First two June polls discussion, two new polls up now!

Hello again. As I said yesterday, the old polls are closed and two new polls are up now; one asks how you like my characters page, and the other asks your favorite type of sex scenario. These will be up until July first, so get voting on those. I am putting a break here since this post is larger than I thought it would be. If you want to see the previous poll results and my overview of them, click the read more tag below.

As for going over the old polls, the one poll asked your gender; to nobody’s great surprise men outnumbered women by a wide margin. However there were some female votes, and there was also a wide gap between votes in this poll and the other one; so perhaps some women didn’t want to vote? I don’t really know. It’s good to see diversity anyway, I hope it gets a bit better as time goes on.

As for the situation poll, this is rather interesting. First of all I want to mentions that votes here are over twice as many as the gender poll for some reason. I am not sure if people stuffed this poll specifically, or what is going on here; but this tends to happen and always confuses me. As for the actual results in the poll, the top two items were futa x futa and futa x monstergirl. First off let me say that as far as the story goes, there will not be any other futas beside Salune for quite a while with a few possible magic-induced, temporary exceptions. This situation is possible however, in alternative sets, images, and scenarios, like the Patreon mini-sets; if I ever have a vote on there where this is an option and it wins. The monstergirl situation I will address across the board here quickly; I want to make these appear more frequently and look better, but I have no software to make custom models with; so Lucia and Helenya are basically the best I can do at this time and I will try to work them in when I can. (I do have plans to work in others down the line whenever I can make them.) I will see if/how I can work in some monstergirls with Salune at some point in the future.

Third place in the poll tied between futa x girl and girl x monstergirl; girl x monstergirl I basically did in the last RTL chapter, so that is happening already and will continue to happen. Futa x girl is definetly happening (most things Salune appears in will be this) so no worries there, just look at yesterday’s Patreon mini-set. Fourth place in the poll was monster x girl; again, this happens a lot so no problems here either. After this is where things get interesting. Fifth place was a tie with guy x girl and girl x girl getting three votes each. I am glad some people like these best, as they are definitely happening a fair bit. Sixth place was a tie with guy x monstergirl and guy x futa getting one vote each. Guy x monstergirl will likely happen at some points; as I mentioned earlier I consider Helenya and Lucia monstergirls in a way since they have multiple non-standard features. Guy x futa, I figured this wouldn’t do very well and it only got one, so I don’t really have plans for this at the moment, though something may happen at some point in the future, who knows.

Finally in last place, monster x futa with no votes at all. Honestly I am somewhat surprised this did worst considering how well all the other futa options did. I thought guy x futa would do worst when I made this poll, but it came second to last; though that was only one vote difference. For what it’s worth, I see monster x futa as more likely to happen at this point than guy x futa. As always with general polls, these are not binding and things can always change later; so if what you like didn’t do well there is always next time. The results help me decide what to try and work into future sets, and let me know what people seem to want to see; so votes are really helpful to me. If you have any questions or comments about the old polls, new polls, or anything else, feel free to leave a comment here as long as it’s constructive.

3 thoughts on “First two June polls discussion, two new polls up now!

  1. myself

    i watch too much hentai so for me the initial rejection and ending up as cheer pleasure is always the best :D, so semi reluctant and then semi consentual on later stages 😛

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Yea apparently most of the people who bothered to vote love futa stuff; but I don’t want to overdo it. Salune will appear enough as it is and she is getting the game already so I think that’s plenty for the time being. I may do something in a mini-set with multiple futas, but not in the main story anytime soon. As for the scenario poll, I think everything can be good in the right situation; also it just depends what mood I’m in as far as what I feel like seeing/making. I am actually not sure what my favorite would be.


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