Big monster poll discussion, new polls up now!

Alright, first of all this post will be huge so I am using a break here. Before that though, new polls are up now so vote in those too! One vote asks which porn situation you prefer to see and the other asks what your gender is, so I can have a better idea of who my work appeals to. These two polls will be up for two weeks. Votes in the last poll were the best so far by a lot and it would be great to keep that going. I will likely post again later this week with some kind of update, so check back for that also.

Two other things to note; first, next month (July) starts the free releases again, starting with RTL chapter 2 and going from there each month. Second, I have a plan for an extra special poll next month, so watch for that also. For now though, the big poll discussion is after the break here.

Ok so this was the first big poll on the new site and the first one in months, and the turnout was epic. There was a clear winner here and it actually surprised me. In previous polls, tentacles never did overly well per se, but this time they cleaned up with almost 50 votes. Cerberi and Dire wolves tied for second with 32 each. Slimes and Dragons tied for third with 29 each. Second place came as no surprise to me, but half of third place did.

Now as for tentacles, I like them, have done it a few times now, and already have plans to continue to do so. (One of the options in next month’s special poll will have tentacles, I think you will know which one.) Second place was tied between Cerberi and Dire wolves, which I was expecting either of those to actually take first place even though I added Cerberi late. I had a Dire wolf in one of the mini sets already, and I plan to use a Cerberi in a future mini set. (Cerberi in the main story won’t make sense for quite a while, but we shall see.) Third place was somewhat interesting; Dragons is no surprise, I know people love those things and I actually have a decent dragon model now; the only problem with that is the raw size difference between a girl and a dragon… but I will see what I can come up with. The surprise in third place for me was slimes, which I did not expect to do well at all really. I don’t really have a good slime model that I am happy with, but I know of one maybe; but this would essentially boil down to being a gooey tentacle monster as far as I understand it. So this may happen also, I will look into it.

Middle places were: Demons with 20, Automatons with 17, Minotaurs with 14, Vampires with 12, and Orcs with 11. Now demons are already in and will continue to be, so no problems there. Automatons I added in late, but people seem to like this a whole lot more than I was expecting, so I will see what I can do for this. Minotaurs I have done and will continue to do. Vampires I have plans for down the line so I will give that a little while. Orcs I have done and will surely do again so nothing much to say here either.

As far as all the low turnout options: Werewolves had 8, Centaurs had 7, Goblins/imps/Zombies&Ghosts all had 4 each, Lizardmen had 2, Beastmen had 1, and Ogres had 0. So I consider werewolves and beastmen to be remarkably similar, only one can shapeshift into a human and the other can’t; but in beast form they look very similar. So I have done that already and plan to do so in the future, no problem there. Centaurs are interesting and I am not sure how hard this would be to do, I do have the model but I am unsure how to work this into the main story. (Could maybe do a mini-set, who knows.)

Goblins and Imps are rather similar and I have done in a mini-set before and will almost certainly use in the future (probably imps). Zombies and ghosts I honestly didn’t think would do well and that’s fine by me; this isn’t really something I plan to do but it may thrown in at some point. LIzardmen I also have a model to use but am not totally into the idea personally either, (more than zombies and ghosts though) but I have an idea to maybe work this in somewhere down the line. Ogres got nothing which I found interesting in itself, though considering all the other options present, I guess it isn’t that surprising. I may use an ogre (again) at some point in the future, but you guys don’t seem to really want it.

I will keep these results in mind for future work, but I don’t think you guys will be disappointed as most of the choices are things I have already done and will keep doing. The only one that I really can’t do well enough now is slimes but I will look into that; the rest I could do if need be, just apparently a bunch of these are not very popular. Anyway thanks for an epic vote turnout, feel free to leave comments/questions about the results or anything else. Do vote in the current polls if you haven’t already and check back for the special poll next month that I gave people who actually read after the tag a tip about…

2 thoughts on “Big monster poll discussion, new polls up now!

  1. myself

    well most of the other 3d sites normaly use humanoids like werewolfs and stuffs, but i also find it funny, slims?!?! maybe many those who voted tentacles voted for slimes too since they r similar… O.o

    1. redleatherart Post author

      That makes sense about the other sites using humanoids and such and explains why they were so low, and I really was not expecting slimes to do anywhere near as well as they did. I had also figured that people just voted for both since they are very similar in a porn sense, one is just gooier than the other. They also were right next to each other which may account for something.


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