Happy early fourth of July – and also polls.

Hey. I am really out of it at the moment, but I wanted to come by and make this post – and put up the new polls. As I mentioned before, I will get the new side images done as soon as I can… but I didn’t get much sleep last night – so I couldn’t get much done today, I will see what happens over the weekend… but I am just drained at the moment, so it may be a bit longer still. Semi-important side note: in theory, my site has free SSL coverage again… and I think I have that working right – but there may be minor issues here and there, since I am not overly familiar with it. Please let me know if you find any problems, so I can fix them.

Anyways – for those of you that even celebrate it, Happy early fourth of July! (Please stay safe and don’t do anything stupid and/or dangerous – you are putting everyone at risk, not just yourself in times like this.)

As for the polls, last time I asked two things – first I asked if people checked patreon posts for pages that they did not subscribe to, and one person said yes, and one said maybe… but those were the only two votes. So, I am inclined to think that this is an idea that is at least worth testing… which will likely happen in the near future. 🙂 The second poll asked which of my ‘lesser’ main characters you liked best, and Delfina got three votes, while Nylavi got one – so clearly some people quite like Delfina, which is nice to see. 😀 (I will take this all under advisement for future content – Belle is more of an Xmas thing primarily anyway.) Sometime soon I also hope to get Delfina and Nylavi little bio sections on my “Characters” page up top… maybe sometime this month I will have the time/energy to do that; but there are already several other things that I want to try and fit in before that, so who knows.

In regard to the new polls – there are two again, and the first asks if you are looking forward to more story sets from me… for no particular reason. (Few people seem to actually read this anyway… but the very fact that this poll exists should tell the people who pay attention to my pages/posts something.) The second poll asks which of my pages you check most frequently – and you can pick the top three options from the ones listed. All of the best options are in the poll – so please let me know what your favorites are; there are two other crappy ones are not mentioned, for reasons that should be obvious. Any votes in those would be appreciated… and would almost certainly serve as incentive for me to do more of certain things on certain sites.

Also, a quick shout out about my special offer over on my Patreon page, for anyone who may be interested – the details of that are below!

*This special offer runs from June 3, until the end of July, 2020.*
With this special offer, any tier pledge can get one free bonus mini-set of your choice (per month) from the following selection:
$2 tier – Any mini-set from the first 20!
$8 tier and above – Any mini-set from my first 50!!!
Check my mini-set master catalog to see what mini-set you would like, here: ​https://redleatherart.com/wp/?page_id=2758​
*You have to send me a private message on Patreon after you sign up, and let me know which mini-set you want in order to get anything.*
I will then send you a download link as soon as I can – likely within a day or so.

So if you would like to support my assorted works, and/or perhaps get access to some of my paid content, then check out my Patreon page!: https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart

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