Contest is now closed, and this month’s plans.

Hey again.

The contest is now closed so I have taken the old contest page down and I will go over the entries that were submitted and select the winners over the next few weeks. I have no idea when the images for the winning entries will be done, but I am aiming for before the end of December. I also had some assorted back issues last weekend/earlier this week due to me overdoing it the previous week finishing up RTL 7 among with things. I had little choice but to get another shot in my spine and hopefully I will not need another, but I need to be more careful regardless.

In other news, I currently am planning to try and either make a small VN this month or a small animation; I am not sure which yet. The next main image set will almost certainly be pushed back into next month as I am feeling particularly drained right now. On that note, more votes in the polls this month would be great; though it likely won’t be in time for a VN made this month, (if that happens) it would be useful to know for future projects. I plan to try and make a few images for DA over the coming week as well since I have been putting that off for almost two weeks now due to assorted problems that keep coming up.

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