RTL chapter three, “Uninvited Guests” complete!

Hi again. I finally finished RTL chapter three, and it ended up being 37 images, each with a clean and story version. There are again SIX preview images below, three clean and three with the story version. The set features a ton of stuff, notably futa and lesbian content as voted by the special poll. It also features Zayla and Salune, as well as an unlucky elven innkeeper. There are a ton of tags for this set, and I still need to go over the tags in general at some point… so there may even be more later. As I mentioned earlier, I did manage to work in most things that were on the special poll at least a little bit, so check the tags. I also worked in something for the only commenter I have on the new site so far.

I think the set is really nice, and it will go out to appropriate patrons on Patreon after payment for the month clears. (There will be an additional preview image on Patreon.) I never did figure out how long to wait before I release these sets here, I suppose it will depend on how much support I can get in the coming months. Anyway I am out for now, I will post again next week with some more info on the coming patreon polls and other stuff. I have a set plan next time to keep the set at one scene, twenty-ish images.


2 thoughts on “RTL chapter three, “Uninvited Guests” complete!

    1. redleatherart Post author

      Thank you. I worked in some of the things you mentioned as you are the only person who bothered to give me any feedback as to what they wanted beyond the poll. The innkeeper is a minor character, she will be in the next set as well at the minimum for story reasons; whether or not she has more sex scenes I cannot say yet. That will mostly depend on the poll that my patrons will vote on, hopefully I can get that up later today. So she is technically recurring, but not a permanent character; similar to the elf sisters in the first two chapters.


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