New mini-set preview for May 2022 posted!

Hi everybody. I made it just in time, as per usual – and I have returned with a new mini-set preview for all of you… featuring my curvy succubus, Helenya! 😀 I checked my mini-set lists, and apparently it was time for a solo set – and Helenya was more or less tied for a turn next, and she hadn’t had a solo set in years… (I don’t count that cosplay set with three characters) so I decided on that! However, that in and of itself wasn’t quite fitting for her style/character…. and also may seem a bit plain for some, so I chose to frame it in a more fun/interesting way this time around – hence her unwilling audience this time around! (He is strictly relegated to watching – and maybe a tiny bit of teasing at the very end if I feel like it; but this is primarily a solo female set.) 🙂

As for the story setup, it is a decent size once again – and it is as follows: One afternoon Helenya was wandering around Zayla’s lair looking for someone to play with, when she randomly came across Zayla herself – yelling at a familiar elven slave boy. Apparently, the demand for male elves had massively gone up lately for whatever reason – and the usual person who bought the slaves that Zayla bred and/or trained was paying almost three times as much for male elves this year. The busty dark elf couldn’t even recall another time where this was the case… but apparently all the various slave breeders had unwittingly brought the price of female elves down to the point where males were worth more at the moment – adult or otherwise.

This was a bit of a problem for Zayla, as she did not have a proper breeding license, and therefore had no easy way to acquire more full-blooded male elves cheaply; and kidnapping a regular male elf would be far too time consuming and difficult. She had a couple male elves as it was, and they were doing their best… allegedly – but one in particular seemed to be having trouble breeding all the girls on his daily schedule after a couple weeks of intense work. For once, Zayla couldn’t do what she usually did and just make him do better right now, since she couldn’t risk hurting him and losing one of her best breeders – plus, she really had a lot of training to oversee… she really had no time for this. To make worse, her prize breeder, Salune – was no help in making new male slaves… since she could only father females, and the extremely rare futa; and having Salune bear children herself was an unnecessary risk.

However, upon seeing her slutty demonic ally, she had a great idea – one that would allow her to resume her other work, yet hopefully encourage this male elf to do better. After quickly explaining the situation, she pushed the timid male elf over to the red headed demon and went off to check on the next breeder. Zayla’s instructions were clear enough – help this elf work up a huge amount of semen, but *don’t* let him cum… since the dark elf needed every drop of his seed that she could manage right now; and knowing that Helenya was a succubus, this effectively meant that she shouldn’t even touch him, just to be on the safe side. The lusty mistress even allowed Helenya to use her room for this… which was rare – so long as she took her boots off before getting on the bed… and cleaned up afterwards.

While Helenya was fairly disappointed with not being able to play with this elf boy properly, she was still looking forward to teasing him – and to the reward that she would surely be due for helping with this. So, she chained the elf up in the cage that Zayla kept by her bed – and also cast two spells on him, just to make extra sure. The red ring of lust around his manhood would keep his cock hard no matter what – and the blue rings of seed sealing around his balls would prevent him from cumming… while she made him work up the biggest load of his life so far. With only the occasional whine and stifled moan from the elf, Helenya stripped in from of him and got onto Zayla’s fancy bed – where she began to show off her impressive assets to the young elf.

After that, Helenya started to play with herself, slowly at first – but it quickly got surprisingly intense, since she had little self-control in regard to sex. The brown-skinned demon put on a hell of a show for him – and her lusty moans could be heard several corridors away… not to mention that her fertile scent permeated the room by the time she was done. An hour (and a few demonic orgasms) later, the elf was nearly in tears – as his cock gushed precum near constantly by this point, and his balls felt like they were on fire and ready to burst. Perhaps she had overdone it… but the horny succubus had accomplished her mission, and that was what mattered most here – so she unchained him and brought him back to her busty dark elven mistress. Zayla praised Helenya for helping her out in such a busy time – and in addition to getting a decent cash bonus for helping her breeder perform properly, the succubus got a big hug and even a kiss from her beautiful boss… which was honestly worth way more than the work she did, not that she would complain. 😀

I hope you all enjoyed that, as well as the preview itself – and I will finish that up next month. You can check the tags on the post here to see what I currently plan to include, but that may change as always.

So, I should be back again in a couple days to go over the polls, and see about some new ones – not sure what the plan is for the side renders yet; I will likely try to work those in during work on this new mini-set, as I still want to think a few things over.

Also, the polls on the right could always use more votes – so please do that if you haven’t already!

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