New Xmas side renders posted, end of 2020 commission sale!

Hey again. Sorry this is a bit late, but we had that big winter storm come through the Northeastern US mid-last week, and that pushed everything in my schedule back a bit. (I had migraines almost every day last week due to that – and still not doing great, really.) It took a bit longer than I had hoped, but at least these were done a few days before Xmas, and therefore in plenty of time. Go ahead and check out my Slushe/DA pages for those new side renders, if you haven’t already; I am in the process of posting them now, but I assume they should already be posted by the time anyone reads this. Also, on that note – Merry early Xmas, Happy Holidays, etc. – just in case I don’t get to post around then as planned. I also want to remind everyone that there is a special poll over there on the right – to decide who stars in a bonus image I will make early next year… so do vote in those polls over there as well if you have not done so already. (More votes, better results – possibly even multiple results.)

And as a bit of an added bonus, I decided to go ahead and have an end of 2020 commission sale for the next couple weeks, with 20% off any commission above the base price – (20% because 2020, sale because 2020 will soon be over) and this does combine with my Patron/repeat customer discounts. (But this does not stack with or apply to any sort of special/batch deal price… for the two people that have those.) So, if someone out there was thinking of getting a commission from me, but waiting for another sale or something – here you go. Custom commissions start at $55 – but it totally depends on what you want… full details and prices are here –

As of right now, this commission sale will end on January 4th, 2021. (So, two weeks from today, a bit after new years.) However, I may extend it if I feel like it for whatever reason. Feel free to ask questions if you are wondering if I can/will do a specific commission idea/character – I am rather flexible in terms of what I can/will do, and I try to reply quickly whenever possible. 😀 Also yes, I am backed up quite a bit right now in terms of render time/ability due to needing to finish the mini-set renders, but any orders placed (i.e. details confirmed and paid for) before the sale ends will get the discount; even if I am not able to start on it before the sale ends. (Not sure when I will actually be able to start on any new commissions… but likely not before 2021, the way things are going.)

Also, if you would like to support my assorted works, and/or perhaps get access to some of my paid content, then check out my Patreon page!:

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