August poll review, new special poll up now.

Hi. This will be quick; there were two polls all last month mostly due to me being injured. One asked about story arc length and the other asked about the sex/story balance in a comic. The sex/story balance landed squarely in the mostly sex area, which is fine as it is what I currently do anyway. The story arc one seemed to prefer longer story arcs; which I will take into consideration later on.

Anyway, here is one of the special things I wanted to do this month; a little special poll asking who you all want to see in a special anniversary image. (Maybe a mini-set if I magically get better mid month.) It will be up for two weeks so vote now and watch for more posts in the coming days about other cool stuff happening.

EDIT 9/3: After yesterday, I will say there is hope. Got dbl old strength meds, doing somewhat ok now for 2nd day in a row in two months, at least so far. RTL 6 story version is 1/4 done, if I stay good I may be able to finish it before patreon even finishes processing payments for last month. To those patrons that stayed, I appreciate your faith/support through this awful time. To those patrons that dropped; I can hardly blame you but it is still quite disappointing, especially considering all that you knew I was planning to do this month for patrons. I hope to post again tomorrow or the day after with something; either RTL 6 previews or the big thing for September.

EDIT 9/5: I am still doing mostly ok physically. RTL 6 story is over halfway done, the other big thing is basically entirely ready. I will try to get RTL 6 finished today if I can, tomorrow if not.
EDIT 9/6: RTL 6 is 80% done… I’m trying to finish it but my leg is acting up atm.

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