Patreon working again, (I hope) and new Salune preview!

Hi all. Patreon let me log in today so I sent out rewards as applicable. I plan to finish the Patreon mini-set for this month in the next few days, as well as fixing the tags on this site and doing a few other clerical things such as updating the characters page/pictures. The poll is going great; a lot of votes this time as compared to usual. There is a tie for second place currently, which may or may not be a problem; but more votes may fix it as there are still a few days left (it ends on the 12th; I didn’t notice that it doesn’t publicly say when it ends).

In other news, I have finished redoing Salune for now I hope. I would like to get the color of her cock to match her skin a bit better but at the moment this is basically the best I can do. So unless I can figure that out or unless her new hairstyle causes the same problems her old one did, this should be her final new look. Her hair is very similar to her old one but this one controls a lot better and has less extra bits to mess things up. (Long purple hair with a braid on the back.) I also did change the model I use for her cock as I never liked the old one but at the time I made her originally that was all I really had. I could really use feedback/comments on this, but I do plan on sticking with the new cock model regardless. (It handles much better, looks better, etc.) Otherwise watch for a preview of the new Patreon mini-set later this week and keep voting!


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