RTL chapter 3 early public preview!

Hi again. Here is the early public preview for RTL chapter 3. (Mostly final but may be subject to change.) This is from the second half of what I have planned for the chapter, and it features Salune and an unfortunate elven innkeeper. As far as actual progress goes, I have part two of the set about 70% done and then I will start construction on part one. The set is looking nice and will likely get to the upper 20s as far as total images. I am still hoping to get it done by mid next week, I should have a fair bit of time over the weekend to work on it, so hopefully that will work out. Comments and feedback are welcome.

EDIT 4/19: i didn’t get as much time so far this weekend as I had hoped, (still may get some more today but it seems unlikely) but I think I can still manage to finish this set by Wednesday or Thursday. Side note: there will be two Patreon polls at the start of next month, one deciding some part of next month’s story set and another one regarding who should be featured in next month’s mini-set. (The mini-set one will be only for the mini-set tier and up, however the other one I plan to let all Patrons vote this time.) So check out my Patreon page if you want to get in on either/both of those and help support my work. https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart


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