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New mini-set preview for May 2022 posted!

Hi everybody. I made it just in time, as per usual – and I have returned with a new mini-set preview for all of you… featuring my curvy succubus, Helenya! 😀 I checked my mini-set lists, and apparently it was time for a solo set – and Helenya was more or less tied for a turn next, and she hadn’t had a solo set in years… (I don’t count that cosplay set with three characters) so I decided on that! However, that in and of itself wasn’t quite fitting for her style/character…. and also may seem a bit plain for some, so I chose to frame it in a more fun/interesting way this time around – hence her unwilling audience this time around! (He is strictly relegated to watching – and maybe a tiny bit of teasing at the very end if I feel like it; but this is primarily a solo female set.) 🙂

As for the story setup, it is a decent size once again – and it is as follows: One afternoon Helenya was wandering around Zayla’s lair looking for someone to play with, when she randomly came across Zayla herself – yelling at a familiar elven slave boy. Apparently, the demand for male elves had massively gone up lately for whatever reason – and the usual person who bought the slaves that Zayla bred and/or trained was paying almost three times as much for male elves this year. The busty dark elf couldn’t even recall another time where this was the case… but apparently all the various slave breeders had unwittingly brought the price of female elves down to the point where males were worth more at the moment – adult or otherwise.

This was a bit of a problem for Zayla, as she did not have a proper breeding license, and therefore had no easy way to acquire more full-blooded male elves cheaply; and kidnapping a regular male elf would be far too time consuming and difficult. She had a couple male elves as it was, and they were doing their best… allegedly – but one in particular seemed to be having trouble breeding all the girls on his daily schedule after a couple weeks of intense work. For once, Zayla couldn’t do what she usually did and just make him do better right now, since she couldn’t risk hurting him and losing one of her best breeders – plus, she really had a lot of training to oversee… she really had no time for this. To make worse, her prize breeder, Salune – was no help in making new male slaves… since she could only father females, and the extremely rare futa; and having Salune bear children herself was an unnecessary risk.

However, upon seeing her slutty demonic ally, she had a great idea – one that would allow her to resume her other work, yet hopefully encourage this male elf to do better. After quickly explaining the situation, she pushed the timid male elf over to the red headed demon and went off to check on the next breeder. Zayla’s instructions were clear enough – help this elf work up a huge amount of semen, but *don’t* let him cum… since the dark elf needed every drop of his seed that she could manage right now; and knowing that Helenya was a succubus, this effectively meant that she shouldn’t even touch him, just to be on the safe side. The lusty mistress even allowed Helenya to use her room for this… which was rare – so long as she took her boots off before getting on the bed… and cleaned up afterwards.

While Helenya was fairly disappointed with not being able to play with this elf boy properly, she was still looking forward to teasing him – and to the reward that she would surely be due for helping with this. So, she chained the elf up in the cage that Zayla kept by her bed – and also cast two spells on him, just to make extra sure. The red ring of lust around his manhood would keep his cock hard no matter what – and the blue rings of seed sealing around his balls would prevent him from cumming… while she made him work up the biggest load of his life so far. With only the occasional whine and stifled moan from the elf, Helenya stripped in from of him and got onto Zayla’s fancy bed – where she began to show off her impressive assets to the young elf.

After that, Helenya started to play with herself, slowly at first – but it quickly got surprisingly intense, since she had little self-control in regard to sex. The brown-skinned demon put on a hell of a show for him – and her lusty moans could be heard several corridors away… not to mention that her fertile scent permeated the room by the time she was done. An hour (and a few demonic orgasms) later, the elf was nearly in tears – as his cock gushed precum near constantly by this point, and his balls felt like they were on fire and ready to burst. Perhaps she had overdone it… but the horny succubus had accomplished her mission, and that was what mattered most here – so she unchained him and brought him back to her busty dark elven mistress. Zayla praised Helenya for helping her out in such a busy time – and in addition to getting a decent cash bonus for helping her breeder perform properly, the succubus got a big hug and even a kiss from her beautiful boss… which was honestly worth way more than the work she did, not that she would complain. 😀

I hope you all enjoyed that, as well as the preview itself – and I will finish that up next month. You can check the tags on the post here to see what I currently plan to include, but that may change as always.

So, I should be back again in a couple days to go over the polls, and see about some new ones – not sure what the plan is for the side renders yet; I will likely try to work those in during work on this new mini-set, as I still want to think a few things over.

Also, the polls on the right could always use more votes – so please do that if you haven’t already!

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June mini-set preview now up!

