New DA stuff posted, tumblr, status update

Hey. So I posted five images to DA just now and submitted them to as many groups as possible. So check those out; there are three totally new images and two new preview images for RTL 7 as well. Also I have a tumblr page, I just keep forgetting to post a link here and/or mention it, so there is a link to it on the right now. Currently, it is mostly just some of the same preview images from here reposted over there; but if you like my work, please help spread the word about it and recirculate these images/posts on tumblr.

In other news, I will try to work on the animation over the weekend but just doing the renders alone is going to take probably over a solid 24 hours or more depending; and that is assuming that I can even get it to work. (Never tried an animation in Octane before, so totally unknown area.) I am still going through the contest entries and hope to have the winners posted around the end of this month. However, given all the assorted things that I am working on right now, (and plan to do in the next month or so) I am not sure I will make the end of the year date I mentioned earlier for the winning entries’ images. I will do the best that I can, but it will likely go into January at least. Anyway I hope to have an animation of some sort ready sometime next week and possibly a preview of the next RTL chapter, but that depends on everything else.

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