Status update: 1/11

Hey. Just checking in quickly to note that I am still here and working on everything. My patrons know what to expect from this month’s mini-set and I am still working on RTL 8. Strangely my weekends recently have been busy though, so I haven’t had as much time to work on everything as I’d like. So I am still not totally sure when RTL 8 will get done, but I think I should have a fair bit of time in the next couple of days so we will see how much I can do. However, so far so good as far as my health goes, so things are as good as can be expected right now. (My previous shot wore off around a week ago and I can still move so I am definitely doing better.)

I also spent a few hours looking over the assorted VN-making/game-making stuff I was doing way back whenever; as mentioned in the last post. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first time, these polls are probably among the most important that there have been/will be for quite a while; as it lets me know what people want to see. (Or at least what the people who can read english and/or care enough to vote want, which is what matters.) I also updated my main Patreon page, as apparently the update that I thought I did last month didn’t save somehow.

Anyway, while looking though my old game stuff, I did manage to figure out one thing that had eluded me for weeks way back when I was trying to get a cg gallery working for my original game idea; which is something that I would also want any game I make to have. What I have coded here doesn’t make much sense to me, but it works somehow and that is really all that matters. Long story short, once I get over all this health crap (and get through all the other stuff in my backlog here, such as the short story contest winner renders, making some more stuff for DA, and posting commission info) things are looking good for me do to any and/or most of the things in the one poll. However, I need to know what people want most in order to know what to work on; right now it seems most people prefer my story sets and yet most people also want me to do the two-month plan for additional types of content and less story sets; which doesn’t make much sense. Yes, I realize that I haven’t actually made any full games yet; but given all my released story sets, it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that in an interactive format. I also realize that people may just currently prefer my story sets but want to see something else as well, but the current results still seem strange. Total votes right now are also rather low, given the high importance of the poll; so check out the polls on the right if you haven’t already.

EDIT 1/15: I got a bit done, but this week was the last one for my twice a week sessions for physical therapy; so after this is when it gets interesting. So far so good, but I do not want to jinx anything; this weekend should be clearer than the previous ones so I will see how the next few days go.

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