Hi everyone. I am back once more this month… and just in time to post this preview for the new mini-set for June – which is below; and it features James and Tabitha! It was Tabitha’s turn to feature this month, and she hasn’t had a 1 on 1 mini-set with James for a really long while, (I don’t count the threesome set with them and Delfina from last summer – Tabitha was due for a 1 on 1 set with a non-monster guy) so I figured I would do that this month! (I had planned on something slightly different, but then decided to change my idea/plan a bit for assorted reasons – and push it back… so I may have a plan for next month’s mini-set already as well.) [EDIT: Second preview is now also posted!]

The setup/story bit for this mini-set is short this time (partly because the last one was huge) – and it is simply that James and Tabitha head out to a shrine a few hours outside Lithorca, intending to get inside the ruins behind it and look for treasure. However, once they arrive, they find no way to get inside the ruins – they are sealed up tight… despite the shrine still being in use and rather well maintained, there does not seem to be any way into the ruins behind it. Tabitha is deeply disappointed – but fortunately, James knows an easy and fun way to cheer her up! 😀

I have not actually entirely decided what will get worked in to this mini-set just yet… but you can check the tags on here  to see what I plan and/or what I am considering. (But those may change, as always.) I kind of doubt that all of that will get worked in – but we will see what ends up happening.

In other news, I did finish posting all those new side renders on my DA/slushe pages – and people seem to really like them so far, which is really nice to see. More votes in the polls would also be nice… though it is a bit late for that now. Anyway… I should be back in a few days with new polls and the results from this time – for what that is worth. (I have also been considering leaving  the polls up for longer, since there usually aren’t many votes anymore…) I also hope to finally finish the writing/compilation for LITC chapter 6 next month – which might actually happen now that the side renders are done with for a while; we will see how things go. (The weather here has been crazy the past few days in particular – and will still be for the rest of this week.) I also did post the second preview for mini-set 80(Nylavi/Elf guys) in the main post for that, and over on the master catalog… so check that out as well. Also, the Salune/Brown elf mini-set ended up being 58 images in total, for those that are interested in that.

And of course, as I usually finish these posts… if anyone out there would like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or perhaps even get access to several of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the other finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made. (The micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; and I hope to be able to restart work on the newer game I was working on sometime soon!) Regardless, check out my updated Patreon page!: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Preview for May mini-set is here!

Hi again. Sorry for the long gap in posts here – but I have been pretty busy with all sorts of shit. Long story semi-short; the renders for LITC 6 are done, but I have not had the time/energy to finish the writing/compilation yet – so hopefully I can get that done next month. I did finish the Nylavi/elf guys mini-set though, and sent that out yesterday; that ended up at 49 images total – and patrons also got the second preview early, as per usual. I did also go ahead and post the second preview for March’s mini-set publicly as well – that is over in the post for that, as well as up in the master catalog, for those interested. [EDIT: Second preview of this one is now below and on the master catalog as well! ]

As for this new mini-set that I am posting a new preview of now, it is a continuation of a fairly old mini-set I did years back (#46 – which was almost three years ago by this point); and it stars Salune, as well as a side character that I have revisited a few times now – a curvy brown-skinned elf with tattoos… who is just one of Zayla’s hundreds of nameless slaves. (I might give her a proper name later, but right now I think her semi-anonymous nature is one of her draws.) However, she also happens to be a favorite playmate of Salune – which is what led to this mini-set… and it is a direct result/continuation of their prior couplings. (And will surely lead to many more.)

However, this setup is a bit long, so I am putting the rest of this post behind a “read more” tag… but I think most of your will want to check it out – so be sure to click below! 😀 Continue reading

April 2021 mini-set preview available!

Yo. I have returned with the new mini-set preview, which is below; [EDIT: Second preview added!] and this month, it will feature the cute magical foxgirl, Nylavi – along with two hot, young elven males who were sent to appease her! 😀

For those who like a bit more of a written setup, here you go:  Late one night near the end of the month, Nylavi was impatiently waiting for her tribute to arrive from the nearby elven village. They were a day later than usual – but sometimes ran late due to the weather, or some other complication; but so far, they had never failed to appease her – so there was no real reason to worry. Of course, Nylavi did not really need the food, jewellery, or other boring tribute items anywhere near as much as she needed the companionship… and the semen. The lusty foxgirl was already over 32, and had yet to bear any children… and while she would live well over a few hundred years, Nylavi was desperate to have a child; since the sooner she did, the sooner she could retire from her position as a forest guardian, and go live as she pleased. Even if she had one soon, it would be around twenty years before they were ready/able to take over her job… so she prayed constantly each day to the goddess of the forest to grant her children. Sadly, it wasn’t easy for her to try overly often, as she only met a handful of travelers each month… and the only truly reliable source of semen were the young elven men who brought her an allotment of sundries and presents each month. She almost always had sex with them… and forced them to stay with her for several days – and she also coerced most other males she came across to do the same; and very, very few ever even tried to refuse her.

