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Elf girl x imps commission!

Hey again. I am back once more with the first new commission of the month – featuring the same elf girl dominatrix OC from several prior commissions by the same person, HermitBear. This time, she is dealing with two particularly demonic imps in her dungeon; and everyone involved is very much enjoying it. 😀

Anyway, do keep in mind that I am having that 15% off commissions above the base price sale this month – and that it does combine with the other discounts I offer. (Patreon, repeat customer.) if you think you might be interested in commissioning me to make one or more renders of something that you really want to see, then check out my commission info page, here – https://redleatherart.com/wp/?page_id=1370. There are also special slots/deals for commissions on my Patreon page if that interests you; which will take this sale into account this month. 🙂 Feel free to ask if you are curious as to whether or not I can/will do a specific scene and/or if you want an estimate!

Salune’s slave training at 1.0, out of beta!

Hey again. It has been a while since my last post, but for good reason; I went over the entire game last weekend and re-balanced pretty much everything, meaning that it is actually good enough to leave beta now! (I know I said it would be another month before, but I was not planning to do a full re-balance and wanted to avoid it if possible, but for assorted reasons I just did it.) Everything I wanted in the base game is included except one thing in particular I wanted to include that I could not get working in the way I wanted; but if I figure that out in the coming weeks I can always update the game and add it back in. There is so much stuff in this game I cannot even begin to list it all here, but check the tags for an idea of what is involved. (That tag list of content types is not all inclusive, just FYI.) I have posted a handful of event previews before, and some of those are re-posted below along with one new one. The game itself is available to my patrons, at the $8 tier and above. Things actually got pushed forward for once… shocking, I know. Preview images and other info after the break due to this post being massive. Continue reading

Patreon story-mini-set basically done, public preview here.

Hey. I am still putting a few finishing touches on the last few story images in the story-mini-set, but it is mostly done. It took this long because I got distracted last weekend and made stuff for DA; after that I decided that I didn’t like the old environment in the set and redid the whole scene in the last few days. This is good for those that get it though; as they now get more than the ten images I planned and the images look better.

The set ended up being 13 images, each with a clean and story version as always. Below is a story preview of the set that my $15 patrons and above got to vote on and choose the subject of and also get once Patreon payments clear. If the below preview interests you, and you want to get future access to these mini-sets or you just want to help support my work here, check out my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

Also, as mentioned previously, the next RTL chapter will likely be next month’s main set. I had a lot of extra stuff to do this month, plus I am still recovering from my various health issues; so I simply did not have time to finish it. I also don’t see it being finished in the next week or so for assorted reasons. I will also likely make an important post tomorrow about a few things; so definitely check back for that and some important new polls that go along with it.RLAPM13Preview