Polls review, new polls, probable changes to some things.

Ok so first off the last set off polls was the worst yet in terms of votes; (a maximum of six) which is far from encouraging. I can only speculate that the topics were of no interest to most people; as one poll indicated that my current written previews are sufficient and/or that nobody reads them anyway (which is depressing) and the other poll was basically a three way tie as far as 7-zip goes, so I will just keep using it. If only two people care enough to say they don’t like it, then it can’t be that big of an issue.

There are two new polls up; they are likely to be the last polls for a while if nobody bothers to vote again. Perhaps the subjects of the new polls might draw people to actually vote this time, they will be up all month. I had a very large post that I was going to post instead of this one but I will instead summarize it: I really need and/or want more feedback, comments, votes, and preferably even support from all of you. If nobody tells me what they like and what they don’t like about my work, then I have no idea how to improve it. I can’t fix problems that nobody tells me about. If nobody wants to bother supporting my work, giving feedback, leaving comments, or even voting in the polls anymore, then it really makes me feel like I’m just feel like I’m wasting my time here making all these image sets. I at least get some positive reaction from most individual images that I post on DA. A little effort and/or appreciation goes a long way, people.

With no real feedback, I can only assume that the general lack of support is due to me giving most things out for free already; if the way I am doing things isn’t working, then something needs to change.  I already push the limits of what this limited machine can do with almost every render i make as it is. Sometimes I already have to split renders just to get everything I want in one image. I really want to work on this full time and make better and bigger image sets, but I need support or at the very least some feedback to help me do that. Comments and votes are free, so there really aren’t any good excuses for not doing those at the minimum. I am also likely to try opening up for commissions soon; and see if that helps out at all. If I didn’t like making all this stuff, then I wouldn’t be doing it; but I would at least like to know that people are enjoying what I make here.

Anyway, for the five of you that actually read this this far down, I am also seriously considering shelving my current game idea (for those of you that even know what that is; if you don’t then search my site for the old post I made a while back about it) in favor of small VNs. My current idea would take months of solid work (assuming that I was doing nothing else) to completely finish the way I want to and I cannot justify doing that (or just taking time to work on something that I will not finish in the foreseeable future unless I stop making regular sets) as things currently stand. (With seemingly no interest and no support.) Yes, I could do a crappy job to finish it quickly and then go back and put in more content later, but that is the worst way to make any game and generally a recipe for disaster.

Small VNs are much more within the realm of what I could do in a reasonable time-span, and would give my Patreon tiers more weight, in addition to likely extending main set exclusivity at the bare minimum. (The current game idea if done the way I planed would likely be at least 6 small VNs worth of work and scenes; and  then there is also the problem where some of the scenes that I initially planned to include in the game [back when I first came up with the idea nine months ago and didn’t have Octane] I can no longer do because of my limited hardware and Octane’s memory limits to consider as well.) Anyway, RTL 5 will get a free release in the next week or so, and RTL 7 will get done sometime this month; after that I am not sure what will happen anymore. Looking at the polls and this post, it should be clear what my plans are likely to be unless something changes.

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