4/25 Update: RTL chapter three construction done, working on the rest.

I have just finished the construction portion of making the new set, and it looks great. However, I see this potentially going into at least tomorrow and possibly into Tuesday; (I will be busy on Monday, very low chance of time to work on this) not just because of the various real life crap I have had to deal with all week, but also because of me again failing to keep the set at the target twenty images. Part two as it currently stands is around 18 images, and Part one is around 16. I am almost certainly going to have to cut some things… but overall the set will likely be at least 30 images if I can keep it that low. I may get more time later today and be able to work on final renders, but I think this is unlikely. It is possible that I can finish it tomorrow but I think there is at least two days of work left to do; which is mostly due to the set being larger than it should be once again. (The real life crap didn’t help either.) Long story short, bigger sets take longer; this ended up being bigger than planned again. Oh and I did manage to work in a lot of the things from the last special poll in some capacity.

EDIT 4/26: Real life still not cooperating; so Tuesday or Wednesday.

EDIT 4/29: Final renders and clean versions of each image done; I just can’t finish the rest today. Should be able to get it done tomorrow. Set ended up being 35-ish images, (instead of 20) and they are also higher quality than I originally intended. (I figured out some new stuff in Octane to fix some things… after I had done much of it already the old way.) It all looks really nice and unless something horrible happens I plan to finish the composition/story part tomorrow. Sorry for the multiple delays, but again the set is twice as large as i had initially planned; also hopefully it looks better now than it did with these changes.

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