Last polls of 2020, and the results from last time.

Hey, hey. I have returned with the last two polls of 2020 – as well as the results from the last set of polls, for what those were. Last time, the first poll asked if you were looking forward to more short stories from me – and two of you were, and one was not… so a generally positive reception, which is nice. The second poll last time asked about how much cum you prefer in adult scenes – and the answers provided agreed on ‘a moderate amount’, which is helpful to know – since that is generally what I aim for.

As for the new polls, those are up over on the right of this page as well – and the first one is a *Special Poll* that I am throwing in for the holidays and/or the end of 2020… (because why not… and fuck 2020) in which you can all vote for your favorite amongst all my main female characters, (but you can vote for your top THREE – 3, so please do that) and the winner will get a bonus render made and posted for everyone sometime early next year. If there are a significant number of voters in that poll, I may even do renders of the top two or three winners – who knows. (If you don’t know much about my characters, and would like to learn more, check my ‘Characters’ page, here [] for some basic information about each of them!) The second poll that is up right now is a strangely simple one, that just asks if you prefer SFW, NSFW, or explicit adult art – so please let me know about that as well. (Never hurts to check… especially as some of my non-explicit stuff tends to do rather well.)

Please vote in those new polls, and let me know what you prefer… and I will be back soon(ish) with some kind of update! (Likely next week, but there is no way to know right now… I have a ton of stuff that I want and/or need to do in both real life and for this – like updating my other pages.)

Quick side note – if you are new here, do be sure to check out all of my assorted free stuff, linked up top, or here: and there are also all sorts of side renders available on my DA/slushe pages – linked on the right!

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