Game preview gallery!

Hey. Below is a gallery of all public previews from the (completed) games that I have made so far:

The micro VN (20-ish event images) – An alternate route v1.01

The full size slave training/simulation game (16 activities, 70+ event images, now with some voice bits for both main characters too!) – Salune’s Slave Training v1.18

(My current project, the sequel to SST – will be added here whenever it hits some sort of release build. No idea when that will be by this point… especially since I have not been able to do any major work on it for quite some time now.)

Both existing/finished games are available via my Patreon page, and the preview images below are in order of posting, from oldest to newest. If you want more info about a specific game, use these links:

Micro VN:

Salune’s Slave Training:

Salune’s Slave Training demo download link, no password:!3ptwQRpL!qTMVM2Z53uD_ZRCjjKSf1Szjksdp-MhSVQGCGdQeFbs

Zayla voice preview from Salune’s Slave Training, as the demo was made before any of this was in the game:

If you really like these, and want to help me make more (and better) things like it and/or get access to the full games themselves, check out my Patreon page here:!