April special poll results, some game info, new poll up.

Hey again. So the special poll is over, and it seems that futa and lesbian sex won with 15 and 13 votes respectively. Pregnancy and anal came in third and fourth with nine and seven votes; and toys came fifth with five. If what you wanted did not win, don’t worry there will be other polls; some of which will be Patreon only. This time however I will work in futa and lesbian sex into this next story set, possibly some of the other top voted things as well; but again no guarantees there. My plan for this set is to hopefully finish it early this time and have some time to work on the game I am still trying to make. Before that though, there is a new poll up; it asks how interested would you be in an adult VN if I made one, with various levels of interest. (This is my next planned project; it should be a lot easier than what I am doing now.) More info after the break, this post is huge.

In that area, I spent some time yesterday looking over some things and figuring out some stuff. I meant to do all those clerical things, but this took too long so that will have to wait until later. (I did get some clerical things done but nothing you guys will probably notice.) As for the game though, my getting Octane and moving to a new site fucked progress on that rather hard and I am just now getting things back to normal in a workflow sense.

I figured out a bunch of things that needed it for the game regarding Octane which is great overall, Octane should make images for this look great and make them faster. The only problem stems from Octane’s limits on what I can use in one scene. This means that there is a physical cap on how much I can put in one scene at a time, and that some of the ideas that I wanted to do are going to be very difficult if not impossible to do because of that. I will still try to do some of it, but using three figures in a scene is basically my limit right now; as I have mentioned before. Assuming that I can get this next set done in a timely fashion which I think I actually should this time since it is mostly planned out already, I am hoping to get some substantial work done on this game later this month.

There are many reasons this is taking so long but primarily it is just large amounts of work that need to be done that I have not had time for. (Making this new site was a lot more work than I hoped it would be, but I think it came out for the best.) As planned, each event in the game will have a handful of variations in both text and image form; which makes each even a story mini-set in itself. I do not know if there will be previews, or if they will be posted here or on Patreon if there are any, likely not here. Whenever it gets done enough for a beta (I plan to do this for this game when it hits the 60% mark or so, whatever it is when the closest start of a month rolls around), or even a general release; it will go to Patreon first, for how long I cannot say. (Still unsure on Patreon exclusivity length overall, it will likely depend on the level of support I get by that point.) I also do plan to have a Patreon poll early next month asking who they want to see in the next mini-set; so if you are interested in that check out my Patreon page. (https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart)

2 thoughts on “April special poll results, some game info, new poll up.

  1. myself

    yay voted for lesbian and futa, but if we think about it (greedly) i mean rationaly: there is nothing to say that futa cant be futa anal sex, and nothing to restrict about a futa girl not being able to make her partner pregnant right? 😀 oh and lesbian sex is always more fun when they bring toys specially double dong dildo 😛 just my thoughs lalala

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Yea, that was basically my thoughts on this as well; I will see how much I can work in when I make it. This was basically the reason I listed those other high voted things in the post though, is that I thought I could work at least some of them in with the winners. So we shall see what ends up happening but fair bet some of that will show up.


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