November polls review, new polls posted.

Hi again. So two new polls are up now, one asks which type of VN-like game idea you prefer most, and the other asks about possibilities for future animations. Keep in mind that the more complicated the item, the longer/less likely it is to happen overall. The animation I just posted was fairly easy to do because it is one character over a black background; there wasn’t much to complicate the render/animation process. Similarly, the more complex the VN idea, the longer it would take; much like my first game idea which would take a couple months of solid work, which is why I had to shelve it for the moment. (My new hardware may help this, but I don’t know yet; regardless, some sort of VN will almost certainly come first.) Previous polls discussion after the break.

So to review last month’s polls; first off the protagonist gender preference one was a tie between female and futa, which I kind of expected. Whenever I get around to making my first VN, it will likely be a female main character; just because that is more audience friendly and all-inclusive, as futa does really turn some people off. There may be a futa main character at some point down the line, and there will almost certainly be futa scenes somewhere in the other games, but the first few will likely be female main characters for safety/simplicity’s sake.

The other poll was the genre preference one, which was interesting in a way. Fantasy did win by a wide margin but there were a fair number of votes for sci-fi and even some for modern; which I found really surprising. As I have mentioned at assorted points, I would like to do some sci-fi renders at some point, but I do not have the time to do both Fantasy and Sci-fi (alternating would just be weird and confusing); and if I had to choose one of the two, I choose fantasy (as most people also seem to). That being said, I do have a bunch of characters, background info for them, stories, and other bits that I have made at assorted points for a sci-fi image set series if/when I ever get the time. The main way I see this being worked in at the moment is through Patreon mini-sets or possibly even VNs; it mainly depends on the time I can spare for this project and the support I get from all of you (which gives me more time to work on all this). I have no plans to make any modern-themed sets at this time.

As for the contest, I am almost done going over the entries but there are some small things that I probably need to go over with some of the authors before I can decide/post the winning entries. (One of the current top entries has no title, and a few other small technical things.) So hopefully later this week I can post the winners (and the winning short stories, minus the all the other sections and personal info); though the actual images for them will not be done until probably even next month, honestly. (Even posting the winners may get bumped to next week to due email response times, and me likely being busy building/testing my new machine in a couple of days.) I have a lot of other things to do this month, (mini-set, RTL 8) and those things come first.

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