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RTL chapter nine, “Minion Benefits” done!

Hey again. I did actually manage to get RTL chapter 9 done today, and the previews are below. The set is currently 36 images, [EDIT: it is 50 images in the final total] each with clean and story versions; however this number will almost certainly go up later this week as I do really want to try and work in one more scene if possible. If/when that happens, the dialogue in the story previews below and/or the tags on this post may get updated. I have a ton of other stuff I have to to in the next few days, but I will do the best I can.

This chapter features Arane and the pale elf both getting pounded in various ways by some of Zayla’s orcish minions while the assorted heroes are busy. There are four preview images below, two clean and two story versions, as usual. I think this set came out really nice, and is probably one of my best yet in terms of content; thanks in no small part to me now being able to fully use higher end content in my scenes/renders due to this new machine. As always, if you want to get access to this set anytime soon and/or maybe get even more content from me, check out my Patreon page and help support my work! Everything and anything put forward helps me make more and better content and motivate me. Also keep in mind there are two Patreon polls next month!


March mini-set finished!

Hi, sorry for the semi-late update, but this last week was really busy and I had no time for all this until the last few days. The main set still needs some work but I did get the mini-set done yesterday, a preview image is below. The set revolves around Lucia “playing” with a random traveler who passes by. The mini-set is fairly oral focused, with most of the content images being of Lucia sucking his cock (with close ups); but there is a special image at the end which is different, although the tags sort of give it away. The mini-set is currently six images, and will be set out at the start of next month to applicable patrons on my Patreon (along with all the other mini-sets, this is the 19th one; and a few are full size story sets!). Also do keep in mind that there will be TWO Patreon polls next month, one for all patrons (about the next main set) and one for the $15+ patrons (about that month’s mini-set.

In other news, I came across some information regarding one setting in Octane that I never touched until now; long story short, there is a small chance that I have had this setting wrong this entire time. (But it’s fixed now.) I have yet to totally confirm that this does what I have read that it is supposed to do, but it does seem to so far; the main set will really be the gauge though.¬†More votes in the polls here are appreciated as well; they are going well but more votes is almost always a good thing.

EDIT 3/25: I am mostly done with renders for RTL 9, but I still have all the composition/editing to do and I really want to go back and add one small scene; but I will likely wait and go back for that after finishing the core set as this has already taken longer than I wanted. (Though I think it came out really good and is well worth it.) I am going to try really hard to get previews posted this weekend, tomorrow at the earliest I would think.


RTL 9 public early preview!

Hey again. Below is the public early preview of the first set created on/using my new render machine; RTL chapter nine. The sex part of the set features Arane and the pale elf getting fucked hard by three drunk and horny orcs. As you can see I now have the ability to use many more and higher quality figures in a scene, and this will be an early test run of that. Also as hinted at earlier, I think everyone should enjoy this set for obvious reasons. (Gangbang/Orgy stuff ranked very high on an old big poll in terms of what people want to see most.) I think everything is going really well so far but I am taking a lot of time to make sure that EVERYTHING works right before I get through most of the work this time. I will likely get the month’s mini-set done at some point next week as working on one set for so long is very draining and/or I will likely hit a wall with RTL 9 and need to work on something else while I figure out whatever I was stuck on. I plan to get this done within the next two weeks; but as you likely know, I have a bad habit of doing too much/adding stuff/fixing things so it might go past that.

Comments and/or feedback is/are welcome, as are more votes in the polls. Also if you want to get access to this set when it’s done and/or maybe get even more content from me, check out my Patreon page and help support my work! Everything put forward helps.


RTL 9 Patreon preview up; coming here late this week.

Hi. As the title says, I just posted the RTL 9 early patreon preview for my patrons and it will get posted publicly at the end of this week. So far things are looking really nice and I am really seeing differences in what I can do with this new machine by making a whole scene on it and using more figures in a scene. This set should be quite nice, as it features some things I have really wanted to do but was unable to do until I got this new machine; but I will know for sure how everything worked out when it’s done. For the seven of you who actually read into these paragraphs, I posted something publicly on my Patreon page recently; you should check it out if you haven’t already. Anyway, the polls are going decently, but more votes is always good. Remember, I am using this as a gauge of interest; so more votes shows me that people are more interested in whatever the vote is about and/or the specific options voted for. This will almost certainly lead to a higher quality item being made and/or more consideration given to advisory polls. So check back later this week for the public preview of RTL 9, (or become my patron and see it now!) and spread the word about the polls and vote in them if you haven’t already!

New polls posted, last poll results, plans for this month.

Hi again. I meant to post something in the past few days but I have been very busy with assorted things. I had been working on the contest renders last week, and am currently waiting for assorted feedback from the entrants before finishing their renders. So those aren’t done yet but may get posted sometime this month if everything else works out perfectly; which it almost certainly won’t, so likely sometime next month. There are two new polls up; the first one asks how you feel about “bad ends” in adult games. (I have pros and cons for them, but I will see what you all think.) The other one asks what you all would like to see most in an animation. You can pick two options, as many are not mutually exclusive. This would likely have been a special poll if I could be sure that whatever it is would work, but animations are much more complex than single image renders and I can’t be sure that whatever it is will come out well; but I will try my best whenever I next do an animation. I think these polls will get more votes than last month’s, but that is up to all of you.

As for last month’s polls, votes were rather low; but the votes two months ago were even lower, so things like this happen I suppose. The first poll asked about established characters changing outfits; most people seem to think that a change now and then is good, which is nice to know as I planned to have some changes here and there. The other poll asked what I should do after RTL is done; this poll was less definitive. Technically the option to make some other image sets won, but it was only by one vote. Work on a game came second, with some complex animation coming third. I will take this into consideration once RTL is done, and I was kind of planning to do at least a couple random image sets anyway; but I just have to see what else is going on whenever RTL gets finished.

As for plans this month, I have posted my general plan for this coming chapter of RTL on Patreon and hope to have a preview for them ready sometime next week. Just based on some old polls and other things, I think everyone should really like this coming chapter. Also be aware that there will be TWO Patreon polls next month; one for all patrons regarding the main story and another for the $15+ tiers regarding next month’s mini-set.