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Another game scene preview!

Hi again, sorry this is a bit late but here is another preview from the game I am working on; this one is from the lesbian training scene set (which will be implemented in the beta build sent out early next week, along with I hope two other scene sets). This image is from one of the mid level training events, and it shows Salune riding a strap on, worn by another of Zayla’s slaves. I am still trying to get all sorts of other stuff working/figuring out if I want to add images for certain extra events or not. I have no idea what will be done by monday/tuesday, but my mid level patrons will get whatever I can get together. Check out my Patreon page if you are interested in supporting my work and/or possibly beta access to the game so far. Remember, it does charge up front now; so you no longer have to wait weeks to get your rewards! Also I am working though my planned changes to my patreon page, which I hope to get done/live later this month; after working on the game more, doing this month’s Patreon mini-set and whatever else I decide to do.


New game public previews!

Hi again. I am back and I have decided to post some more info/public previews of the game beta I sent out to my mid level patrons a few days ago! Below are FOUR previews, including a screen cut of the previous one from in game. As mentioned before, the game is called “Salune’s slave training” and the goal is to get Salune’s assorted stats as high as possible within a month (maybe more) by picking assorted training activities and even making choices inside those activities; as shown a bit below! Currently, only four activities are implemented; and they may still be expanded or redone slightly, but apparently my patrons really like this so far. I am going to work on it as I can and I hope to get it done mid-spring or so next year, but I will update the beta given to my mid level patrons as I go along. (I hope to have at least one new event put in for next month, but I want to do animations for the general content this month and those are messy.) If you want to check this out and/or help support my work/making this, check out my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

The first screen is from the lowest level of bondage training, as mentioned before; however, things do get far more interesting as her skills increase. The second screen is just a cut of the menu that shows if you select “Oral training”, it gives you a choice of how you want to do that; as some events in the game will have things like this. The third image shows one variation of the oral training, and a choice within that choice, that shows alternate text and affects the stats gained/lost. (Obviously the stat increases/decreases with each event are just token right now; I have to balance that more when the game is almost complete.) Currently each scene level/variation has only one image associated; but there are/will be text variations and other choices to keep it interesting. Some events will have more options than others, but that is just the nature of these things; much of the text for the events currently in the game will likely be expanded later to match future events as well. (I kept it semi-basic for many events to try and not go overboard again; although that happened anyway.) I may even add more events/images after the base game is done; that is just one of many possibilities If people like this. My patrons also have the current planned event type list, though that is not final. The last preview image is just a cut from the second level scene from the “masturbation” training option; which was one of the options voted for by my patrons last month to be put in first. (It’s worth noting that I put in all three options that were voted for.) Also worth mentioning is that both this and the small VN I made before have a cg gallery, so you can see all the images you have already viewed without anything on top of them; and this is in the game already. I hope you all like these previews from the first beta of this game, and perhaps some of you will want to try it; which would be great. Either way, I will have a preview of something else new around the end of this week. The polls on the right also could really use more votes.

EDIT – 11/21: So to no one’s great surprise, I am a bit behind again due to constant interruptions and issues with long chains of renders for this one animation. I will give it another go tonight, but I may just have to do plan B again, we will see.

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Early public game scene preview!

Hey. So below is the public early preview (patrons saw this early this week) for one part of one event in the game so far; the low level bondage training image is shown below. (This was also one of the events voted for in this month’s Patreon poll.) There will of course be assorted text with all of these events, but I chose to just post the plain image instead of an awkward screen cut so that you can see it better. The events in the game will scale in intensity and activity as Salune’s stats increase; starting at simple activities like this and eventually getting into decidedly rough territory in most cases. This is a tamer example, used mostly due to restrictions on what can be posted directly on Patreon.

As previously stated, each event will be a mini-set of sorts with narration, each split between the assorted levels for each training (I currently plan to have four levels of each and will probably just use 0-25, 26-50, 51-79, and 80+ to keep it simple); likely leaving low level events such as the one below with one scene image, and the highest level events per activity likely getting two or three. There will also be some other qualifiers for different event variants, including player choice and random chance, for example. The descriptions and explanations will also increase in intensity with the trainings; not least because I can write here without worrying about running out of screen space, as I do with the actual story sets. I am also planning to have some basic sound effects in this game, not just music like the previous micro VN. I am aiming for 4-5 events totally done before I send this out in a bit over a week, and I am on track to hit that goal. If people really like this, I can always come back later and add to the original events and/or add more/different events later; I have several ideas in this regard.

If any of this interests you, check out my Patreon page and consider supporting me; everything put forward helps support my work and helps me make more and better content. Starting with this month, whatever I have done toward this game will be sent out to my $15+ patrons, and the finished game itself will get sent out to $5+ patrons, whenever that may be. However, I have no plans to release this publicly; much like the micro VN from a few months back, this may just remain a Patreon only thing. Do also remember that the mini-sets reset at the start of next year, so you may want to get them before they are gone. (Over twenty minisets are currently available to my $15+ patrons, a couple are full size story sets.) https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart


General game info/plans!

