RTL chapter five base scene construction done.

Hey again. A quick status update; as the title indicates, today I finished the scene construction for RTL chapter five and tomorrow I will start making the actual images. I had a different plan in mind for this chapter, but decided to go with one thing that did very well in a recent poll and possibly another thing for the same reason if I have time.

On the topic of polls, nobody has really voted in the new polls that have been up for a few days now; and I have no idea why. There were close to 100 votes in the last two sets of polls, and the results help me know what people want to see, so votes would really be nice. If nobody votes, I just have to guess what people prefer and why. If you like my work and want to see it contain more of what you like, votes help do that. As I mentioned earlier, this upcoming set in particular was changed due to one or possibly two recent poll results, so it can make a direct difference. The special poll on my DA page also has very low votes if anyone wants to vote in that one too.

Anyway, the Patreon early set preview will be up in the next few days, the public early preview will likely be up over the weekend. The set itself will likely be done late next week depending on whether or not I stick to the primary plan for the set or work in the secondary plan.

EDIT 6/18: Patreon early preview posted, it will get posted here in a few days or so. According to a previous poll, most people really wanted to see this; so hopefully that is true.

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