First Octane animation done!

Hey. So I have completed my first Octane animation attempt and overall things went far better than I was expecting. This is just an animation of Zayla walking but it is easily my best animation so far and I like it a lot. I am posting a half-size gif with watermarks here. The full size version will be sent out to appropriate patrons after payments clear at the start of next month. If you want to help me make more animations like this and/or get access to the full size versions, check out my Patreon page and support me!

I hope to get the contest entries done sometime early next week, but that may get pushed back by new machine assembly/setup/testing.


4 thoughts on “First Octane animation done!

  1. ammon17

    I just noticed your “animations from the old blog” and… Oh my, I didn’t know you were into preggo stuff!

    …Looks like it’s Time to make a slight alteration to ‘The Blessing of Baroness Silvea: Chapter two’. 8~)

    Also, I’m loving the new ‘Drow/Dark Elf Zayla’ animation; looks like she’s walking sexily on a moon treadmill. 😉

    …And here’s hoping I win your contest, just so I can get access to such gems as these.

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Thanks, I am glad you like it. There is actually a whole pregnant tag here on the site with assorted preview images of stuff I have done featuring it. There are also assorted other images on my DA page that have pregnancy content, if that is what you are interested in. Although I did originally make the Karen character as a favor to a friend early in this project, I did decide to keep her as a permanent character to cater to people who enjoy that fetish; much the same way I have Salune to please futa fans. Unfortunately, she has mostly been resigned to mini-sets and DA images due to her not being in my main story arc so far. I do plan to work her and Lucia into the next story arc though, since I do not think they will make it into RTL.

      As for the contest, I hope to get the winners decided/posted in the next few days; though the actual images will likely not be done for another month or more depending on my work load/schedule. I really need to get RTL 8 and next month’s mini-set done before working on the contest images.

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Thank you and I am not sure when the next animation will come and/or who it will be of; but it will likely be Helenya or Salune.


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