RTL 8 delayed until January; Happy preemptive New Year!

Hi again. As the title says, I have had to delay RTL 8 until next month due to too much lost time this month due to both making my new computer earlier in the month and now having physical therapy twice a week. (The holidays didn’t help either.) It is also nearing the end of the effectiveness time for the shot in my back which may leave me in crippling physical pain again; so there is no way to know when RTL 8 will get done, but sometime in January for sure I would think. Naturally this will push back everything else that I had planned next month, such as the images for the winning contest entries and another thing; but that can’t really be helped at this point. We will just have to see when I can get this done and how it all ends up working out; but theoretically people wanted monsters, so this should be worth the wait. Hopefully all this physical therapy and stuff will pay off in the long term and help me get over this annoying pain in my back and be able to work on things properly again. In other news, Happy late Holidays and Happy early New Year!

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