL (RTL 11) is scheduled for a free release later this month! (The actual end chapter is more of an epilogue.) I will make some new DA images this month as well, as well as a Patreon mini-set around whatever topic my patrons vote for this time from the assortment of options offered when I post it in a couple days. I will use whatever time is left to work on the game; and though last month saw little new progress, I think it was all for the best in terms of game quality and the quality of my renders in general. I do not know when I will get around to trying that short story, as I was planning to do it last month before I got into the new model/re-renders mess; but I hope to try it soon, depending on the poll it may be even sooner or later.

Monster poll results, new polls up!

Hey! So the results for the big monster poll are in, and rather than go through this as I usually do, I am going to try a new format here and see if it makes things easier to understand. Before that, know that there are two new polls up; one is another old poll brought back, asking how dark you prefer your adult content and the other one asks if you would be interested in short stories if I wrote some. I have been planning a few other things for a while, this is one of them; though the new cock model last month threw everything off due to so much time being needed to redo everything in the game so far. So please vote in those and let me know you thoughts! (Keep in mind I can do far better than what was in RTL; I had to cut around 80% of what was planed writing-wise to get it to fit the number of scenes/space I had for text in each set. I was told this might be a cool thing to try out, so I was considering giving it a try or two.)

The polls results bit is long so I am putting a read more tag here to stop it from taking up most of the main page; click the link below to see the poll results/my thoughts on specific things.

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