Serious weather issues.

Hey. I am posting this as a small status update and heads up if I don’t post anything over the coming weekend. Today was my last day of physical therapy so hopefully that whole thing is done with; and for the most part I feel better most of the time so I think it probably is. (I hope.) However, this whole past week the weather has been shifting 30 degrees up and down between day and night temperatures, which trigger the weather/pressure related migraines that I have been getting all my life. I haven’t been able to work on this stuff realistically for more than a couple hours each day this week since staring at a screen just makes my head/eyes hurt even worse.  (I have been planning through/writing some other things ahead though.) To top all this crap off, now we are expecting a blizzard of possibly record-breaking and/or historical proportions tomorrow and the next day on the US east coast; and I live right in the middle of where it is going to be worst. There have been all sorts of warnings and such about this; but the main one that concerns me is the possibility of losing power due to two feet of snow/wind/ice.

I mainly get the headaches when the weather comes and goes, but while it’s here I am generally fine; so I was hoping to get RTL 8 actually finished over the coming weekend. However, if the power goes out, I obviously have no way to do that. There is also the possibility that I get RTL 8 done but my internet goes out and I have no way to post the previews; essentially anything can happen here and there is no way for me to know until it happens, during which I may have no way of saying anything until after it is fixed. Long story short, I will do the best that I can, (without hurting myself further) as I always try to do; but my one issue has been traded for two others this week, and there is nothing I can do about this. In other news, more votes in the polls would be appreciated so that I have a better idea of what people want from this point forward; since as it stands people seem to just want story sets with some other kind of content on the side. That is totally fine and the poll is rather definitive in terms of votes right now as far as you all seeming to want the above, but there are aren’t that many votes in either poll; so things could still change. Thanks to all who voted though, I do keep the results from the polls in mind when making/planning future stuff.

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