Definite short story contest extension – UPDATED 10/3

In other news, I am definitely extending the short story contest; firstly due to me getting yet another error mail from my server again yesterday, indicating that there are still some issues, and second due to the currently low number of actual acceptable entries. I was then undecided as to how long I should extend it, so I just decided to go another month. The contest now ends on November 7th. If you can write even half-decently and want to possibly get what is essentially a free 10 image commission (of sorts) and/or some free publicity; you now have another month to come up with something. There aren’t really a lot of limits as to what you can write about here; I thought there would be more interest (and effort) in this contest than there seems to be.

I have updated the contest page with the new end date and hope that there will be more (and complete) entries. Please remember that there are only three parts per entry that I ask for in the contest; two of which shouldn’t be more than a couple of paragraphs each. If you don’t include all three things and then don’t fix it, your chances of winning and/or even being a qualified entry aren’t great. So please include the character info part and the sex scenario summary in your entry; it doesn’t take long to write and greatly helps me understand what I am getting into and looking for before getting into the story proper.

Please note that there are also definite prizes for second and third place now; a mini set for second place and a single image for third. Be aware that I plan to include the winning submission(s) with the image and/or set that I make from it; for additional context if nothing else.

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