Hey again. I just posted the game event preview to my patrons, but it was a bit later than I had hoped. So the public preview will likely come at the end of this week sometime. However, for now I will give you all the longer and likely more informative written synopsis of the game. For those of you who remember, my original game idea was a slave training sim game featuring Zayla and Salune (as well as many random slaves/creatures of course). Way back before I had this site, when I first did this poll. people really wanted simulation type games; with assorted other options such as rpg games and VNs after that. Based on the poll on the right, things seem to have changed; but I still think people will enjoy this; if nothing else, people supposedly really like futa in 3D stuff… so there is definitely going to be plenty of that. (I will discuss the issue of game preferences early next month when the current polls are over.)

For those of you that either don’t know or don’t recall, the general idea of this game is to train Salune’s assorted stats as high as possible within a certain timeframe using a variety of events/trainings that cover a fairly wide assortment of things. Each training raises certain stats, but some training events are more powerful than others, and have negatives associated with them in addition to the positives (i.e. they don’t just add to stats, they reduce some as well) so care/restraint is needed to do well. Once the set time is up, the game gives you a score based on all your stats, and you might even get something extra if you do really well. The assorted events will have variations based on Salune’s stats and other factors (including random chance); though there won’t be as much as I would like of this in the initial version.

I cut some things for the base version simply to get it done reasonably quickly, but I can always expand on it later if people like it. I plan to have 20-ish events in the game for the initial version, with all sorts of additions possible. Each event is essentially a mini-set with some narration to go with it. My patrons already have an idea of what events this will include, though that list is by no means final. As noted before, my mid-level patrons will get whatever I have done starting next month as a very early beta of sorts; and I am hoping to get this finished before next year, but we will see how that goes. Once it is done, it will go to my basic patrons and up (though patrons above that would have earlier versions of it already); right now, I have no idea when or if it will get released free.

So look forward to that, and please vote in the polls if you haven’t already; the public event preview should come sometime late this week.

RLA VN 1 – “An Alternate Route” done.

Hi. So as the title mentions, I finished the small VN I was working on last night, and sent it out to my Patrons. (I know it is later than planned, but that is explained in a bit.) This was supposed to be a 5-8 image test VN made mostly to test out the entire process before I make anything larger. Somehow last week I ended up expanding the VN until it became it’s current 23 images; so it isn’t that small anymore. It is essentially five mini-sets strung together in game form with a few choices thrown in. The basic story is that you control Elare the elf on her way back to her village, and assorted things can happen along the way.

It has a little something for everyone, and does feature a good end and a bad end currently. (The good ending is pretty much nothing though; I figured nobody would really bother with it and I had to stop myself from expanding this thing any further.) There are a ton of tags on this post showing some stuff that is in the game, along with a couple preview images below. The VN also has a cg gallery (for stuff you’ve seen) and some music thrown in. I will revise it later this month to fix a few small problems that remain, and possibly to expand the dialogue in spots; but that is not certain. If you want access to this, and/or want to support me making more renders/games like it, check out my Patreon page!






Polls review, new polls, probable changes to some things.

Ok so first off the last set off polls was the worst yet in terms of votes; (a maximum of six) which is far from encouraging. I can only speculate that the topics were of no interest to most people; as one poll indicated that my current written previews are sufficient and/or that nobody reads them anyway (which is depressing) and the other poll was basically a three way tie as far as 7-zip goes, so I will just keep using it. If only two people care enough to say they don’t like it, then it can’t be that big of an issue.

There are two new polls up; they are likely to be the last polls for a while if nobody bothers to vote again. Perhaps the subjects of the new polls might draw people to actually vote this time, they will be up all month. I had a very large post that I was going to post instead of this one but I will instead summarize it: I really need and/or want more feedback, comments, votes, and preferably even support from all of you. If nobody tells me what they like and what they don’t like about my work, then I have no idea how to improve it. I can’t fix problems that nobody tells me about. If nobody wants to bother supporting my work, giving feedback, leaving comments, or even voting in the polls anymore, then it really makes me feel like I’m just feel like I’m wasting my time here making all these image sets. I at least get some positive reaction from most individual images that I post on DA. A little effort and/or appreciation goes a long way, people.

With no real feedback, I can only assume that the general lack of support is due to me giving most things out for free already; if the way I am doing things isn’t working, then something needs to change.  I already push the limits of what this limited machine can do with almost every render i make as it is. Sometimes I already have to split renders just to get everything I want in one image. I really want to work on this full time and make better and bigger image sets, but I need support or at the very least some feedback to help me do that. Comments and votes are free, so there really aren’t any good excuses for not doing those at the minimum. I am also likely to try opening up for commissions soon; and see if that helps out at all. If I didn’t like making all this stuff, then I wouldn’t be doing it; but I would at least like to know that people are enjoying what I make here.

