Slave training game scene preview!

Hi again, big post here but I am going to leave it without a break because it has images. Quick notes first; I did some minor edits to the character page and ran through the site tags, I did a better job with the tags than I thought so I think they are good for now. (Don’t want to overdo it.) Also, the votes in the current polls are great so keep that up!

So here is an update a fair number of you have likely been looking forward to. I have yet to post anything solid here on the new site regarding the game that I am currently working on so here is an updated preview. The old previews are still on my old blog, but this is more up to date and features a more practical preview and octane renders. Below are two preview images for one scene in the game, nothing in the images is final; but it should give you all a better idea of what my plan is, along with the explanation. Some people have been doing searches on the new site for game related stuff and I really should have something here for that, so here it is!


The left image is the last dialogue line in the actual training scene, the right image is the results screen for the end of that training time slot. As you can see, training Salune in masturbation improves her shame and perversion skills right now. The amounts given to stats for each training is semi-random but adheres to a formula that is dependent on the training type and Salune’s skill levels relating to it. Higher stats usually means better training and better training raises stats faster.

In case you didn’t read my old preview or are a newcomer here, this is a little slave training game and the point of the game is to get all of Salune’s stats as high as possible within a set time limit. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though; some stats are harder to raise than others and certain trainings are very intense and will also lower some of Salune’s stats in addition to raising others. You have to try different things and figure out what will give you what you the most benefits. (Or you could just ignore the objective and do whatever you want to Salune. 0_0) There are also variations for each training which are shown depending on certain factors; this may be her personal stats, the number of times she has done a particular activity, your choice as the player, or even a random chance of something happening.

I want to put all kinds of cool stuff and options in the game but the more that goes into it, the longer it will take. Also as noted on the old blog, this is definitively a side project right now; my normal image sets and mini-sets take priority over working on this. As it stands, I just don’t have the time to do everything each month, especially when I keep making huge images sets when I shouldn’t; but if you want to support me on my Patreon page, ( that can change. More support there means that I have less other things that I need to do and more time to focus on everything related to this site. There will be another scene preview for the game up on Patreon in a month or two depending. Most of my patrons will get early access to the game whenever it is done; it will be released on Patreon a while before it is posted here. (Probably longer than a normal image set.) Also some patrons will have beta access to an early build of the game whenever I have enough done for that. I have no idea if/when the next preview for the game will be here, there is just no way to tell. At least now there is something on the new site in relation to the game, which is what I wanted. Hopefully you all like it; questions and comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.

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      I don’t really know either, but the difference in votes in the two polls seems to indicate that there are likely some females reading this that just didn’t want to admit it in the poll or something. (That or someone is fudging votes in the other poll again. O_O) I kind of figured the results would be mostly male, (if not entirely) but just wondered what my viewership was actually made up of. The fact that any females voted at all (or may have, whatever) means it is more diverse than I was expecting, which is great. Also it says TWO female votes to me now, so likely it was not a troll. (Nothing to gain by faking that here either, not very trolly.)


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