Oh snap! There’s a contest!

Hi again. So the main big thing this month is that I’m going to hold a contest, the details of which are up on that page up there that says CONTEST!. Instead of repeating everything over there on here for no reason, I will summarize; you guys can submit a short story and if it is the best entry, I will make a ten image set about it! Isn’t that cool? You all should check it out, especially other artists/writers which I am going to try and notify via email as well in case they don’t check my site regularly. The contest will be up for a month starting today and is the perfect chance for all of you to get me to make whatever you want within reason. You want elf on elf lesbian action? You want futa on futa fun? How about pregnancy related stuff? Want me to try and make a sci-fi scene? Or do you just want more tentacles? Whatever the case, if you want it bad enough you’ll read the rules and enter the contest, and if you do a good enough job then maybe you can get whatever you want! Spread the word about the poll, the contest, my site, everything.

One things to keep in mind regarding the contest; I will do my best to be fair and unbiased towards different entries, but I have my weaknesses. These things include but are not limited to; elves, dark skin, big tits (within reason; ridiculously huge tits are just silly/tasteless), succubi, catgirls, creampies, and other things you tend to see a lot of in my work. So you may want to take those things into account when writing your entry.

I am still in considerable pain and have no idea if I will be able to do a main image set this month; much of it depends on how my injection goes tomorrow, which with luck will greatly help with the pain. I am also trying to figure out wtf to do regarding much of the Patreon crap I wanted to do, as a few patrons dropped and that leaves patron only votes rather pointless as there are only a few to vote; even if the patrons that are still processing clear. There are also a bunch of new things I wanted to try out and test on patrons which is rather difficult when there are so few… I will see what happens. Also RTL 4 gets a free release sometime this week; exactly when is a surprise.

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