Status update: 12/15

Hey. So I am a bit behind schedule due to a rough past two weeks in terms of physical health and other real life issues, but my new machine is now assembled and almost ready to use on renders. I just need to copy over all my files and transfer some other things and it should be ready. I plan to try and use it for the mini-set and/or RTL 8 preview that I hope to have done by the end of the week. I know there has been a bit of a lack of content recently, but if this works as it should it will more than make up for the delays since I won’t have nearly as many problems rendering anymore. (The general slowness of content recently is still almost entirely due to me not being able to sit for very long [if at all] most of the time which limits what I can do; and there still really isn’t anything more I can do about this.) The polls could use some more votes incidentally, so check those out if you haven’t.

EDIT 12/17: New machine is up and running; with only a few small issues related to porting over all my content that need fixing, it shouldn’t take that long. I am not sure if I will change what I was planning for RTL 8 or not; is is still early enough in the process that I could change it with minimal problems. (I waited to do much of it for this very reason; I was hoping that it would be ready a bit sooner.) However, this would likely push the set into next month a bit; but even that is not certain. I have been working with what little time I had this whole week getting this new computer all set up and working in the hopes that I could use it on this month’s content; but I am not sure I have the time left to do all that this month. The mini-set will have it and will definitely get done this month; the main set it will mainly depend on if I change my original plan or not, as well as my general available time due to my continued back issues. I am still hoping to get preview(s) of something up this weekend, I will do the best that I can to get that done; but I am doing somewhat better recently in terms of health and I do not under any circumstances want to mess up my back again now that it is doing slightly better. I am also trying to go to physical therapy twice a week now which leaves me in too much pain to work usually both the day of and the day after.

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