The sun was now setting, and she let out a deep sigh – figuring that her primary entertainment for the month wouldn’t arrive today either… until she heard the telltale creaking of cart wheels coming up the small hill where she usually stayed. She quickly sat down by the stone circle, and tried to act composed, and mysterious – as the elves usually expected of her; though in reality, she desperately wanted to just pounce on the man that was approaching… immediately. However – her entire body flushed with heat, and her pussy twitched with excitement, as she finally saw not one, but two hot young studs; Nylavi wanted to cry, she was just so very happy. The fox guardian was terribly lonely most of the time… and she desperately craved new things, and proper companionship – and it would seem that the elves had finally caught on and sent her two men, instead of just one. She was never supposed to ask for anything directly, as her compensation was already part of her contract… but the foxgirl had obviously hinted at wanting more playmates – and at long last, it had happened! She would now show these two brave elves what would happen when the forest guardian was truly pleased – and give them levels of pleasure that would likely ruin them for any normal woman… which will hopefully encourage them to come back more often. Nylavi planned to keep them both here for three days at least – and waste as little of their precious seed as possible… although she did want to taste some as well, as it had been a long time since she last tasted elf cum… and right now she had two males to provide it! The next few days would be so much fun… and she would do her best to revel in it while she could; but for now, she gave the two elves permission to approach her, and present themselves to her properly…

In case you can’t guess from the base situation, and/or from Nylavi’s bio, you can check the tags on this post for an idea of what I plan to include here – although that may change later; I have only barely started at this point, so there is a lot up in the air still. (It is also worth noting that one of the elf guys in here is circumcised, and one is not – as people seemed to prefer more of a mix in regard to foreskin… so here ya go.) I wanted to do another threesome mini-set, as it has been basically a year since I did the last one (the summer themed one, with Delfina, James, and Tabitha) – and it was also high time that I featured Nylavi in another mini-set, so that is what I did; and so far, so good… and I hope this will turn out as nicely as the previous threesome mini-set did. 🙂

We will see what ends up happening next month… but I just feel totally drained right now. I will try and come redo the polls in a few days – not that it seems to matter much.

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March mini-set preview is here!

Hey again. I have returned with the new preview for this month’s mini-set… a preview which features one thing I have not done before – by insistent request of a friend of mine who is apparently into this. As you have probably seen by the preview below, this mini-set centers around Zayla toying/playing around with one of her elven slave boys… and at least in one bit of this, uses her feet to do so in a POV style render. That is not the focus of the set – is is more of a femdom/regular sex thing with a bit of POV thrown in here and there; but as I mentioned above, I was begged (for quite a while) to have this footjob scene done at some point – so I put it in here as the preview… since I figured why not. (He specifically wanted it to be Zayla doing it… preferably in POV style – and I was planning a mini-set with her anyway; and I guess it does kind of fit her style/tastes – if any of my characters… so here that is.) The rest of this mini-set is more what you would expect from me… as you can see by the tags; but again, I figured that this would be an opportunity to throw in something a bit different for the previews… and perhaps throw the handful of people that this type of thing appeals to a bone of sorts. (I know this did not rank highly in the fetish poll, and it does nothing for me really; but much of that stuff I have done to at least a minor extent… and this I had never done at all – so now that can no longer be said.) The mini-set is currently eight images, although that may go up before it is sent out to appropriate patrons sometime early next month as per usual.

Once again, a reminder that the mini-set tier on my patreon page now offers the current new mini-set for that month, and the three mini-sets prior to it – so it changes each month. Also, a reminder that my oronjo page will close at the end of this month sometime… so if anyone wants any of the old mini-sets, now is your chance as I have no set backup plan for that at this time. (I am looking into assorted options, but have not found anything concrete so far; but I have been quite busy with real life stuff this week.) I also am still having that 15% off commissions above the base price sale until the end of this month – which means commissions paid for by the end of this month qualify; so check my commissions page up top of that interests you. 😀 As for upcoming stuff, I hope to have the current set of voice acting bits finally done soon; but that is not something I can control. I will see what I have time for beyond that in terms of work on the new game… but I do plan to get that last update done for SST before that if I get the voice bits for it. I should have some kind of status update posted sometime before the end of the month.

As I generally end these with – if any kind/awesome people out there would like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of cool new content; (like the new slave training game I have posted previews of a couple months back) and/or perhaps even get access to several of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted and/or the full games I have also made (the micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page, I have recently restarted work on my upcoming game once more and hope to have a beta of this newer slave training game within a couple months; but we will see what happens – anyways, check out my Patreon page!: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart