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Merry Xmas everyone, LITC chapter four, “Demonic Interrogation” free release!

Hi all. I wanted to stop by and post here to wish you all a Merry Xmas once again. I posted two new holiday themed side renders on my various pages for you all to enjoy last night, along with a third new one that is not Xmas themed… which I just posted now. I hope you all liked those – and the plan now is that I will try to finish the seventh anniversary mini-set next week… I should hopefully be able to get that done before the end of the month. I will do what I can, and we will see how it goes; not sure if the mini-set preview for the mini-set next month will get posted this month or not yet… we will see about that as well.

It would really be nice to get votes in the polls… although I already had to just test it myself – it seems to work fine; there just are no votes this month for whatever reason… which is extremely disheartening all around.

And even though people seem uninterested right now due to the lack of votes, I still feel the need to give out a new free story set again this year – though I seriously considered not doing so. Details and the link are after the break, for those interested.
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February 2021 mini-set preview here!

Hey, hey! I did get the new mini-set preview done in time, and it is below, for those interested. This newest mini-set is a sequel of sorts to the previous Karen mini-set (#70)… and is a more hopeful, end of pandemic/social distancing kind of thing. It was Karen’s turn this month, as well as time for a new M/F couple mini-set, and I had also been meaning to work Matt into one of these for a long while as well – so here that is. You can check the tags on this post to see what I plan to include in this mini-set right now, but that may be subject to change, as per usual.

The story/setup is simply that it is several months after the previous mini-set, and the plague is effectively over – very few people are getting sick now, but it will likely be another month or two before the brothels reopen, and Karen can go back to work. However – one of her many friends/lovers has dropped by to help cheer her up in the mean time, now what it is considered safe to do so. Matt brought her some nice pink roses, since she loves pink, as well as flowers; and told her that he would do his best to cheer her up… even though he knew what she surely would want to do, given her job/reputation… and being pent up alone for so long. The next few hours were quite rough and passionate – but very much deserved on both counts, and they both enjoyed it immensely. The following morning, Matt would leave the mansion where Karen was staying rather tired, and in some moderate pain, from having that much sex in so short a period. He was nowhere near as skilled as most men, due to his overly proper and kind nature… but he wanted to help Karen feel better – and he had definitely done that; so it was more than worth it to him… and he found himself missing her before he even got back to his home. 🙂 (Also, do not actually go out and do this type of thing until the real life pandemic is actually over – this is just a hint at what I hope will be the near future… with this whole mess more or less ending.)

I hope you all enjoy the preview, and as I said yesterday, I will be back in a few days to update the polls and go over the old ones, so please vote in those if you haven’t already. Otherwise, I am really hoping to get something else done next month… but we will just have to see how things are going in a week or so. (So far so good, but that means almost nothing.)

As always – if anyone out there would like to help support me and/or my work on all sorts of new content; and/or perhaps even get access to several of these mini-sets and/or lots of other rewards too, like the other finished story sets, and larger versions of the completed animations I have made/posted, and/or the full games I have also made. (The micro VN and Salune’s Slave Training are still available via my Patreon page; and I am doing what I can on the new game with whatever time I may be able to spare – if any…) Regardless, check out my updated Patreon page!: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

LITC chapter four, “Demonic Interrogation” previews up!

Hey! Sorry these came a bit later than I had hoped; but in a way I don’t think that is all that surprising at this point. (I had some very strange render issues that I absolutely had to fix.) I have posted the previews for LITC chapter four below, and as you can guess from the title and the images, it involves Helenya having her way with a captured Matt. Helenya returns to her temporary hideout with her newest acquisition (the pregnant half-elf from the last two chapters) only to find all of her other kidnapped sluts missing, and an unconscious man (Matt) on the ground. The succubus is understandably very angry; and decides to interrogate her only suspect in this “crime” using her vast array of sexual skills. Even if Helenya cannot get any useful information out of him, perhaps she can use him to vent her frustrations a bit… as well as get some more lust energy. Matt is weak and vastly outclassed in terms of sexual skill… but can he endure the demon’s assorted “tortures”? Will Matt tell her who took her would-be slaves? Does he even know? Only one way to find out…

There is a lot of femdom and non-con fun in here – and at least one of them is greatly enjoying it. (Perhaps too much.) The story set is not quite finished, but is in the mid-thirties in terms of total image number… though that will likely go up a bit. (I will update this post later with the final count once I have it.) [EDIT: The story set ended up a total of 61 images… each with a clean and story version – don’t ask how this happened.] There is a fair bit of stuff in here that is currently without a proper tag as well… which I might have to add in.

So while I finish this up, vote in the polls on right if you haven’t already, and also check out the demo for “Salune’s slave training” if you haven’t yet for some reason! (Download link is up in the game preview gallery as well as a few posts back.) Side note, I plan to add some more voice bits to the game later this month… after this story set gets situated and send out Patreon rewards – hopefully early next week.

The four public previews are below; two clean and two story as usual. (Text may yet change a bit due to me still finishing the last quarter of it – I may need to shift things around if the set expands.) If any of this (or my other work) interests you, or if you just want to help support me, please check my Patreon page!