Status update: 8/28

I am doing my best to finish RTL 6 by the end of this month, (the patreon scene preview will likely get bumped again; sorry but it will almost surely be all I can manage to finish RTL 6 this month, if I even can) but unfortunately I am basically back to where I started physically. The medicine only helped as long as it lasted and apparently I can’t use it again and the specialist I saw either can’t or won’t do anything more until I get a scan done. The problem is he didn’t tell me that the first time and now I can’t get any appointments for scans and such for over a week and then I still need another doctors appointment after that sometime to get the results and hopefully some kind of treatment… I may be able to get a scan done later today but that is depending on a great many factors and it will surely cause me a great deal of pain.

Long story short, I hope to finish final renders today and maybe start the postwork if I can hold out long enough. I do not think I can manage another main image set next month if this continues… especially with all the other crap I want to do. I can only hope that something comes up to fix this… it is really starting to wear me down; both physically and spiritually. I am so sick of being in pain almost all the time and stuck in bed and I really want to do other things and work on all this so badly but I just can’t without being in more pain. RTL 6 so far is really nice I think, hopefully you all will think so as well whenever it gets done. It will almost certainly be over 30 images.

EDIT 8/29: Got an MRI done yesterday, tons of pain. Bad enough to get different pain meds again; I will see if these actually help. Scan being done means I may be able to get some actual treatment next week… maybe? RTL 6 final renders are sort of done; I could stop here but I want to add four more images. I will do the best I can to finish the postwork before the end of the month.

RE EDIT: Previously mentioned meds didn’t help again; so I had to go to ER again, got better pain meds, they seem to work this time. Should let me work tomorrow/day after if all goes well. Initial impressions of my scan aren’t great per se; PA said it is a long term issue but it could be treated, so I will see this coming Wednesday.

EDIT 8/30: Couldn’t help myself again, even in horrible pain I added almost eight images instead of the four I planned… Final renders are done, early postwork done, clean versions of each image is done… story versions sort of in progress. i haven’t slept in three days and I am kind of falling apart, even with the pain under control right now. Doing the best I can; set ended up with I think 38 images and one alternate ending image for patreon unless I miscounted. Note: there is going to be a post/content bomb here in the next few days whether this gets finished in time or not. RTL four gets a free release, old polls get reviewed and a special poll will go up; and finally a very special thing will get started early next month. (Patrons know what I mean.)

EDIT 8/31: I just can’t do it today; I’m in so much pain today I can’t sit at all. RTL 6 will have to go into next month again. I’ll get everything situated later this week whenever I can.

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