Anyway, for the five of you that actually read this this far down, I am also seriously considering shelving my current game idea (for those of you that even know what that is; if you don’t then search my site for the old post I made a while back about it) in favor of small VNs. My current idea would take months of solid work (assuming that I was doing nothing else) to completely finish the way I want to and I cannot justify doing that (or just taking time to work on something that I will not finish in the foreseeable future unless I stop making regular sets) as things currently stand. (With seemingly no interest and no support.) Yes, I could do a crappy job to finish it quickly and then go back and put in more content later, but that is the worst way to make any game and generally a recipe for disaster.

Small VNs are much more within the realm of what I could do in a reasonable time-span, and would give my Patreon tiers more weight, in addition to likely extending main set exclusivity at the bare minimum. (The current game idea if done the way I planed would likely be at least 6 small VNs worth of work and scenes; and  then there is also the problem where some of the scenes that I initially planned to include in the game [back when I first came up with the idea nine months ago and didn’t have Octane] I can no longer do because of my limited hardware and Octane’s memory limits to consider as well.) Anyway, RTL 5 will get a free release in the next week or so, and RTL 7 will get done sometime this month; after that I am not sure what will happen anymore. Looking at the polls and this post, it should be clear what my plans are likely to be unless something changes.

Slave training game scene preview!

Hi again, big post here but I am going to leave it without a break because it has images. Quick notes first; I did some minor edits to the character page and ran through the site tags, I did a better job with the tags than I thought so I think they are good for now. (Don’t want to overdo it.) Also, the votes in the current polls are great so keep that up!

So here is an update a fair number of you have likely been looking forward to. I have yet to post anything solid here on the new site regarding the game that I am currently working on so here is an updated preview. The old previews are still on my old blog, but this is more up to date and features a more practical preview and octane renders. Below are two preview images for one scene in the game, nothing in the images is final; but it should give you all a better idea of what my plan is, along with the explanation. Some people have been doing searches on the new site for game related stuff and I really should have something here for that, so here it is!


The left image is the last dialogue line in the actual training scene, the right image is the results screen for the end of that training time slot. As you can see, training Salune in masturbation improves her shame and perversion skills right now. The amounts given to stats for each training is semi-random but adheres to a formula that is dependent on the training type and Salune’s skill levels relating to it. Higher stats usually means better training and better training raises stats faster.

In case you didn’t read my old preview or are a newcomer here, this is a little slave training game and the point of the game is to get all of Salune’s stats as high as possible within a set time limit. This isn’t as easy as it sounds though; some stats are harder to raise than others and certain trainings are very intense and will also lower some of Salune’s stats in addition to raising others. You have to try different things and figure out what will give you what you the most benefits. (Or you could just ignore the objective and do whatever you want to Salune. 0_0) There are also variations for each training which are shown depending on certain factors; this may be her personal stats, the number of times she has done a particular activity, your choice as the player, or even a random chance of something happening.

I want to put all kinds of cool stuff and options in the game but the more that goes into it, the longer it will take. Also as noted on the old blog, this is definitively a side project right now; my normal image sets and mini-sets take priority over working on this. As it stands, I just don’t have the time to do everything each month, especially when I keep making huge images sets when I shouldn’t; but if you want to support me on my Patreon page, (https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart) that can change. More support there means that I have less other things that I need to do and more time to focus on everything related to this site. There will be another scene preview for the game up on Patreon in a month or two depending. Most of my patrons will get early access to the game whenever it is done; it will be released on Patreon a while before it is posted here. (Probably longer than a normal image set.) Also some patrons will have beta access to an early build of the game whenever I have enough done for that. I have no idea if/when the next preview for the game will be here, there is just no way to tell. At least now there is something on the new site in relation to the game, which is what I wanted. Hopefully you all like it; questions and comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.

April special poll results, some game info, new poll up.

Hey again. So the special poll is over, and it seems that futa and lesbian sex won with 15 and 13 votes respectively. Pregnancy and anal came in third and fourth with nine and seven votes; and toys came fifth with five. If what you wanted did not win, don’t worry there will be other polls; some of which will be Patreon only. This time however I will work in futa and lesbian sex into this next story set, possibly some of the other top voted things as well; but again no guarantees there. My plan for this set is to hopefully finish it early this time and have some time to work on the game I am still trying to make. Before that though, there is a new poll up; it asks how interested would you be in an adult VN if I made one, with various levels of interest. (This is my next planned project; it should be a lot easier than what I am doing now.) More info after the break, this post is huge.

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