Status update: 12/12 – Working on it.

Hi again. I just wanted to come by with a small update, since it has been over a week since the last one. I am still working on the mini-set renders – but I plan to take a small break from that and do the side renders over the next three or four days; although we will see how that works out. The weather here has been a mess still, and I have had a fair few headaches… but I will see how things go; I will do the best I can, as always. Polls on the right could use more votes, as usual too – so check those out if you haven’t already. More votes in the special poll leads to better results… so there is that.

Also, I still have not gotten around to posting/updating new stuff on all those other pages yet… sorry about that. I know it sounds odd to anyone just reading this, but doing all the social media/email/networking stuff for your art is basically a separate job in and of itself – and is extremely draining… and I would rather put that energy towards actually making stuff. Hopefully I will have something to post mid-next week or so… but we will see. I also am somewhat considering a holiday commission sale or something – but I have not decided on that yet.

Side note – for anyone that has not yet purchased/tried Cyberpunk 2077, I would say don’t bother; at least not any time soon. (Wait for major improvements, or a significant sale.) I played the first few hours last night, and was pretty unimpressed at the result of eight years of AAA development – there were bugs everywhere; and not just graphically… I saw sound bugs, AI bugs, animation bugs, quest bugs, a ton of vehicle bugs, and much more. There are also many design decisions that I just do not agree with at all – and I have no idea how it got past any sort of quality check. (The messy phone system, police that instantly spawn behind you, very questionable weapon balancing, etc.) If anyone else out there remembers the shitfest that “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings” was on release – then you probably know what to expect here. Everything feels rushed, and I can’t help but look at almost every aspect of this game and see a simple way to have done it better. It is really just like Witcher 2 in that regard… almost no two things put together make much, if any sense – and it is quite odd and sad to see that mistake repeated. (Especially since “The Witcher” is still one of my top/favorite games.)

The game also seems to be rather shallow in terms of choice, (most don’t matter at all) and the game has a fairly bad case of “consolitis” – which is to say, it feels like it was intentionally dumbed down and stunted to play better on consoles… at the expense of PC players. Also, with this many bugs – it feels like a game that needed to be delayed for at least half a year, but wasn’t… even though it was; I can’t imagine how they let the game release in this state. The game is effectively a mash up of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Shadowrun: Hong Kong (or any of the recent ones), GTA 5, and Witcher 3 – except with a significant loss of quality on all fronts. It’s ok, and still fun… and isn’t straight up bad or anything – but it definitely isn’t GOTY material as some (likely paid) people are saying… but maybe they can fix most of the simpler problems with post release patches. Sorry if you don’t care about this, or somehow disagree with me – but I just do not see how you can’t help but be disappointed with that game as it was released, after all the promises, hype, and eight years of AAA time/money put into it. I thought CDPR learned their lesson after the public hated what they tried to do with Witcher 2 initially – primarily since Witcher 3 was pretty good and fixed most of the problems they created in Witcher 2.

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